Software to record screen video and audio for mac

For example, you can change the save location, open the recording in an app, or delete the recording without saving it. The Screen Recording window opens. To monitor that audio during recording, adjust the volume slider if you get audio feedback, lower the volume or use headphones with a microphone. To show a black circle around your pointer when you click, choose Show Mouse Clicks in Recording.

Or drag to select an area to record, then click Start Recording within that area. After you stop recording, QuickTime Player automatically opens the recording. You can now play, edit, or share the recording.

Use Shift-Command-5 in macOS Mojave

To cancel making a recording, press the Esc key before clicking to record. You can open screen recordings with QuickTime Player, iMovie, and other apps that can edit or view videos.

From the admin dashboard, you can password protect videos, download them as MP4s, and review where users left emoji reactions. Movavi Screen Recorder Studio is a great mid-level screen recording app, complete with a built-in editor that gets the job done. But there is one feature it does exceptionally well: scheduled captures. This tool lets you record webinars or live streams while you're away from your desk. Just open Movavi, choose the capture area in the screen recording interface, click the alarm clock icon in the upper-right corner, and schedule the capture.

You can start manually and end after a custom duration or choose a start and end time based on the system clock. You can even set it up so your computer shuts down or goes to sleep after the capture is finished. It's convenient and unambiguous, further improved by Movavi's above-average resolution settings. If you need to record an inconveniently-timed webinar to share with others, you'll want it to look good. The video export functions are bizarrely specific, with options broken down by device manufacturer.

We're not convinced that level of specificity is necessary, but it's there for anyone who wants it. With the rise in popularity of eSports , most of today's screen capture software programs include gamecasting features. That's not useful for productivity-minded workers, but high-resolution video capture—like that available with Bandicam —works wonders for those in creative fields.

The 10 Best Video Capture Apps

If you're putting together a Photoshop tutorial or a webinar on web design, frames per second in 4k resolution will ensure your content stands out from the rest. Bandicam requires top-notch hardware to process recordings at such a high quality, but most people in the creative field shouldn't run into any problems.

Although you might expect a complex interface from an app that focuses so much on video quality, this app has a sparse configuration window. It's a dead-simple app, and the only thing it's missing is a built-in editor. The FlashBack Pro screen recording interface looks a bit dated, and the editor is only a couple steps above average, but it comes with invaluable sound editing tools.

Recording your voice during a desktop capture creates lots of tiny issues. The proximity of keystrokes to your mic make them sound like a jackhammer, unwanted noises from across the room are hard to prevent, and system audio is often at a totally different volume than your mic. Most editors help you minimize these problems, but none are as detailed or easy to navigate as Flashback Pro.

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For example, turning down the volume on a system audio track is as simple as highlighting it on the timeline, right-clicking it, and choosing Change Volume of Selection. You can also remove background noises by applying a filter, or normalize microphone and PC audio so their volumes match. The app also has a couple of novel video editing features, such automatically highlighting sections of screen inactivity for removal and re-recording your mouse cursor without changing anything else in the video. It didn't seem as though Atomi's ActivePresenter 7 would make the cut in the early stages of our testing.

Starting a video capture is straightforward, but options are limited, and getting it to work on a secondary monitor took some extra effort. Things didn't get any easier in the editor. This app combines the familiar layout of PowerPoint's slides with timeline video editing. On the left side of the screen are a number of slides, and within each slide is a unique timeline with its own mixture of video and interactivity elements. The layered approach to project progression seemed unnecessarily complicated at first, but it's likely the easiest way to create interactive screen captures.

Having said all that, among the few apps we tested with interactivity tools, ActivePresenter 7 is the only one that lets you playtest your quizzes and activities without exporting the entire project and opening it in a separate learning management system. To try it out, record a screen capture and add all the annotations and animations you want. This will create a new slide where you can create a question, add options for answers, and configure conditional outcomes.

For example, when viewers answer a question correctly, send them to the next slide; if they answer incorrectly, you can send them back to the beginning or let them try again. It takes some getting used to, but you should be able to create an interactive training course within an hour. The best screen recording software is the one that saves you the most time and produces the most worthwhile content for your audience. Make sure you know your target audience and use case before selecting an app. The only slight issue that I ran into when using Flashback was when using the Window recording mode.

I found that it was actually too capable of selecting various sections of the Photoshop window, and I had to do a bit of experimenting, waving my cursor around the screen to find the right spot to highlight the entire program and not just one toolbar panel.

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There was a bright red selector area to let me know when I found the right spot, but it was still a bit too sensitive. You can do basic edits such as trimming off unwanted sections of your recording, but you can also add a wide range of callouts, arrows, buttons and other images to any point in your video. You may not be able to see too clearly in the screenshot above, but your cursor is highlighted and all your clicks are tracked, which is a huge help for instructional videos and tutorials.

You can customize the cursor highlight style, and even increase the size of the cursor itself for extra clarity. The red circles represent clicks in each frame, and there are even hotkeys to jump around the timeline between them. There are a number of helpful features that make working with video simple, the sort of little design tweaks that you only find in well-designed software. The sharing process is quite simple, and allows you to upload directly to a Youtube account or an FTP server.

2 Ways to Record Screen with Audio on Mac

You have to allow Flashback to access your Youtube account by signing into your Google account, but you only have to go through the process once and it remembers everything for you. Stay tuned for a full length in-depth review, but in the meantime you can download a free trial version to test it out yourself before buying. The only restriction is that any videos you create will be watermarked in the top right corner, as you can see in the earlier screenshots.

Despite the fact that there is no information available on the site about Jim, the software itself is anything but vague. The OBS Studio interface features a clean, clutter-free modern design that is missing from most free and open source projects.

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Recording video at 60 FPS is a nice touch, and shows incredibly smooth motion. OBS Studio offers a wide range of options from recording a specific program window to recording your entire display, and also allows you to capture full-screen video sources such as games. Eat your heart out, M.

The Best Screen Recording Software in

You can also combine multiple content sources together to create a picture-in-picture effect. This is perfect for combining a tutorial or game stream with a webcam video, a browser, or any other combination of inputs. Unfortunately, this is a part of the program that still could use some development work, as your degree of control is fairly limited. Snagit nearly won the best paid screen recorder category, but its lack of a video editor knocked it out of the running.

The only exception is that the Video tab gives you the option to record directly from your webcam, as well as a couple of options about whether you want to capture system audio, microphone audio or both. I like that you can edit the destinations menu to add or remove features you need.

When it comes to saving your final capture, you can save it to your computer, an FTP site, or any of several online storage services.