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Her cheeks were white and soft, redolent of ripe rice. Who could then wrench himself away? Who could feel happy leaving those he loved? At parting, hushed and still, she sadly stared. As I strode off, tears dripped inside my soul. I have a mother, too, whose hair's turned cotton-white. Almost a century old, her scrawny back has warped beneath hard life. She's struggled since she lost her man-. Alas, I went away- eyes dimmed by tears, she's gazed in the distance waiting for her son.

I've sometimes wakened up on rainy nights- the roar of guns reminds me of the day I left. Mother, I chose to leave - the enemy gone, I would come home and you could smile again. My hamlet's there, forlorn beside the enemy camp- it seems as quiet as a grave. Are they still there, my love? My mother who's so old and those dear ones who, when I left, all wept? I am a soldier waging war, who with his troops has come back to free our land. Young heads have gathered dust from distant parts, bare feet have trampled enemy posts.

Hey, fellow soldiers there, and artillery friends! Has the fateful hour struck? I feel as though we've torn the enemy camp to shreds. Just lob on target please, don't err and hit my home. My home stands at West Hamlet's farther end: a trellis with flowering vines and people whom I love.

They rage and rave, caress and soothe; they shout and roar, lie still or hushed.


The stream can't understand its waves - they leave and find their way to sea. Oh, waves of yesterdays and waves of afteryears! They're all alike. The tides of thirst and lust for love arouse such turmoil in young breasts. Before those waves which stir the sea, I think of you, think of myself. I muse upon the boundless sea:. Neither do I remember now: when did it all begin, our love? Waves in the bowels of the sea, waves on the surface of the sea - all waves are homesick for their shore, so sleep eludes them day and night.

My heart just longs for you, my love, and while it dreams stays wide-awake. In Viet Nam the focus on the education sector is shifting from simply ensuring the right to access education, to ensuring the right to access a good quality education. The education system and teacher training programmes need to be renovated so future and current teachers are well trained and receive support they need.

Addressing challenges.

To improve education quality and ensure that all future and in-service teachers receive the training and support they need, renovation of the education and training system is essential. One of the most difficult challenges identified is ensuring that well-trained, professional and motivated teachers are deployed to the least advantaged areas. She emphasized that special measures to attract, train and retain teachers in poor and remote areas are a priority to ensure quality education reaches all learners in Viet Nam, including the most disadvantaged and vulnerable.

Organized at the Temple of the First University Founder, Chu Van An, the launching ceremony brought together leaders of the Ministry of Education and Training, the Trade Union for Education Personnel, teachers, educational managers, learners and parents, mass organizations, international organizations and provincial and local authorities. Together they discussed recommendations for improving the quality of teachers in the country. Throughout the week, schools across the country will host discussions between students, parents, teachers and local education authorities on concrete ways to better support teachers.

It aims to mobilize additional political and financial support for the achievement of Education for All goals. For the last few weeks, she and her husband had been working diligently to make a good foundation on their land but as of yet did not have enough money to build a house. It had already been six months since the terrifying flood destroyed their house in Co Liem village, in Minh Hoa district of Quang Binh, sweeping away all of their assets. When I took my three children up the mountain, one of them turned blue. She fainted from having nothing eat.

The only thing I found was a small package of salt tucked in an empty instant noodle package dropped by some villagers. I fed my daughter with it before seeking food from some villagers on the way. My daughter recovered finally. More than houses were flooded and multitudes of rice and other crops were ruined. Because it sits in the vast valley of the mountain range, Minh Hoa was seriously affected by the strong force of the water, leaving people homeless and facing hunger.

Followed its immediate relief programme, Save the Children Emergency spent March and April providing cash grant for the victims to recover their livelihood and rebuild houses. We will continue to work to have enough money to build a concrete house. We visited the Thai Nguyen A Hospital on a winter day near the end of the year. The hustle and bustle of the year-end atmosphere seemed to intensify the frantic pace of this provincial hospital.

Upon arriving at the hospital, my first impression was that the doctors here were quite different from the detached ones in Ha Noi. Physicians here displayed cheerful, enthusiastic attitudes and were willing to share their experiences after the training sessions. The project aims to support doctors by providing them with equipment support and new skills training of newborn child care and obstetric first aid, including internal side-effect diseases for pregnant women during and after giving birth. In my opinion, due to the fact that my particular job is very close to the community, new skills and knowledge I got through the training courses are so useful and easy for me to apply here.

According to hospital statistics, before the training courses were implemented in , the hospital received about children each year, but almost all of these patients were moved to larger hospitals in Hanoi. Lichens, moss, algae and fungi can also grow there. Scientists estimate that the last rainfall fell on Antarctica two million years ago. Generally, there are no native peoples in Antarctica. Antarctica is the driest and highest continent, and the continent with the lowest surface point. The whole of Antarctica is a polar desert, with an average precipitation amount similar to that of the Sahara.

Deception Island, off the coast of the Antarctic Peninsula, is famous for the fact that people can swim there.

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It is the semi-submerged summit of an active volcano. The waters around the island are warm enough to swim in. How big is Antarctica? What plants can grow and bloom in Antarctica? When did rain last fall on Antarctica? Which one is drier, Antarctica or Sahara? What is actually Deception Island? Listen to the passage and decide if the given statements are true T or false F. Jakarta is the capital and largest city of Indonesia.

Located on the northwest coast of Java, Jakarta is the country's economic, cultural and political center.

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It is the most populous city in Indonesia and Southeast Asia, and is the twelfth-largest city in the world. The metropolitan area, Jabodetabek, is the second largest in the world. Jakarta is a global city in the Globalization and World Cities research. The city's name comes from the old word "Jayakarta" which translates as "victorious deed," "complete act,"or "complete victory. Listen to the following passage and circle the best answer A, B or C to complete each of the following sentences.

Unlike countries in west Africa, Kenya does not have a distinctive costume that people all over the world recognize instantly as Kenyan, and many people feel that it should. This, however, proved to be more difficult than what people thought - the simple reason was that Kenya is so diverse, and there are so many different tribes, each with their own language, customs and, of course, way of dressing. They finally had to settle on the Kikoi — a colorful rectangle of cotton worn in all sorts of ways.

But no one could come up with a single style that satisfied everyone. Listen to the following passage and decide if the given statements are true T or false F. There are many episodes each day, January , including specialty episodes for "Walk In and Win" Week on January Listen to the passage and fill the gaps with only one suitable word.

Football or soccer is a team sport between two teams of eleven players using a ball. It is one of the most popular sports in the world. People play the game on a field. The object of the game is to drive the ball into the opposing goal. The team that scores more goals wins. Today, football is played all over the world.

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Millions of people go to football stadiums while billions more watch the game on television. In many parts of the world football creates great passions and plays an important role in the life of individuals, local communities, and even nations. Listen to the letter and answer the following questions. Dear Roberto, Welcome to your new home stay. We are your family for the next three months. There are five of us in our family. I'm the boss! My name's Janet, and I've got a part-time job in a supermarket and a full-time job at home!

Ronny is my partner. He works for a big multinational company. He loves his job, but he works long hours. At weekends we love going to the cinema or watching videos at home. We've got three children: Meryl, Meg and Clint. Clint's at college in Barcelona. He says he doesn't like it, so we phone him every day, but he's always out.

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Meryl's fifteen, and Meg's twelve. Meryl likes listening to loud music in her room. Meg's very sweet. Everybody likes her. We've got a dog called Britney and two cats called Charles and Camilla. We all love them. We're looking forward to meeting you soon. Best wishes, Janet II.

Hoa has a letter from her English pen pal, Mary. Mary is 12 years old. She tells Hoa about English students. Listen to the letter and circle the best answer A, B, C or D to complete each of the following sentences. In England, the time for recess is different from school to school. The students also have an hour long lunch break.

During break time and lunch time children go out and play in the playground. They play on adventure playground or form teams to play soccer and basketball. Skipping is probably the most popular game in the playground at the moment. On rainy days and at other times when they can't go outside, children spend the time chatting with their friends, playing board games or reading and drawing in the classroom.

Hung is a student at Nguyen Trai school. He is in grade 7. He goes to school six days a week from Monday to Saturday. He lives near the school. It is about one kilometer from his house to school, so he often goes to school by bicycle. Classes start at a quarter past seven and finish at half past eleven. Hung is interested in English. This is his favorite subject. In his free time, he listens to music. Listen to the passage and circle the most suitable option A, B or C to complete the sentences.

We have a small house in the countryside. The houses around here are about a hundred years old and people are very friendly. My mother lives next door! We have a small garden where Thomas plays, and I go out and have a chat with my mother! Listen to Anne Marie talking about where she lives and fill in the gaps with the word you hear.

I have a garden where I grow flowers and vegetables. I live in a house in the country in the south of France. There are three bedrooms, two quite big and one small, and they have wonderful views over the countryside. I live with my two dogs and a cat. Hung is in grade 7. Classes start at a quarter to seven. He likes English.

Tiểu Vy, Kỳ Duyên, Mai Phương Thúy, Hương Giang khoe bảo bối chân dài với quần ngắn.

Tape script Listen to the passage and decide if the given statements are true T or false F. Listen to the passage and fill in each gap with the word you hear. It is a large room with many kinds of books. Tape script Listen to the passage and fill in each gap with the word you hear.

The shelves on the right have sciences books: Chemistry, Physics and Biology. History and Geography books are on the shelves on the left. At the back of the library, there are English books and dictionaries. The library opens all days of the week for all the students of the school. Sara is an actress. She is describing how she spends her Saturdays. Listen to her and decide if the given statements are true T or false F. Sara has a quick breakfast. Sara likes going out for lunch with her mother.

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Sara likes going shopping with her friends. Sara always does some yoga after lunch. Sara likes to go home and relax after the show. Tape script Sara is an actress. Interviewer: Sara, what do you do on Saturday? Do you get up late? Sara: Yes, I do. I usually get up at about Interviewer: What do you usually do in the morning? Sara: I have a long breakfast. Then I usually go shopping with my mother. Interviewer: Do you have lunch at home? Sara: No, I don't.

I like going out for lunch with my friends. Interviewer: What do you do after lunch? Sara: I always do some yoga for an hour. Interviewer: What time does the show start? Sara: At half past seven. Interviewer: What do you do after the show? Sara: I go clubbing with some actors How many people are there in Janet's family?