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New Healthy Grocer Coming To Charlotte To Take On Whole Foods and Earth Fare - Charlotte Stories

The free application will also send SMS text updates with outbid text updates, purchase information, and when auction products and services are closed. When you initially sign up for the event You will not have any app to install simply take advantage of the website on your very own cell, computer system, or text message tool. Instead, the company put a huge emphasis on buying in bulk. That reduces packaging costs, but it also keeps consumers from buying more than they need. It's an easy alternative to constrictive packaging, whether you're a family of nine or a party of one.

Earth Fare shoppers had their choice of the traditional nuts, grains, candies and snack mixes, but could also buy things like peanut butter, apple cider vinegar, olive oil and pasta by the pound. I opted for the cashew butter, but I had my choice of honey roasted peanut butter, chocolate peanut butter or almond butter. No one had to talk me into pressing the button that ground it, or putting it into my basket.

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I loaded up on granola, couscous and quinoa, too. I have a bad habit of letting granola go stale before I finish it.

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By buying in bulk, I could have a half pound of toffee granola, a half pound of the almond vanilla and little to no worry that either would go wasted. It looks like Google isn't sharing your profile with us. Please allow access or use a different login option, such as email. It looks like your browser is blocking third-party cookies. Please unblock them or use a different login option, such as email.

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