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Note to all. The new instructions for Snow Leopard, the only version to have Capitals Lock and Shift keys enabled are:.

On-Screen Keyboard

Unfortunately, the bug has not been fixed in Leopard which was originally released as OS X Our was only upgradable to Leopard, not Snow Leopard. The view may be that customers can simply make the leap to upgrade, but again the disabled community has many folks who are on fixed incomes and struggle to even obtain a computer in the first place. Schools are also under budget constraints affecting their ability to make hardware upgrades.

I feel like a fool. I guess the joke is on me. Unfortunately, this experience has given me pause every time I have considered purchasing a new Apple computer. I had downloaded a day trial version of Keystrokes, and while that is a very good program that offers a lot of very useful features, it is not exactly cheap!! And that is for their stripped down version!! With the state of the economy at the moment and the fact that I am disabled which is why I was looking for an on-screen keyboard I REALLY cannot afford that kind of price for such a simple piece of software.

I think that since the On-Screen keyboard is part of the input menu, it is available at Login if you check the box that enables the input menu at login. Is there a way to hold down the shift key when using my mouse for typing? My son also relies upon an onscreen keyboard due to his physical disabilities. I specifically upgraded to Leopard for the onscreen keyboard that is native to Leopard, only to find out after the upgrade that the shift key does not work.

Then to compound my frustration, my son was no longer able to use his math software on the Mac because Leopard does not support classic and the updates for the math software only support up to Mac OS 9. Had I known that the onscreen keyboard did not work properly, I would not have upgraded to Leopard at this time. I emailed the accessibility folks at Apple regarding the problem. Unfortunately, the release came out a few days ago and still the problem is not fixed. In addition, the onscreen keyboard does not appear to have most of the commonly used punctuation and symbols e.

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As I explained to Apple, those keyboards are great, but they are very expensive and people with disabilities are often on very fixed budgets. Further, I explained that being able to use an onscreen keyboard that is native to the operating system has its advantages as sometimes the specialized software keyboards are not compatible with some programs.

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The problem with the onscreen keyboard does not make sense. Apple has an onscreen keyboard with word prediction on its iPhone, but those features are not available to computer users. The onscreen keyboard will shift if someone physically holds down the shift key on the conventional keyboard, but that should not be necessary and the point is not to have to use a conventional keyboard. Further, I noticed that the number keys do not shift even if I physically hold down the shift key on the conventional keyboard. It is hard to put out a product that pleases everyone and certainly Macs have many great features.

But, Apple seems to be disregarding some of the very basic needs of the disabled population. Windows has a basic onscreen keyboard that has been native to its operating system for several years at least back to XP. I am a Visually Impaired Assistive Technology enthusiast. I have had many dealings with Apple Accessibility. Their respnses have always been that they will do what they can to fix the issue, but sometimes it takes a while for accessibility problems to be addressed.

Toggle Full Screen Mode with a Keyboard Shortcut in Mac OS X

I belive with a program named Qemu, you can run OS 9. I appologize for that one. So is this function available in Mac? If not, then are there any other applications that aid the disabled to type? Hey everyone!!! Has anyone figured this out yet?

How to Enable OnScreen Keyboard in Mac OSX (Easy)

We bought this mac today with the assurances that an on screen keyboard came with it. My son is disabled, and needs the on-screen keyboard to function fully in order to do his schoolwork. It would be difficult without the shift key for capital letters and question marks.

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Actually, they appear to work if no application is running. Shift and Caps Lock dont work with the onscreen keyboard. This will cause an Ink icon to appear on your menu bar. Chrome OS has a window overview mode [9] that shows a thumbnail of all open windows, available by pressing the 'window switcher' key or swiping up with 3 fingers on the trackpad. Windows in overview mode can be closed by clicking an associated close button, or selected by clicking on the window thumbnail, which also closes overview mode and brings the selected window to the foreground.

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