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In general, this audio recorder will record and save audio as MP3 format by default. In addition, it allows you to convert audio files and offers convenient assistance with creating schedule tasks. And this free audio recorder for Mac must be downloaded before use. Even so, many Mac users still like it, because it is easy to operate, just one click, and you will get the sound as you want.

To record high-quality audio from Mac, you need a really professional audio recorder for Mac. And Streaming Audio Recorder just belongs to one of them. Aside from recording all sound on your Mac, it has other extra features, for example, convert audio format, edit audio with your own style, burn CD, tune in online radio station and extract audio from online videos. It can use them at your convenience.

2. WavePad

After giving an overall introduction to its functions, now it comes to the step of how to use it. As long as the audio is normally played on your Mac, you just click On button to start recording. Or you can also do some customized settings before that, like General settings , Record settings and Download settings.

All these can be easily realized if you had an audio recorder just take it now! Apart from the basic features like, cut, copy, paste, insert, auto trim etc. WavePad is compatible with Windows and Mac. An easy to use software WavePad offers professional quality sound recording. Purchase WavePad for Windows from Here. It has an exhaustive set of features which allows the users to record, rip and burn audios. A product of NCH Software, offers supporting audio feeds using application default settings. It has voice-activated recording, which is useful in reducing long periods of silence in the audios.

It has features like, noise reduction, pitch shifting, fades and equalizing. The software lets the user customise the interface according to their needs.

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This music recording software has both paid and free version. The software is ideal for both beginners and professionals. You can also share your music directly on SoundCloud. It has a user friendly and minimalist interface and runs smoothly. The free version of the software offers a good set of editing tools. An easy to use voice recorder software, Mixcraft 8, has a plethora of features and special effects.

The software supports multiple recording functions such as recording audios, editing, adding special effects and burning features. The interface has a modern feel to it yet is very sleek and easy to use. Mixcraft 8 has many audio filters that can be used to record voice or audio. This software is definitely recommended by us if you want to record and edit voice or audio. This free open source software was first introduced in and has since then climbed the ladder to become one of the best audio recorder software.

Audacity has an easy to use and simple interface which allows users to record and edit audios. The layout of the software is very basic yet has tools like navigation, tracking and mixing. Despite being an all free software, Audacity offers a wide range of editing tools, which is what makes it one of the top favourites. It is compatible both with Mac and Windows. At a low price, the voice recorder offers basic yet well performing tools. Its universal audio input and audio ripping features are of good quality and has real time audio compression.

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Apart from these, the software has advanced recording scheduler and voice-activated recording. It also has a record timer which lets the user decide the duration of the recording.

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The ease of use makes its one of the best ones out there, and the price is right since it's FREE. You just assign a hotkey to record and you're up and running, so much less hassle than opening a program. Also ranked 1 in What are the best voice recording services. This is a good solution 8.

Audacity was suggested to me and I found that it not only works well, but allows me to better enjoy my music. It enables me to use my Mac for music recording in a way I never could do before. Also ranked 1 in What are the best free music studio software programs.

This is a good solution 7. It seriously couldn't be any easier to use. Click to record, click to stop. The icon is always there and ready for you. I'm seriously considering getting the professional version for the extra features because it really seems like it will be worth the money. Also ranked 34 in What are the best macOS apps. This is a good solution 6. It is a great software option that works well on a Mac. It's developed by NCH Software for sound recording and will work with a variety of devices. The company that makes it also has other professional audio recording software for your needs.

Also ranked 3 in What are the best audio recording for PC. This is a good solution 5. Ondesoft Audio Recorder is a powerful and easy-to-use Mac audio recording software, with it, you can capture and record audio from any application on Mac. Walter Flores. But while it mentions a prime example of a audio recorder application for Mac, the cost of the recorder is omitted. This is a good solution 4. Apowersoft Audio Recorder for Mac is the easiest way to record any sound you hear on Mac.

Using this Mac audio recorder, you are able to record audio from any internal or external sources, such as sound card, microphone, and other line-in devices. Matthew Jimenez.

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I ended up getting Apowersoft Audio Recorder and while I had high hopes, this failed to meet expectations. The sound recording is very grainy and will randomly stop recording. Unfortunately, I have to look elsewhere for an audio recorder program. Also ranked 2 in What are the best streaming audio recording programs. This is a good solution 1. Want to control your playback using air gestures, view your favorite song as a really cool waveform, have infinite control over your music, or simply stare at a gorgeous interface?