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Simply set up a hotkey combination, and that combination will open up a tweet dialogue from just about anywhere. This Twitter client, like Adium, also features highly customizable notification features, such as applying badges to the dock icon, or turning the menu bar icon different shades of blue.

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If you use a computer, chances are you use it to watch video; Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, or whatever service you prefer. Luckily for anyone that has unknowingly tried to run an obscure file type, VLC removes the need to go searching for and installing various codecs. With VLC , pretty much everything just plain works on the first go. Pocket formerly Read It Later is one of the best ways to keep track of all the articles that you never have time to read.

Set your Mac to check for software updates automatically

The app works in conjunction with a button on a majority of popular web browsers that sends the article to your Pocket list. The list can be accessed by various devices — tablets, phones, and an app on a computer. If you're at a Mac that's part of a network at work, you might have to ask someone in your IT organization for help with signing in as administrator. Find and then drag the Microsoft Office folder to Trash. Office install. How to install Office. Office product keys. Activate Office. Install other apps. Set up mobile devices.

Office updates. Upgrade to the latest version. Troubleshoot and uninstall. Excel com. OfficeServiceV2 com. With no commute, a dedicated workspace, and massive change in the work I do each day, how I get work done has changed significantly too. I continue to work on macOS and iOS, but the Mac now plays a bigger role in my workday than ever before.

The 25 Best Productivity Apps in 2018

I expect to continue evolving how I work on macOS throughout as I feel my way around the best ways to be productive. Still, a couple of overarching themes can be seen in my picks below that I expect will continue to guide me in First, I primarily use my Mac for work. The primary exception to that rule is listening to music, which I often do as I work. With that context, below are 40 Mac apps and a few web services that I used this year and consider my must-have apps, divided into seven categories:.

With the transition to iPad Pro as my primary computer fully achieved in and not surprising anymore, in I turned my attention to three other key areas of my life: working with the MacStories team, managing my time, and finding my favorite apps among many competing alternatives.

For this reason, I spent the better part of covering iOS 11 first with my wish list , then with an in-depth review , discussing the details of iPad productivity , and creating advanced workflows for Club MacStories. As much as I like to write in isolation, MacStories is also a team that requires a direction and a business that begets further responsibilities.

Learning how to balance the multifaceted nature of my job with my hobbies and personal life which got busier thanks to two puppies we adopted in April has been an interesting challenge this year, and one that taught me a lot about allocating my time and attention, as well as the kind of writer I am and aspire to be. Apps are organized by category and, whenever possible, include links to past coverage on MacStories. After years of slowly transitioning from macOS, was all about optimizing my workflows and getting the most out of my iPhone and iPad.

As I documented in two stories — one in February , the other last week — the consolidation of my iOS-only setup revolved around the iPad Pro.

My Must-Have Mac Apps, Edition - MacStories

I see the With my MacBook Air now used three hours a week exclusively for podcasting, I invested my time in understanding the iPad platform at a deeper level. Thus, following two years spent assessing the viability of working from iOS, was characterized by the pursuit of better iOS apps for my needs. That effort was most notable on the iPad, but it also affected the iPhone , which I see as the mobile sidekick to my iPad Pro.

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Two trends emerged once I began outlining a list of candidates for my annual Must-Have Apps roundup. The second pattern is more interesting. To be able to accomplish more every week and automate more aspects of my routine, I have increasingly switched to web services in lieu of iOS-only apps. In looking back at the past year of MacStories, I realized that a good portion of new workflows were based on web services, web automations, and open APIs.

Some of those web services also offer iOS clients; others are strictly web-only, but I integrated them with iOS apps through Workflow and Zapier. Whether I primarily use them with iOS counterparts, in Safari, or via an API, these are the web services that have helped me handle more responsibilities for my two businesses at MacStories and podcasting duties at Relay FM.

Following years of experiments, struggles to switch from a Mac-centric workflow, and encouraging signs of maturity from the platform, I chose to make the iPad my primary computer. I used the iPad Air 2 more than any other iOS device before, and the iPad Pro is filling that role now with great success. After being convinced to give the iPhone 6 Plus a try by a good friend , I realized that a bigger phone was better for my needs, which resulted in an instant 6s Plus purchase a few months ago.