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The vCard file is a standard file format for storing contact information for an individual or business. It usually includes a name, phone number, email address, address, and other contact information. However, if you are one of those who is looking for a solution to convert vCard to CSV format, then read this article carefully. But first, download this application by below Green button. Then read this article carefully. Our technical support team and market analyst get lots of queries daily on forums and support. After long research, our team finally developed a solution to convert vCard to CSV format.

Before we will explain more about the software and their process, lets analyzing users issues first.

Import contacts from iCloud (vCard .vcf file) to Outlook

Thank you. This is the more powerful vCard to CSV Converter yet with an extremely simple and effective solution. It can support all versions of vCard file including vCard 2. It provides an effective solution with full thruster speed of contacts conversion.

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The software company also provides a support option, if you have any issue during converting vCard to CSV , then contacts our support team and get a solution in minutes. The following video guide shows you the process of saving contacts to CSV format. It can also provide you an option to save converted CSV file on internal and external storage. If you have more than contacts, this is a lengthy process because you must copy for each contact details which you want to import into the CSV file.

Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Add Folder option for add multiple VCF or vCard file in the same folder to software at a single click. Step 4. The software generates a preview of vCard Contacts information in software interface panel. It provides complete details with Name, address, contacts, etc. Step 5. Pick CSV format in the list of saving option like the below screen. The software provides a large number file format to save vCard files.

Step 6. Pick a location to save converted CSV files to an internal and external storage location on the computer.

Import & Save OLM Contacts to CSV & vCard Format

Beyond the above I suspect we are now moving in to the territory of needing to buy a commercial solution although still a cheap one. One final approach to consider is to import say in to contacts, convert that to a csv, then delete that from Contacts, import then next batch, and repeat. Once you have converted all the batches to several separate csv files it will be easy enough to import them all in to a single Excel file or to use a text editor to combine them in to a single file.

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How to Convert vCard to CSV on Mac: 3 Easy Ways

This is what probably happened when the MS developers got round a table and decided on the design of Outlook for Mac. What important feature that Outlook for Windows has can we remove this time. As such Apple's own Contacts application should be able to import.

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Once you have all the contacts in Apple's Contacts application you can then use this tool to convert them to a csv file. Thanks for the reply.

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I have other ideas about what might have transpired around that MS conference table, but I'll keep this discussion clean. I then tried to drag them into Apple Contacts in batches, about 1, at at time.

After about 3, were successfully dragged into Apple Contacts, no more were allowed. Your other solution sounds workable. Now it's only available to export as an OLM file, which no address book software I've ever come across can read or import, and as I previously wrote, not even the sister Office for Mac program, Excel, and understand OLM.

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