Hp 1020 driver for mac yosemite

Ankita August 8, at pm - Reply. Your advice and instructions saved me! John Smith uanvson August 10, at am - Reply. It works nice on Yosemite. Thank you a lot. Beth August 23, at am - Reply. Shariq September 17, at pm - Reply. Thank you so very much!! John September 20, at pm - Reply. Thank you very much! Such a useful article! Solly September 23, at pm - Reply.

Izzy September 27, at pm - Reply. You are a star! This worked perfectly and saved us money and aggravation! Hinsdale October 8, at am - Reply. Saved me! Thelma October 8, at pm - Reply. Gordon Keenan October 8, at pm - Reply. Samuele October 17, at am - Reply. Thanks a million. Miro October 26, at pm - Reply. My old HP work on El Capitan Gordon Keenan October 26, at pm - Reply. All old gear should just work!!!!! ST November 13, at pm - Reply. Rebecca October 27, at am - Reply. Gordon Keenan October 27, at am - Reply. Ela October 28, at pm - Reply.

Saved my week! Thanks, worked for me as well! BEL November 8, at pm - Reply. Gordon Keenan November 9, at am - Reply. Markus November 24, at pm - Reply. Works, thanks!

Install HP LaserJet 1020 on Mac OSX 10.7 Lion

OSX Martin December 1, at pm - Reply. Thank again Gordon. Tanveer Ahmed December 2, at pm - Reply. Robert December 6, at pm - Reply. Claire December 15, at pm - Reply. Gordon Keenan December 15, at pm - Reply. Joanne December 24, at pm - Reply. Gordon Keenan December 24, at pm - Reply. Gordon Keenan January 3, at pm - Reply. I will investigate further and let you know if I find anything new. Rica January 7, at pm - Reply. Thank you very much!! Runs perfect El Capitan Thank you so much…Very useful.

Aadu January 17, at am - Reply. Thanks Gordon, had them on my home mac, now found thank to You even for work one. Ashley January 17, at pm - Reply. Dave January 20, at pm - Reply. Brandon February 3, at pm - Reply. Dave Gould February 7, at am - Reply. Julia February 7, at am - Reply. It worked for me too…thanks so much!!! Thomas February 9, at am - Reply.

Yes it worked out for me too! Worked perfectly!

Thanks a lot. Daniel February 12, at pm - Reply. Old clunky, but faithful! Now it works, thanks to you! God bless you! Gordon Keenan February 12, at pm - Reply. AV February 16, at pm - Reply. Gordon Keenan February 16, at pm - Reply. Steve February 16, at pm - Reply. Stefan February 18, at am - Reply. Stefan February 19, at am - Reply.

Gordon Keenan February 20, at am - Reply. Stefan February 22, at pm -. Hello Gordon, When i open a page on the Mac side Office for Mac, Safari, etc it wont print as the printer was not recognized. Gordon Keenan February 23, at am -. Stefan February 23, at pm - Reply. Dear Gordon, Correct, i can install it with the driver 1.

Duy Hoang February 26, at am - Reply. You know what, the miracle was happen, now I can print by my printer Hope you to get success with it. Thank you dear Gordon. Stefan February 29, at am - Reply. Dear Duy, thank you for trying to help out here. Thank you all for your help and happy printing. Gordon Keenan February 29, at am - Reply. Stefan March 1, at am - Reply. Gordon Keenan March 1, at am - Reply. Vikram March 1, at am - Reply. Thank You your blog did help me.

Bernard March 2, at pm - Reply. Gordon Keenan March 2, at pm - Reply. Bernard March 3, at pm - Reply. Matt March 3, at pm - Reply. It worked! Lana March 8, at pm - Reply.

HP LaserJet, HP PageWide - Printers compatible with OS X Yosemite 10.10, Mavericks 10.9

It worked!!! Thank you so much!!! Shahrokh April 14, at pm - Reply. Risto April 15, at am - Reply. Thank You so much for Your clear instructions to get back my Laserjet ! Mike April 17, at pm - Reply. Brilliant, thanks so much. Andrew May 13, at pm - Reply. Gordon Keenan May 13, at pm - Reply. Vera May 16, at am - Reply. You just saved my thesis. Saved me so much time. Sam Leman June 19, at am - Reply. K June 23, at am - Reply. Im downloading driver, if it work i pray you it was like death to me. Dani June 23, at am - Reply. James Gordon July 22, at am - Reply.

Good Stuff! Sol July 26, at pm - Reply. Still works!! Thank you so so so much! Binta August 5, at am - Reply. Thank you it works. TK August 21, at pm - Reply. The world would be a better place if we work together this way. Thanks a million gordon. Andreu September 13, at am - Reply. Elisabetta September 23, at pm - Reply. Hansen October 8, at am - Reply. John Azzopardi November 27, at pm - Reply.

Thank you it took a while but we got there in the end. Daniel December 12, at pm - Reply. Gordon Keenan December 12, at pm - Reply. Works perfectly fine, as I just did a fresh install on a laptop for another user! Albert December 13, at am - Reply. Yes, it is work perfectly with macOS Sierra. Thank you Gordon. Susie December 29, at pm - Reply. Thank You!!!!!! This device is only 5 months old and is now failing to align heads after a new set of cartridges.

All it prints in blue lines with both cartridges brand new. I have looked all over the HP user guide and find no source of help. HP markets this product as MAC compatible but it clearly has issues scanning and staying connected to an 'always on' wireless network.

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I have already posted this in another forum and the conclusion was to post it again here. The full post and replies are here. Basically, printing in black only seems to use almost as much color ink, forcing me to buy ALL the cartridges when I need only black. I understand that some color ink is used to keep the heads clean, but seems that quite a lot is used. I print "black only" but maybe Im not doing something right in the print setup or maybe this is a known issue. In any event, it is way too expensive to buy all cartridges and will have to scrap this printer if I cant fix it.

Hope there is a solution. Please let me know what the exact issues you are experiencing with your Officejet Ng model, on Yosemite and I will do my best to help you. I have the same printer installed on a lab computer here that is running Yosemite and it's working for me. In having said that, let me know what the issue is and I can play around on the Mac to see if I can be of any assistance to you! Have a great day. Printer Offline generally means there is a communication issue. I look forward to hearing from you. Anyone help please we are truly stuck fast. I see that you are having issues with the printer, printing too dark on Yosemite.

I would like to help. The drivers for Yosemite are from the Apple Software Updates. Most likely the driver won't have as many options to choose from for the print quality. You could download and install the 3. HP Printer Drivers v3. If the printer is networked, you can access the printer's Embedded Web Services and can change different features for the printer through the website. Just print the Configuration Report for the printer. Type the IPv4 address in Safari's web browser. Printing a Configuration Page. On page 81 of the manual, it provides the different settings available.

Are you the publisher? Claim or contact us about this channel. Embed this content in your HTML. Report adult content:. Account: login. More Channels. Be aware that the file is about MB. Install the drivers. Step 2, select the driver Turn on the printer and connect it to the Mac.

Open the driver list. Select HP Laserjet , but not the gutenberg version. The steps above should do the trick. Tags: drivers , hp , laserjet , os x , snow leopard. David Foo 26 Apr Reply. Thanks for the info. Had to jump through insane hoops to print under all previous OS X releases. Carlito Animancia 27 Apr Reply. Harvey Kahl 28 Apr Reply. Florin 30 Apr Reply. Isadora Chai 30 Apr Reply. Cheers, Isadora.

Hi Isadora, I am no expert on printer routers so I cannot help you there. Thank you billion times! Avid 3 Jul Reply. Your first apple link to the printer drivers is dead. F 2 Aug Reply. I bought my MacBook Pro recently and did not need Step 1. Courtney 11 Sep Reply. Nowbody in Brasil solved the bug….. Temple of Zen 5 Oct Reply. Audrey 8 Oct Reply. Marcello 19 Oct Reply. Alexis 20 Oct Reply. It worked! Thank you so much!!! Rhonda 21 Oct Reply. Thank you so much — Worked like a charm!! Atan 23 Oct Reply.

Mrs 29 Oct Reply. Mange tak fra USA! Recai 8 Nov Reply. I did not believe it could work, but it did. Thanks so much for this absolute solution. Mickey 15 Nov Reply. Thanks Mickey from Taiwan. Mickey 16 Nov Reply. I choose HP Laserjet , 1. Dre 19 Nov Reply. Thank you for posting this! You helped me out big time. Sherry 19 Nov Reply. Tobias you are so da man! Thank you soooo much! Djmuckel 21 Nov Reply. David 27 Nov Reply.

This solution works under Snow Leopard — thanks!! Mark 29 Dec Reply. Finally it worked, thank you for that Bob 31 Dec Reply. Josie 8 Jan Reply. OMG thank you so much! Rodrigo Figueroa 24 Jan Reply. Simon 2 Feb Reply. Peggy 14 Feb Reply. I tried numerous options, this one finally did it Marcin 17 Feb Reply. Ryokan 26 Feb Reply. Atan 2 Apr Reply.

Karla 11 Apr Reply. Thanks, that was v. The dwn is M though… K. N 13 Apr Reply. Hi, While I was able to install the printer driver and everything seems to be working in theory documents are sent to the printing queue and seem to be printed normally , the printer itself does not print anything! Anyone encountered the same problem? Hi N, have you tried power-cycle the computer and the printer? I guess you have, just checking… Regards, Tobias. John Monro 18 Apr Reply. HImanshu Mahajan 27 Apr Reply. Hello Great work. It worked in the first time only.

Saul Rosenberg 23 May Reply. Tim Howell 25 Jun Reply. Paul 3 Jul Reply. Thank you so much for blogging about it! Marie 5 Jul Reply. Kevin S. Any updates on getting this to work with Lion? Aleksandar 27 Jul Reply. Andreas 27 Jul Reply. CEE 16 Aug Reply.

Jochem 17 Aug Reply.

How to: Easiest Install of Yosemite on Unsupported Mac 2006/2007

Sorry should have read the comments properly first. JC 24 Aug Reply. You are hereby nominated for geek of the year! MW 25 Aug Reply. Alexander 25 Aug Reply. Philgin 28 Aug Reply. Sara G 4 Sep Reply. Marvelous 19 Sep Reply. Meow Meow 21 Sep Reply. Preps 28 Sep Reply. Maestro, much appreciated. Srini 15 Oct Reply. Saved my day. Nicolas 22 Oct Reply. It woks perfectly on my Lion. I think that I will never use my HP Laserjet anymore. Philippe 12 Nov Reply. Alist 14 Nov Reply.

Confirmed this method works in OS Lion! Cihan Ertan 16 Nov Reply. Dave Gould 22 Nov Reply. Thank you, thank you! Works great with my MacBook Air! Ronald 28 Nov Reply. More on the last post I have tried to reboot Mac, HP Kate 29 Nov Reply. You saved me : Thank you so much! Manuel 2 Dec Reply. Christian 10 Dec Reply. Bart 16 Dec Reply.

Worked like a charm on my HP Umer 28 Dec Reply. Adam 1 Jan Reply. Dear Sir, you are the man. Mr Ozing 6 Jan Reply. Thank you so very much! Works like a gem! Moema 7 Jan Reply. Upkaar Singh 19 Jan Reply. Rafael 26 Jan Reply. Ryan 4 Feb Reply. Thanks Tobias!! This worked for me!! Running Lion Heather 7 Feb Reply. How can I get it to print wirelessly? I am on a Mac Pro. Chris 7 Feb Reply. The link to Apple seems to be broken. Any other place I can get it? Chris 8 Feb Reply. Thanks so much for this.

I have 2 of these printers. You just saved my bacon! Pablo 9 Feb Reply.

Get the driver

Neil 9 Feb Reply. WOW that worked like a charm, thanks for the post! Works like a charm! Chris 24 Feb Reply. Does anyone have an idea how to solve this problem? Graham 27 Feb Reply. Thanks mate, that worked for me! Aftab Qayoom 28 Feb Reply. Dear Tobias, Thx a million buddy … may you have many grandkids!!!

From, Aftab Downunder in Australia. Tor Audun Danielsen 2 Mar Reply. Collin Arrandale 6 Mar Reply. Sorin 25 Mar Reply. Dear Tobias, Thanks so much! Indeed simple and very user-friendly instructions. All the best! Efter allt strulande, stort tack! Cari 29 Mar Reply. Rod 2 Apr Reply. Rod2 8 Apr Reply. Adam 11 Apr Reply. Marty 15 Apr Reply. Rod 17 Apr Reply. Well done and thank you! Thanks… works easy… best solution so far. Anna 2 May Reply. Dadda 16 May Reply. Thank you Tobias, I have been trying for 5 years to have this printer working with the Mac.

Ayoodot 24 May Reply. Thanks a million! You are the Man!!! Bryan K 11 Jun Reply. Great tip… thanks a million. Cyd 13 Jun Reply. Wow, thanks! The Lion tips helped, too. Thanks for share, because worked. Bas Bosman 28 Jun Reply. Brenda 30 Jun Reply. Thanks, Brenda. Pien 2 Jul Reply. Bram 2 Jul Reply. Inez 6 Jul Reply. FG 7 Jul Reply. Mantas from Lithuania 9 Jul Reply. It works! SC Williams 10 Jul Reply. That would have taken me days to figure out!

Mariana 18 Jul Reply. You really saved my life!! Pete 20 Jul Reply. Harry 27 Jul Reply. Thanks, Harry. Will this work with Snow Lion as well? Will this work with Mountain Lion as well? Thanks for the help in advance. Totally saved me a ton of frustration. Hi there.

Drivers for several models of Hewlett-Packard printers

What can I do? I have tried everything! Laura and Gus 20 Aug Reply. Thank you, it worked just fine with Mountain Lion. Sulaiman 2 Sep Reply. I have the macbook pro running Mountain Lion OS and still works! Mike 3 Sep Reply. John Sebastian 6 Oct Reply. Evan 13 Oct Reply. One more happy customer. Thanks for taking the time. Jess 15 Oct Reply. Jeff L 17 Oct Reply. You save me a lot of grief. Jef Jones 18 Oct Reply. A big thank you! Anybody have a fix for this? Please help! Becky 4 Nov Reply. Thank you thank you thankyouthankyou.

H A 9 Nov Reply. Dear Saint, thank you for your help. Jessie 17 Nov Reply. Craig Wilmot 23 Nov Reply. Seva 3 Dec Reply.