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The problem with adding OpenCL to your application is that you don't know what kind of machine you will be targeting, so you don't know whether the CPU or the GPU will be best to target. And if there is a good GPU in there, you don't know if you should use it because it's possible that the GPU drives attached screens. That way, users aren't left guessing what to enable for best performance scenarios.

Mari doesn't currently do this automatically.

A new Mac Pro with monitor costs $11,000, and it isn’t built for you

In testing, GL-based displacement tessellation worked as advertised. High-res painting was very good with no lags. Ambient occlusion calculation saturated all cores. CPU-based bake speeds looked fast at first, but the CPU usage is not well-multithreaded, so I don't expect this to be much better than non-Xeon hardware unless that can be offloaded to the second GPU in the future.

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Tumbling speed with high res meshes with lots of layered texture and GL-based data was good. I did eventually hit a snag where the performance fell due to a complex bump map that was filled with a mix of active adjustments and layered texture data, but this seemed to be a driver issue.

Keep in mind, we are basically seeing a 1. It's not unexpected to hit a snag this early on. The Foundry is looking into it, and it would be hard to find a company with more aggressive support, so it should be resolved soon. To test the professional D OpenGL, I tried Houdini playback of a high-poly L-systems scene—it was really good and quite close in speed to the same scene on Windows 8.

I like the rough, tough, do-anything nature of that brand — even though I carefully protect my laptops, which are never exposed to anything more destructive than being tossed on the conveyor belt at airport security.

Apple's New Mac Pro and Pro Display XDR Aren't For People | Digital Trends

A prosumer device is expensive. No one has ever called a Mac Pro affordable. ThinkPads are expensive for what you get. It seems crazy. It might still look like a prosumer device but, through pricing, the Mac Pro has narrowed its focus and cast off the concerns of even the most fanatical amateurs.

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Hands-on tests of the dual D700

Don't Miss. House antitrust investigation targets Facebook, Google, and other tech giants. If you want one, you'll want to know how to configure it, and if the Air is the right Mac for you. Our guide will help you make the right MacBook purchase. Posted 2 days ago — By Matthew S. If you need a powerful, portable device that can handle any task you throw at it, both the MacBook Pro and iPad Pro fit the bill. But which one is best? We run down the pros and cons of each device to help you decide which one you should….

Behind Apple’s Mac Pro: Editing, Grading and HDR

Posted 3 days ago — By Alex Blake. Posted 4 days ago — By Drake Hawkins.

Apple New Mac Pro Features and demo at WWDC 2013

Grab this rare deal on a brand-new Apple MacBook. There are even planned versions with up to 12 processing cores, presumably to facilitate teenagers with bras on their heads to call into being inexplicably posh women made out of bits of the internet, a la Weird Science.

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  • Apple has stuffed the Mac Pro with flash memory - which is common in mobiles and tablets - to speed up data transfer and processing time. And we all know how that goes. Step 2: realise that humans are squishy and useless. Step 3: destroy all humans. It says it's done away with traditional cooling fans and added one - larger and quieter - triangular fan at the bottom of the chassis to attack the problem of overheating components. That's what Apple says.

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    Yeah, Apple. We know your game.