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Left 4 Dead 2 was featured as one of Game Informer's top 50 games of Game Informer had this to say:. Shortly after Valve's announcement of Left 4 Dead 2 , many fans were shocked of the idea due to the short period of time after the first Left 4 Dead and the fact that the long promised SDK which is essential to making new levels for Left 4 Dead was being held back because of this.

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Hours after the announcement fans gathered together and formed a group called L4D2 Boycott NO-L4D2 ; the group reached 10, members in one week and 35, members in three weeks. The group believed that Left 4 Dead 2 should not be a separate game in order to keep the community one, claiming that releasing a sequel would split the community. Their suggestion was to make Left 4 Dead 2 either an expansion pack that is not full-priced or free downloadable content, citing a lack of new content and also voicing their preference to keep the original Survivors and maps.

Many fans were also disappointed that Valve had yet to deliver the free DLC they promised.

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Valve has informed the fans that they have been tracking their comments ever since the first announcement on 1st June , and their response was that Left 4 Dead will continue to be supported with downloadable content. This announcement caused some fans to believe that Valve saw the fans of Left 4 Dead as boycotting the sequel only get more free updates and to save money.

Valve has also said that they are discussing the matter and are considering importing the original maps into Left 4 Dead 2 ; nothing regarding the original Survivors was mentioned. The boycott was not especially effective because the pre-order sales of Left 4 Dead 2 quadrupled the pre-order sales of Left 4 Dead.

Left 4 Dead 2 Mac OS X Download Free

The boycott has since been officially disbanded as the founders themselves have said that they have done what they set out to do and are now sympathetic with Valve's work on Left 4 Dead 2 , but however still maintain that they themselves will not buy the game. Despite stating this, one should note the irony that on the leader's profiles it is noted that they both own and play Left 4 Dead 2.

Split screen play is fully supported on the Xbox allowing players to play both online and offline with a friend using one console. On PC, split screen is unsupported but still possible. Using an Xbox controller for PC and some console commands, one can play only offline with a friend. Due to changes in the console split screen online for PC is not possible, unlike Left 4 Dead where split screen PC can be done both online and offline. Doing this requires a higher-end processor. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. God damn it! I'm covered in goo!

If necessary take a look on the talk page to know what needs to be cleaned up. As of January 24, , Metacritic gave Left 4 Dead 2 a metascore of 89 out of Current appearance of the Left 4 Dead 2 Survivors.

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The Left 4 Dead 2 Survivors as they appear on the E3 09 trailer. Coach and Ellis on The Bridge early screenshot. The Dead Center loading screen. The Beta main menu of Left 4 Dead 2 , not fully revealed. New gameplay enhancements allow pipe bombs to create ragdolls after exploding. Scavenge Mode gameplay in Dead Center. Categories :. Cancel Save. Left 4 Dead 2. Valve Corporation. Co-operative Online Survival horror First-person shooter. Left 4 Dead. Players Message. See Message of the Day. Main Menu - Start Vote.

How To Run Left 4 Dead On Mac OS X (fix)

Darknd View Profile View Posts. The graphics card in your iMac is one level below the required specs for Mac. You should still be able to play though if you are willing to set a low resolution and turn off all the fancies.

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Alternately you can play it in bootcamp Windows on the iMac, and in that case your card does meet the minimum specs. Either way it will run, but it won't be as pretty as it should be.

Just In Time For Halloween, Valve Releases Left 4 Dead (4 Mac)

That's hat my desktop is and it works just fine. I run moderately high graphics settings as well. Just downlload the Mac version. That's all you need to do.

It’s official, Left 4 Dead 2 comes to Mac Tuesday

By the way, for all of you that think The mac version couldn't match up to the PC version, it does. Higher graphics settings and all. I run a pc laptop, an xbox and the exact same iMac system described above and it looks and plays the same on all three. The award winning Left 4 Dead has much similarities with this game, as the core gameplay resembles to the original. Players will fight in a group of four players with weapons and advanced ammo.

Apart from the weapons, players can also craft other tools, such as chainsaw or baseball bats to take out their rage on the zombies. Though Left 4 Dead 2 Mac OS free download is horror game, nevertheless there is so much more fan than any other horror game.