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Older Macintosh computers had the F14 key mapped to the Scroll lock key of PC keyboard, so it was quite easy to enable or disable.

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However newer Macintoshes no longer have a F14 key. However for those of you who do not have ready access to such legacy keyboards, you can use a simple applescript application that I have written called Excel Scroll Lock. To use, simply download the application , unzip, and drag the application into your Applications folder.

Then run it. You can alternatively download a disk image version of the application, and run without installing into your Applications folder. The script is also available on github — contributions welcome. It slows down use of excel so much. How do I turn this off????

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Thanks for the help. Can you help me? After downloading it, go to your Downloads folder and double click on the file. This will expand the zip file contents into another folder of the same name. The application is inside. Then you can double click on the application. I want to thank you for this post. This feature has been driving me crazy. Sounds great for everyone above.

Either way, did not resolve. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. It kept taking me to the Widgits screen.

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Downloaded your script, dragged to Applications folder and frustration eliminated. Any suggestions? OSX I just tried myself using Firefox and Safari and I was able to download and unzip the file successfully. Unfortunately, it's harder to disable Scroll Lock if your keyboard doesn't have a Scroll Lock key. How can you press a key you don't have? The rest of this article explains how to do that on both Mac and Windows. First, make sure Scroll Lock is really enabled. You can do this by working with the status bar , the name for the bottom edge of the Excel Window, which displays various information about the state of the current worksheet.

On Windows , the status bar will display Scroll Lock if Scroll Lock is toggled on, and if the Scroll Lock status is enabled in the status bar. If Scroll Lock status is not enabled in the status bar, it might be toggled on and you'll never see it. Once you make sure that the Scroll Lock status is on, look for the Scroll lock message in the lower left.

I haven't checked Excel yet. The only way I know to verify the Scroll Lock state is to use the arrow keys and observe behavior. Try moving around with the arrow keys and watch the address in the name box directly left of the formula bar. If the address doesn't change change, Scroll Lock is probably turned on.

How to turn off scroll lock with macbook pro (10.6.6) in Microsoft Excel for Mac 2011

You should see the Scroll Lock message disappear from the status bar and then be able to move around normally. Once the keyboard is displayed, make sure Excel is the active application and click the ScrLk key. That should do it. If you have an extended keyboard with an F14 key, try that first. A Mac Extended Keyboard has an F14 key click to enlarge.

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If you have a Macbook Pro, or other machine with a smaller keyboard that does not have extended keys, you'll have to go a little deeper. Locate and click the Scroll Lock key on your keyboard. Layouts and the abbreviation of the Scroll Lock key can vary between keyboards.

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The Scroll Lock key may be located above the arrow keys, with the numerical keypad or associated with one of the function keys, e. It may be necessary to press the function lock key to enable or disable Scroll Lock if two function are indicated on the key. In some version, this will toggle the state of Scroll Lock.

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Open the on-screen keyboard by clicking on the Windows Start menu, selecting "Programs," "Accessories," "Accessibility" and opening "On-Screen Keyboard.