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That same year, Tyson's father died. The boxer didn't request leave to attend the funeral. On March 25, , after serving three years of his sentence, Tyson was released from the Indiana Youth Center near Plainfield, Indiana. On August 19, , Tyson won the fight, knocking out McNeeley in just 89 seconds. Tyson also won his next match in December , knocking out Buster Mathis Jr. After his personal and professional setbacks, Tyson seemed to be making a positive change in his life. After several successful fights, Tyson came head-to-head with his next big challenger: Evander Holyfield.

Holyfield had been promised a title shot against Tyson in , but before that fight could occur Douglas defeated Tyson. Instead of fighting Tyson, Holyfield fought Douglas for the heavyweight title. Douglas lost by knockout on October 25, , making Holyfield the new undefeated, undisputed heavyweight champion of the world. On November 9, , Tyson faced Holyfield for the heavyweight title.

The evening would not end successfully for Tyson, who lost to Holyfield by a knockout in the 11th round. Instead of Tyson's anticipated victory, Holyfield made history by becoming the second person to win a heavyweight championship belt three times. Tyson claimed he was the victim of multiple illegal head butts by Holyfield, and vowed to avenge his loss. Tyson trained heavily for a rematch with Holyfield, and on June 28, , the two boxers faced off yet again.

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The fight was televised on pay-per-view and entered nearly 2 million households, setting a record at the time for the highest number of paid television viewers. Both boxers also received record purses for the match, making them the highest-paid professional boxers in history until The first and second rounds provided the typical crowd-pleasing action expected from the two champions.

But the fight took an unexpected turn in the third round of the match. Tyson shocked fans and boxing officials when he grabbed Holyfield and bit both of the boxer's ears, completely severing a piece of Holyfield's right ear.

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Tyson claimed that the action was retaliation for Holyfield's illegal head butts from their previous match. Judges didn't agree with Tyson's reasoning, however, and disqualified the boxer from the match. No longer able to fight, Tyson was aimless and unmoored.

Mike Tyson gets knocked out by a hoverboard, Internet counterpunches

Shortly after the court ruling, Tyson landed in the hospital after his motorcycle skidded out of control on a ride through Connecticut. The former boxer broke a rib and punctured a lung. Tyson's rise from childhood delinquent to boxing champ put him at the center of the media's attentions. Met with sudden fame, Tyson began partying hard and stepping out with various Hollywood stars.

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In the 80s, Tyson set his sights on television actress Robin Givens. The couple began dating, and on February 7, , he and Givens married in New York. But Tyson's game seemed to be on the decline, and after several close calls in the ring, it became clear that the boxer's edge was slipping.

Once known for his complicated offensive and defensive moves, Tyson seemed to continually rely on his one-punch knockout move to finish his bouts. The boxer blamed his long-time trainer, Rooney, for his struggle in the ring and fired him in mid As his game was falling apart, so was Tyson's marriage to Givens. That same year, police were called to Tyson's home after he began throwing furniture out of the window and forced Givens and her mother to leave the home. That summer, Tyson also found himself in court with manager Bill Cayton, in an effort to break their contract.

By July , Cayton had settled out of court, agreeing to reduce his share from one-third to 20 percent of Tyson's purses. Soon after, Tyson struck up a partnership with boxing promoter Don King. The move seemed like a step in the right direction for the boxer, but his life was spiraling out of control both in and out of the ring. Tyson's behavior during this time became increasingly violent and erratic. In August , he broke a bone in his right hand after a 4 a.

Tabloids later claimed the accident was a suicide attempt brought on from excessive drug use. Later that September, Givens and Tyson appeared in an interview with Barbara Walters in which Givens described her marriage as "pure hell. Tyson countersued for a divorce and an annulment, beginning an ugly months-long court process. This was just the beginning of Tyson's struggles with women. In late , Tyson was sued for his inappropriate attentions toward two nightclub patrons, Sandra Miller and Lori Davis.

The women sued Tyson for allegedly forcefully grabbing, propositioning and insulting them while out dancing.

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  • Tyson landed in court yet again, this time in as a plaintiff. District Court in New York against Don King, accusing the promoter of cheating him out of millions of dollars. He also filed a lawsuit against his former managers Rory Holloway and John Horne, claiming they made King Tyson's exclusive promoter without the boxer's knowledge. Tyson alledgedly lost millions in the process. In July , the boxer reapplied for his boxing license in New Jersey, but later withdrew his application before the board could meet to discuss his case.

    A few weeks later, in yet another outburst, Tyson assaulted two motorists after a car accident in Maryland dented his Mercedes. In October , Tyson's boxing license was reinstated. Tyson was back in the ring only a few months before he plead no contest for his attack on the motorists in Maryland. Carlos Curbelo of Florida was one of those 40 names that showed up on hospital records.

    He posted a picture of himself with his injured arm on his Twitter account with a Tweet that read, "Confirmed - hoverboard is for kids. My daughter got it. I never thought I'd say this, but after seeing Tyson's nasty fall and reading about all these accidents, I'm actually very happy jetpacks aren't commercially available to the public yet. Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. We delete comments that violate our policy , which we encourage you to read. Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion.

    Don't show this again. Culture Mike Tyson gets knocked out by a hoverboard, Internet counterpunches The former heavyweight boxer takes his kid's hoverboard for a spin and it sends him flying to the floor faster than his first bout with Buster Douglas. By Danny Gallagher. Enlarge Image. Related links Here are the reasons why so many hoverboards are catching fire Before you even think of buying a hoverboard, read this Watch Mike Tyson try to punch out video game Mike Tyson. Discuss: Mike Tyson gets knocked out by a hoverboard, Internet counterpunches Sign in to comment Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic.

    Many doubted he was in the right frame of mind, to step into the ring with Tyson. Many were wrong. Douglas fought the fight of his career.

    Mike Tyson

    He beat the champ. He knocked out the man and the myth of Mike Tyson and, one could argue, the legend of the American heavyweight champion. Tyson, in many ways, never got back up. Neither, in many ways, did the sport of boxing. Those three are the biggest upsets in sports history.

    But, because he was swarmed by the media whenever he left the room, he basically stayed in his suite the entire week. As Greenburg and the announcers returned to The New Otani Hotel where they, along with Tyson, were staying, boxing politics — and the power that fighters can hold over a telecast — were in full effect. Only Greenburg and Sugar Ray Leonard visited with Tyson in his hotel room to discuss the upcoming fight.

    King walled off the media from his cash cow. He began feuding with the few media members who did have access to him.

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    Merchant recalled and explained the feud with a matter-of-fact look that matched his answer to the question. He was a huge personality and a front page tabloid guy, and these are questions that have to be asked before a fight.

    Tyson, Mike

    Ray and I just sat there in shock, and we discussed a little about the fight. His life was spinning out of control. There were rumors of him partying for weeks before the fight , rumors of women visiting him nightly in his hotel. Douglas knew his only shot was to use the strategy employed by previous fighters with a height and reach advantage against the 5-foot fire hydrant. Use the left jab to keep the champ at a distance, and lock him up as frequently as possible.

    Extend the fight, slow the freight train down.

    Very Bad Trip Mike Tyson

    In the first round, the strategy successfully translated to the ring. Tie him up. Overhand right. Left jab. Right hand lead. Get off first. The announcers were impressed with Douglas early, while Tyson looked flat and uninspired. By the end of the Round 2, Douglas had surprisingly out-landed Tyson in punches by a margin of 52 to