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More recently, developers have come up with creative ways to screw with pirates. The Talos Principle locks pirates in an elevator after several hours of play. Game Dev Tycoon , an indie game released in , is a simulation game where you work to come up with new ideas for a video game and sell them to build your business.

Its crackdown on pirates was particularly ingenious.

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The developers intentionally released a cracked version to pirating sites. In it, your ingame studio is eventually plagued with pirates stealing your game without paying, preventing you from making a profit. Ironically, pirates flocked to forums to complain about the piracy in the game , incriminating themselves as the real thieves.

This is a similar risk to the first point, but still a problem nonetheless. When you wander into the world of game piracy, you open yourself up to the possibility of inappropriate content.

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Aside from straight malware, browsing pirate sites and searching for a cracked copy of a game could expose you to pornographic or other NSFW content. Here are some vital tips to avoid ads designed to trick you. After all, you already know that someone who is illegally breaking the copyright protection and distributing a video game has a questionable moral compass.

What would stop someone like that swap out your expected game with disgusting videos or something similar? When you jump into the wild west of illegally accessing games, you open yourself to anything and everything in those sections of the web. Streaming services and app subscriptions have turned once-expensive endeavors into affordable monthly installments.

This applies to gaming too—services like PlayStation Now let you stream games for a set price a month. Or fuel your nostalgia with free retro PC games. There's a real risk of malware! Read More , too.

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Explore more about: Computer Security ,. Your email address will not be published. There are no risks if you know what you're doing.

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I have been pirating games for a long time and my computer has always been virus-free. But I am gonna say that piracy is not all that risky, and if you do screw up your computer while trying to pirate, it's your fault. Top Deals. Email Facebook Whatsapp Pinterest Twitter. Enjoyed this article?

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Stay informed by joining our newsletter! Enter your Email. Read our privacy policy. Obviously this article is not catered for you. When it comes to downloading torrents or the target of magnet links, you should be vigilant. Here are a few of ways to mitigate the risk:.

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The most important takeaway is that The Pirate Bay is a bit like the Wild West: there is no central control; no one monitoring the torrents for malware, or anything else; and no way to be certain that your Mac or PC will be safe when you use it. Note: if you are in a territory where The Pirate Bay is blocked, we do not advise that you use the methods described here to get around that block. Whether you do so or not is, of course, your choice. Vigilance and common sense are your two most important tools in the quest to stay safe on The Pirate Bay, or anywhere else online. If you follow all of the advice above, you should be able to use The Pirate Bay safely and without putting your computer at risk from malware.

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