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More Nero Lite Free forever! Enjoy basic data burning and copying capabilities for your CDs … more info More HP Smart Printing The whole internet just became print friendly. Additional titles containing panasonic photofunstudio 9. Latest News. Adobe software updates fix more than security issues August 13, LibreOffice 6. LOL But really a loose cable or faulty jack and a slight bump or bass could be mistaken for a fault in software.

Also a less noticed or obviuos problem for some has been the Keylock, in prefs the keylock setting set at high quality caused a big jump in the cpu meter when using a lot of functions at once, mainly scratching with a jog. Setting to eco was much less stress and for me no obviuos loss in sound quality.

The keylock issue happened for me after all the tweaks and optimizing. Just some things to check if you have done everything possible but still have issues. I totally disagree with some of these tips and would not recommend them at all! First off, If you are using a laptop to do a gig don't go get you the cheapest laptop you can find.

That is like going into lawn care service and going out and getting the cheapest lawnmower at walmart that you can find. Seriously people. Spend around a grand and get you something decent. I have a HP Probook and don't have anything turned off. I highly disagree with removing or disabling the laptop battery. Say some drunk chick decides to trip over some random cord that happens to be powering your setup. Your battery will save you valuable time from having to boot up if you lose power plus if you are using a controller like the S4 it will keep it up and running too. Why have Wifi enabled, well, if that's your only way online and someone requests a song you might be able to DL it and play it.

Just a thought. Works for me. The whole 'it works for me' is a bit of a silly argument.

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I have zero issues with running traktor, but i also dont have any of the obvious issues, dell laptop, sluggish performance, nvidia cards etc. So if you do, follow the advice, if you dont, dont bother doh! A gig you dont have cos traktor wont run will definitely not result in drunk chicks causing power outages. One extra recommendation is that in windows it is straightforward enough to establish a different hardware profile, so you do not have to do all of your changes at boot. Great condensed post Danny.

I think this thread is extremely helpful and can benefit many of us that experience audio issues. Though some of the information is somewhat questionable, it has its valid points and is the reason why some work and some don't. It's difficult to say there's one or two best methods to get things working when the hardware platform is massive. I'm neither for or against Mac computers, but one thing is for certain.

With a significantly smaller scope of hardware specs for Mac, this greatly reduces the chances for such issues. With that said, thank you dannybyrne29 for creating this thread. There are additional tweaks I've read that can help me out. Primarily power management and wireless. Kaspersky is always disabled prior to running Traktor Scratch Pro 2. I had a special insurence for it which lasted 4 years.

Also to avoid dobble controller mappings in traktor software when playing out! Some day your pc might mailfunction and mess around your track collection, there is no reason to take the risk. For windows laptop use Readyboost I used an Sdcard in one of my slots. It is not too hard to set up and will as it says boost your ram I have a 4gb ram system max for me unless I go 64bit I have 32bit So with readyboost I get almost 4gb more. I cant explain fully how this works but it will only boost max what you already have. And only works on a card or basically solid state.

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Just search Readyboost it is already on any vista or xp and I think 7 system. The option usually shows up when inserting any external drive. Most sdcards will work. If not you can format them to work. Drive through the world of Minecraft attacking you mafias counterattack. Shoot without stopping and escape from their deadly attacks. Soon it will be available GTA Minecraft server! Now you can play non-premium gta Minecraft server without lag free. MegaByte Studios. Free 3. Rockstar Games.

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Clans Of Crime Gangs. How long do you think you can survive in this hostile world, where the bullets fly as if they were rumors of Facebook. Gta Minecraft belongs to those gta: san andreas games that we have selected for you. Controls to play move, shoot, in Gta Minecraft you can find other similar games like, among all others online. Our social networks. Fanfreegames is a website to play free games for all ages and children.

Games for mobile phones and Smartphone. We have the best in the country of games as friv games with all categories. Play for free to thousands of them that we publish daily. They are updated all the time and some of them more than once a day so by the time you are ready to use them again they will already be outdated. The following procedures will implement some cleanup procedures to remove these tools.

It will also reset your System Restore by flushing out previous restore points and create a new restore point. It will also remove all the backups our tools may have made. If you have not already run it then skip this. Please download OTCleanIt and save it to desktop. This tool will remove all the tools we used to clean your pc.

Please turn JavaScript on and reload the page.

Some of the programs that we have used would be a good idea to keep and used often in helping to keep the computer clean. I use these programs on my computer. CCleaner - This is a good program to clean out temp files, I would use this once a week or before any malware scan to remove unwanted temp files - It has a built in registry cleaner but I would leave that alone and not use any registry cleaner.

Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware The Gold standerd today in antimalware scanners. One of the questions I am asked all the time is "What programs do you use" I have at this time 4 computers in my home and I have this setup on all 4 of them. We used this to help clean your computer and recomend keeping it and using often.

It is good security practice to change your passwords to all your online accounts on a fairly regular basis, this is especially true after an infection. Refer to this Microsoft article. Strong passwords: How to create and use them Then consider a password keeper, to keep all your passwords safe. KeePass is a small utility that allows you to manage all your passwords. As Java seems to get exploited on a daily basis I advise to disable java in your web browsers - How to disable java in your web browsers - Disable Java. The other question I am asked all the time is "How can I prevent this from happening again.

Here are some articles that are must reads and should be read by everybody in your household that uses the internet. Internet Safety for Kids. There is no such thing as 'perfect security'. This applies to many things, not just computer systems. Using the above guide you should be able to take all the reasonable steps you can to prevent infection. However, the most important part of all this is you, the user.

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Surf sensibly and think before you download a file or click on a link. Take a few moments to assess the possible risks and you should be able to enjoy all the internet has to offer. I'd be grateful if you could reply to this post so that I know you have read it and, if you've no other questions, the thread can then be closed. I have run the defile. I then downloaded the OTCleanIt and ran that. The computer rebooted and once again I had to reboot the router to connect to the internet, plus I had several attempts before Firefox would open.

OK we are going to leave things alone for a little while and see if you have to reboot the router again.

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I'm open to suggestions if there's a better way to go now - I only have three bars on the strength as I am in another room. This site uses cookies - We have placed cookies on your device to help make this website better. You can adjust your cookie settings , otherwise we'll assume you're okay to continue. Recommended Posts. Posted August 5, Gringo, Revised log from Hijack This. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Greetings These logs are looking very good, we are almost done!!! Just one more scan to go. Click on the "Fix Checked" button When completed, close the application.

Click Scan wait for the virus definitions to be downloaded Wait for the scan to finish When the scan is complete If no threats were found put a checkmark in "Uninstall application on close" close program report to me that nothing was found If threats were found click on "list of threats found" click on "export to text file" and save it as ESET SCAN and save to the desktop Click on back put a checkmark in "Uninstall application on close" click on finish close program copy and paste the report here Gringo.

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Posted August 6, Hello leeh Lets get a deeper look into the system and lets see if something shows up. Double click on OTL. Under Output , ensure that Minimal Output is selected. Click the Scan All Users checkbox. Click on Run Scan at the top left hand corner.

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When done, two Notepad files will open. Hello leeh I would like you to run this custom script for me now and when it is complete please give me the report and a status update for the computer. Copy and Paste the following code into the text box. OTL may ask to reboot the machine.