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To instruct Excel to show us the a and b parameters that will be used for the fit, go to the "Options" tab and select "Show equation in the graph":.

Nonlinear Curve Fitting in Excel

On clicking "Accept", Excel will calculate a Least Squares fit, show the formula of the line obtained, and plot the line. We can check that the formula of the line plotted by Excel is the same whose parameters a and b we found previously:. Categories : Statistics Resources last modified in May Namespaces Resource Discuss. Views Read Edit View history.

Excel Basics - Linear Regression - Finding Slope & Y Intercept

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Pick X-Y Scatter Plot and take the default option. Add a title, labels and units to your chart.

Add a Linear Regression Trendline to an Excel Scatter Plot

Click finish and Excel will generate a graph. Under the Chart menu, click on "Add Trendline". Under options, display the equation and the R-squared value.

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This will put a least-squares fit on the graph and give the slope. The R-squared number should be close to one. If it is not, it means that some of the data may be non-linear.

LINEST function

Note that if R-squared is equal to one, this often is a sign that you have made some kind of error as it implies straight-line data with no "noise". Now that the slope isknown, what's the uncertainty in that slope? LINEST is an array function, which means that even though it is trying to give back a lot of values, it only displays one per cell.

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This will fill in the 2x2 square. Upper left will be the slope, lower left will be the error on the slope.