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Fortunately, Disk Utility can help you keep your external hard drive healthy. But there are situations in which it may not be avaliable. In this case, you can also use some command lines to verify and repair an external hard drive. This passage will show you a detailed guide to repair a external hard drive with Mac Terminal.

Setting and Clearing Flags on macOS

Notice: This guide is intended for advanced users who are comfortable with the Terminal and command line. For most Mac users, it's better to repair external hard drive directly with First Aid.

Because command lines are so complicated for common users. If you input wrong command lines, it will not only overwrite your data but also damage the external hard drive even your Mac machine. It's said that if you successfully repair an external hard drive with Terminal, all data stored on the drive keeps intact.

But the truth is when running Terminal to repair a external hard drive, it will write new data on the drive and the original data is possible to be overwritten.

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So if you have valuable data on the external hard drive, you should you restore data from the corrupted external hard drive at first. Moreover, iBoysoft Mac Data Recovery supports more than file formats, including pictures, audios, videos, emails. Step 3: Select the corrupted external hard drive and click "Next" to search for deleted files.

Step 4: Preview the files in the searching results and choose files those we want to recover, click "Recover" to get those lost files back. You'll be shown a list of disks attached to your Mac. Target the one for verification and repair and notice its drive letter. Step 3: Type in diskutil verifyVolume [drive identifier] , then press Enter.

Use safe mode to isolate issues with your Mac

Please make sure to substitute the [drive identifier] portion for the actual name of the external hard drive. After verifying the external hard drive, if you don't get any error message, you don't need to repair the external hard drive. But if you get error message: "The volume was found corrupt and needs to be repaired", you have to use other command lines to repair the drive.

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