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But, it seems that the left hand at Adobe doesn't know what the right hand is doing. Likewise, it seems back dated for Linux users of Chrome, stating that version As I write this, it's more than a day after the new version of Flash was released. Brian Krebs covers this stuff too, it was on his blog that I first learned of the Flash player upgrade.

He wrote that "Chrome users want to be at v. My guess is that Krebs made a typo, and that he meant to write Too many zeros and threes. As for the Adobe security bulletin being wrong, my guess is that Adobe and Google crossed wires. Krebs noticed something he couldn't explain; his copy of Chrome was at version This is a big difference, as the third number is 31 rather than Had he looked at my flashtester.

Krebs blamed this on his copy of Chrome being "sluggish" to self-update. His Chrome is indeed slow on the uptake, but that's not why his Flash is in the 31 family rather than the family. On three Windows machines that I checked, each with the latest edition of Chrome v What Adobe and Krebs missed is the fact that Chrome changed on July 31, Google explained this in an August 8th blog, The road to safer, more stable, and flashier Flash.

But that was an old interface and, over time, it got in the way of change.

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Justin Schuh of Google wrote. As browsers add compelling features like sandboxing, GPU acceleration, and a multi-process architecture, the legacy of NPAPI severely impedes or outright prevents us from extending those improvements to any pages with plug-in content. So, it seems that Flash player versions Google expects to change over soon on OS X. Google refers to it as Pepper Flash. You can see both versions of the Flash plugin by entering "about:plugins" on the Chrome browser address bar.

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Then click on "Details" on the far right side of the Plug-ins page. Don't be confused the name "Shockwave Flash," on the Chrome Plug-ins page. That's just there to confuse people. It's Flash, not Shockwave.

Why do Java, Silverlight, Adobe Acrobat and other plugins no longer work?

Four, count 'em four copies of Flash. Not to mention copies that may be embedded in other software from Adobe. You can't make this stuff up. As for other operating sytsems, the Chrome browser running on Chrome OS i.

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  5. Adobe also said yesterday that "Adobe Flash Player for Android is not affected by the vulnerability addressed in this update," so there was no new version of Flash for Android. Not that that matters to Chrome users on Android 4. So too, Adobe has revised their security bulletin, but it is now inconsistent. On the one hand it says that the "Flash Player installed with Google Chrome will be updated automatically, so no user action is required.

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    Using Konqueror as your default browser. Third party plugins. Extension Center. Unlike Firefox, we will not be deprecating or removing support for these kinds of plug-ins". Pale Moon future roadmap. Google Code. Adobe Systems. Retrieved 8 September Web interfaces. Web resource vs. Ajax and Remote scripting vs. Firefox 1 1.

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