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Photoshop CS5: Crashes in Mojave after clicking Type Tool

All 12 Replies Popular. Submit Cancel. Michael Flynn 4 Posts 0 Reply Likes. Is CS5 supported in Mojave? You're taking a big gamble by updating your OS and also using such an old version of Ps Yes it is supported, working now but the font stuff seems to stop working now. There were bigger issues at first but we were able to remedy them but the font issue is remaining.

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View previous…. It was from the latest to Mojave. Erik Allin 2 Posts 7 Reply Likes. Michael, Did you see the solution I posted? Yes tried it today and it worked! Rick Bennett 2 Posts 0 Reply Likes. Finally, somebody came up with a solution. Nice job, Erik! What version of PS CS5 are you on? You need to be on NOT I read. Installing a fresh download. But there is a way that works that's actually kinda easy.

Download the updates from Adobe, if you don't have them. It should now load fine. Just do the Adobe install as normal from this point. Anyway, that fixed it for me.

I did it twice just to double-check. There's still a minor annoyance I haven't found a fix for yet. It seems to corrupt some of smaller the UI elements of Photoshop the little arrows in the Character panel's drop-down menus that let you change the font and size, as one example. The menus still pop up and work, they just have a scrambled meaningless graphic where the button was. In other places too—some filter control panels, I've found. These are the only two things Ive done since yesterday, so I'm sure there's more, but the actual tools still seem to work.

Hope it helps. Adobe Photoshop CS5 now works, and so do the other two apps. I'm so happy I'm laughing!!! Can you add an explanation for why changing the Accessibility settings for this app works? I'm baffled as to why going to the settings for helping users with disabilities would help a photo-editing app work. When next year's major upgrade comes around, think carefully beforehand, and make a backup of the old OS. Wowfunhappy Thanks for the reminder. Regardless, I'm with you on this. Users going forward who don't want to opt-in to Adobe's subscription model will need to either not upgrade macOS, purchase Photoshop Elements which for most users would probably suffice or move to a non-Adobe product.

Monomeeth Have you tested disabling 32bit execution by booting with the -no32exec boot flag? I don't have CS5, but I do have CS6, which is fully bit except for some bit helper applications. Presumably of these helpers, it won't work at all in -no32exec mode. It crashes instantly. John U John U 2 2 bronze badges.

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I find this even more impractical than reverting back to High Sierra. Running two versions of macOS at the same time is wildly wasteful of system resources and will slow down performance noticeably. It is also rather inconvenient when switching between apps when some are running in a virtual machine and some are running on the host. Similar problems happened sporadically when I was running El Capitan and Sierra as well, though not as regularly as they are now. LogMeInSoundDriver 4.

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Unity Web Player: UnityPlayer version 2. Dashlane: Dashlane 1. Fan Control installed [Lookup]. Flash Player installed [Lookup]. Java installed [Lookup]. MusicManager installed [Lookup]. Trusteer Endpoint Protection installed [Lookup]. Oct 16, AM in response to acprinting In response to acprinting.

You aren't going to be able to "sort this out". You're going to have to either change or upgrade your CS5 or you're going to have to revert to Sierra. Bear in mind that if you don't have a backup of your system prior to upgrading to HS you are going to have to go back to Mavericks or earlier to be able to install CS5, you can then upgrade the OS back to Sierra.

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Although CS5 will run under Sierra you aren't going to be able to install it under it. I have a lot of customers with this issue and there's no solution, ever, to using legacy software with a new OS that doesn't support it - unless you aren't a regular user and don't mind having your software on a different startup disk running an older OS and boot into that only when you need to use it.

Oct 16, AM. Oct 24, AM in response to dialabrain In response to dialabrain. Thank you for your suggestion, but - unfortunately - it looks like Adobe no longer supports my old CS5 version. Oct 24, AM.