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Matteo Matteo 5, 13 13 gold badges 58 58 silver badges bronze badges. I've seen tons of quirks with MS Word for Mac when you edit complex documents. I usually just boot a Win7 virtual machine to use Office, honestly. I know that Word is not the best with large documents but I am using it since years and it started only know with this problem which occur with every document. Have you tried to reset delete the 'Normal.

Even with simplified view of track changes turned on, I still have this issue on macos movaje with word What does this say about MSFT when it comes to quality testing? I guess they know how to crowd source free testing. Christian Fritz Christian Fritz 5 5 bronze badges. IconDaemon Jeremy Young Jeremy Young 11 3 3 bronze badges. An additional test would be to use or create another user account on that Mac to see if the problem manifests itself.

I then re-installed Office, re-updated it and everything went back to normal. Note: Backup your Outlook data using the export function. But of course, it is Microsoft we are talking about here. You cannot expect its commands to work as expected. It would be too simple. At the same time, Word also seemed to give up on removing the change tracking from the rest of the document.

I tried the whole procedure again, and again the repagination stopped after 10 pages and all kinds of tracked changes seems to be left in the document, even though Word itself could no longer see them. So I saved the document in that weird state and closed it and opened it again. That seemed to get rid of most of the remaining tracked changes. Most, but not all. Even now, as we speak, I am looking at a document where change tracking is off and all tracked changes have been accepted, and yet here is what I see:.

Enabling Track Changes in Microsoft Word for Mac

What is this, if not a tracked change? How can it still be in my document, after I have accepted all changes and turned change tracking off? This, even though I have a tracked change clearly visible right there underneath the dialog box! It really is unbelievable. Anytime someone adds a comment, it'll show up in a balloon. Show changes inline Word typically shows changes in balloons near the margin of your document.

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Contact Support. Display tracked changes in the body of the document instead of in balloons.

Clear the Use balloons to display changes check box. Clear the Include reviewer, time stamp, and action buttons check box. Change the color and other formatting that Word uses to identify changes. Change the color that Word uses to mark changes that are made to table cells. Under Changes , click Next. Under Changes , click Previous.


Under Changes , click the arrow next to Accept. Under Changes , click the arrow next to Reject. Under Comments , click the arrow next to Delete.

Under Tracking , click Show Markup.