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Mapdiva makes mapping easier.

Share Posted October 16, Tags: drawing , news , review , software , vector. Map drawing for the Mac by Staff. You really need to watch the demo videos at the site to appreciate the awesome possibilities of this software! Call or email us with any questions. Sign up for SmartDraw free. Works on your Mac or any other device. Start Now.

All you need is a modern web browser. You don't have to download or install anything. Smart Templates and Smart Drawing Tools. You start with a template for the type of diagram you want to make and SmartDraw does the rest. The LiDAR toolbox is a life-saver. For example, LAS to shapefile is an insanely useful tool.

But you may need a Java update to go in full throttle though. But overall Whitebox GAT is solid with over tools to clip, convert, analyze, manage, buffer and extract geospatial information. It started out primarily for terrain analysis such as hillshading, watershed extraction and visibility analysis. Enable multiple windows to lay out all your analysis map, histograms, scatter plots, attributes, etc. Closing gaps in raster data sets is easy. The morphometry tools are unique including the SAGA topographic wetness index and topographic position classification.

At this point, The source code was released to the public. Now that MapWindow 5 has been released, it surprisingly has some serious punch. It has some higher level tools such as TauDEM for automatic watershed delineation.

In addition, it has an extensible plugin architecture for customization. Free GIS software users rejoice. ILWIS is good at the basics — digitizing, editing, displaying geographic data. Over time, it has improved support for time series, 3 analysis and animation. Overall, I found it difficult to do some of the basics like adding layers. However, the documentation is thorough with a pretty decent following for usage. GeoDa is a free GIS software program primarily used to introduce new users into spatial data analysis. One of the nicest things about it is how it comes with sample data for you to give a test-drive.

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From simple box-plots all the way to regression statistics, GeoDa has complete arsenal of statistics to do nearly anything spatially. But it has limited tools and the bugs bog it down to really utilize it as a truly complete free GIS software package. It succeeded. But eventually grew into something much bigger. One of its strengths is how it handles large data sets well. Rendering is above-grade with a whole slew of mapping options.

For example, you can generate pie charts, plotting and choropleth maps. There are plugins for editing, raster, printing, web-processing, spatial analysis, GPS and databases.

Top 10 Best Mapping Software for Mac that Will Make You Love Mac All the More

Conflating data is another option with a whole lot more from its plugins. Biologists using GIS unite! This one specializes in mapping biological richness and diversity distribution including DNA data. From here, there are statistical analysis and modeling techniques to work with. Otherwise, you should be looking at one of the top options above. Georgia Tech built this open software for displaying various types of maps and geographically referenced overlays.

This is because it can be used for combat flight planning. OrbisGIS is a work-in-progress. Its goal is to be a cross-platform open source GIS software package designed by and for research. It provides some GIS techniques to manage and share spatial data. OrbisGIS is able to process vector and raster data models.

It can execute processes like noise maps or hydrology process without any add-ons. Orbis GIS Plug-ins are available but are very limited for the time-being. The developers are still working on the documentation. You may want to look elsewhere until this project gets sturdy up on its feet. Compass needles point to the magnetic north. How would you like to wave your magic wand and find out how far everything is away from you?

No magic wands necessary. This is how LiDAR works. Another option is R. Because it does not rely on a GUI, some people find it tricky to get started.

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But once you figure out the syntax and command-line workflow, it is undoubtedly one of the most powerful GIS systems going. Many times you can do something on the command line in a fraction of the time you can do it with a GUI. Nice article.

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A few comments about FalconView. It allowed military pilots to use digital versions of NIMA flight planning charts, including taking their flight plans and overlaying the plans on the charts. Pilots could also overlay multiple point symbols on the charts. Others soon discovered it was useful for making and printing basic maps quickly. It looks like GT continues to add functionality to the software. Thanks for your extensive list. Here are a couple of other open source software you should add to it:. This is a great article. I use Badger Maps for my mobile phone. I can transfer all my data from laptop and have it right on my phone.

13 Free GIS Software Options: Map the World in Open Source

I am looking for something really simple. They openly hold campaigns to map out islands, buildings, disasters and even the search for Malaysian flight MH I am a single individual looking to map a woodland which I have just purchased. Using GIS I would like to create maps of the woodland including the locations of individual tree species,their health,ground type,animal holes etc, so that I can make informed decisions on sustainable forest management.

I currently have an iPad with gps capabilities to use on the site to collect the data, and will be buying a new computer soon, but am having difficulty finding the right program to use. Could you please help me with any suggestions about software and if it is Apple compatible many thanks John. Thanks for your reply. Arcgis and fulcrum require high annual subscriptions which is not desirable.

SmartDraw for Mac | The Easiest Way to Make Diagrams on a Mac

Qfield is for android only. Sorry to keep asking but are there any other options? We are a Land Surveying Firm that needs to input 40 years of jobs into a basic spatial format AutoCAD is not user friendly for everyone.

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We would like to use client data like address and parcel numbers to create a map showing the location of all of the jobs we have done. Which GIS system do you recommend?