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Download If you wish to share this file on another website, please link to this page, but DO NOT rehost this file on your own servers without the express permission of the original author of the file. Thanks a lot; great, quick work!

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Fidney - Folks, The eagle eyed brian-q has spotted an error I made with the numbers when I first introduced them to my default pack in February !! The number "34" is different to all the other numbers. For those who have alrady downloaded by SS'18 default pack v1 here is a replacement "34" Simply save this over the existing file called Pack updated to v2 which contains the corrected "34". Molda - So according to the instructions - because my PC is using Czech language and thus the folder is not called "documents" but "dokumenty" does it mean i cannot use these kits because as you said above, even if one letter is different then the path written in the instructions, it wont work.

Am i correct? So it looks like it works ok.

FM 2013 Club Kits

I dont see anything weird on the kits. So thank you. Hi, uploaded.

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Top work, felt wrong not having the SS' style on some kits again. DRiiZZii - Interested in throwing these kits on, but I wanted to know: Do these kits work alongside the other league packages or do they replace the images for everything.

Football manager mac update

I want to have the SS kits that were made specifically for clubs still, I just want these to replace the kits at clubs that don't have a league kit pack. Tommy Hughes - You know what would be really cool? If these default kits could use the smaller size 18x18 club logo or scale down the large club logo and automatically fit it in the chest of the shirt whenever there was an actual logo used for a club - instead of using a randomly created not real logo on the shirt.

I wonder if it could somehow be done Just noticed the 3 striped one seems to be missing, probably numbered 56? Redownloaded the file to double check as well.

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Absolutely brilliant, used this since it began, very reliable! Where is potential position rating in player section..

In Mac, I can't revise transfer fee.