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Register now. If you have forgotten your password, click here , or if you have forgotten your username, click here instead. Log in. This page is located on the SimsWiki. To view it in it's original form, click here. Does it work? Categories : Game Help Sims 3. This is what it looks like when I open the launcher This is what the downloads tab looks like. Shinelu Posts: 52 Member.

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March edited March I've got this problem before I updated to patch 1. But the problem was fixed few days after. Here are some photos I have the same problem with you since I updated my game It seems that EA doesn't support Safari. But Google Chrome. The same problem. Sign In or Register to comment. Thanks Ricalynn! Sorry I didn't notice your Edit.

Quote from: ladybug53 on February 19, , PM. Please check the Rules for Stories before posting. Super Patch is now available so I'm downloading it while I go to pick up my nephew.

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This has always fixed the invalid file error for me in the past. However it's a large file. I will let everyone know if I'm able to fully install as soon as it's done. Cheezey Immortal Posts: I'm not planning to patch until Twallan's mods are compatible with it, but I'm pretty happy with the changes I see in this patch.

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Umbrellas not breaking after one storm? I hope that applies to the parasols, too. And no more starving during the pie and hot dog contests? The SuperPatch does work and I am fully patched up. Two things I've noticed: Maxis symbol is now a part of the loading. University Life Symbol is now on my launcher. This may be the pre-EP patch without another one coming again until after the release to fix any possible issues.

  • The Sims 4: Simulation Lag Fix Mod has received an Update.
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I talked to SimGuruGraham and he had no idea it was even an issue. Rica, so the game now runs without problems? Hope that this patch will fix more and will broke less. Waiting news about in-game playing.

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I loaded up my game and it doesn't seem to have any issues. In fact all the omni plant boxes from one of my Sim's inventories are now gone. HE still has frozen bills. I never said this won't cause problems. If your game was having problems before and you never figured them out, they may still be there. I haven't found anything broken yet and I don't have access to a smartphone yet.

I have to go pick up my sister but everyone should be able to patch up if they want to.