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I don't consider this to be a new exciting feature, it's adding something that people didn't know they wanted to do different wallpaper per desktop at the expense of something they used. It's certainly not as extreme as the aerial "feature" on the iphone4 but it's an example where people forget that things actually get used. I understand where you are coming from. Unfortunately, it appears that only the option of deleting and re-adding the desktops is available at this time.

Jul 25, AM in response to atlaz In response to atlaz. Same here, very annoying to change every time wallpaper on all the desktop created, hope they will add an option to change to all in one click. Jul 25, AM.

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Jul 26, AM. Jul 31, AM in response to applefandan In response to applefandan. The suggested workaround of deleting all the desktops except for 1 and adding them back in after you change the background also causes another problem for those of us who have pinned applications to specific windows. You lose all those assignments so that everything is pinned to the 1 desktop. That's way too much work as I have a lot of pinned applications to specific desktops.

Jul 31, AM. Man, the more I go an play around Lion.. I can't even assign a desktop fo all my spaces without losing my assigned applications for each space, that is a huge mistake by Apple, but.. Aug 5, PM. Aug 23, AM in response to atlaz In response to atlaz. Since I need with every wallpaper certain areas for my GeekTool stuff I started to use one. All I have to do after the in-file-change is lock the screen and log in again and all my spaces have the new background. I guess this should work with every other image file also if you put your wallpapers always on the same spot with the same name and file extension.

Works fine for me.. Aug 23, AM. Sep 26, PM in response to roxtii In response to roxtii. Thanks roxtii, your workaround works. I do one thing different though, instead of logging out and back in to force the desktop to refresh to the changes made to the wallpaper image, I just use the Killall Dock terminal command. Too bad we have to resort to such work arounds to solve a problem created by a change in OS X Lion. This and a few other things in Lion are not enough to force me back to Snow Leopard, but just enough to aggravate my user experience. Sep 26, PM. Question: Q: mission control - how do I change all my wallpapers More Less.

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  • Communities Contact Support. Sign in Sign in Sign in corporate. Browse Search. Ask a question. User profile for user: atlaz atlaz. Question: Q: Question: Q: mission control - how do I change all my wallpapers So Lion gives me the chance to have separate wallpapers per "space" or whatever we're calling them now. More Less. All replies Drop Down menu.

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    Loading page content. User profile for user: gaugebosons gaugebosons. Jul 20, PM in response to atlaz In response to atlaz I'd like to know this, too. Reply Helpful Thread reply - more options Link to this Post. User profile for user: tmara tmara. Jul 21, AM in response to gaugebosons In response to gaugebosons Setting wallpapers in System Preferences doesn't seem to do it--the wallpaper is only changed for the particular desktop you're in when viewing the System Preferences. Does anyone know a fix? User profile for user: Mr. Louis Mr. Jul 21, AM in response to gaugebosons In response to gaugebosons While playing around with the desktops last night I "discovered" that each desktop can have their own wallpaper and also change it at different time intervals, which is kind of cool, I guess.

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    Jul 23, PM in response to atlaz In response to atlaz It is actually very easy to change all of the desktops at once to do that go to desktop 1 and change the wallpaper after that all futere desktops created will match the wallpaper of desktop one. User profile for user: applefandan applefandan.

    Jul 23, PM in response to laronn In response to laronn Yes all you need to do is delete all your spaces, change the background on desktop 1, and then add them all back again. Jul 23, PM in response to applefandan In response to applefandan So far there's workarounds, I have about 9 spaces and deleting or doing them all separately isn't what I'm really looking for. Jul 24, AM in response to atlaz In response to atlaz Honestly it isn't that hard. Jul 24, AM in response to applefandan In response to applefandan Well earned name there applefandan.

    Jul 24, AM in response to atlaz In response to atlaz I understand where you are coming from. Categories: Mac OS X. The wikiHow Tech Team also followed the article's instructions, and validated that they work. Learn more Method 1. Open Mission Control. In order to begin to understand how the concept of Spaces works, you'll need to open the Mission Control screen. This shows you the spaces you have active—each of the numbered desktops at the top of the screen represents a space.

    There are three different ways to access Mission Control: Press the "F3" key. Click on the "Mission Control" icon on your dock. If you have a trackpad, push upwards on the pad with three fingers. Arrange active programs. To move an active program to its own space, simply drag it with the mouse and drop it on the chosen space. To open up an additional desktop space from Mission Control, move your mouse towards the top-right of the screen.

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    Click it, and an additional space will open, up to the total limit of 16 spaces. Click on a space to leave Mission Control. When you click on a space, Mission Control will disappear and your display will show only the space you selected. Method 2. Use the trackpad. To switch between spaces on a Mac with a trackpad, swipe left or right on the pad with a four-fingered gesture. This will cycle you through the open spaces in your chosen direction. Use keyboard shortcuts. This shortcut also can be used to go to each space individually.

    To do so, press CTRL and the number of your desired space, e. Method 3. Check if the application you are running supports full screen mode. If it does, you will see a full-screen icon that looks like two diagonal arrows in the top-right of the program window. Click the icon to switch to full screen mode. Use the methods above to switch between your spaces, one of which will now contain only your full screen application. Leave full screen mode when finished. To switch a full screen program back to normal, move your mouse to the top right corner of the screen.