Mac mail not working 10.6.8

Member since 21st Sep with 3 Posts Message 1 of 6 1, Views. Reply 0 Kudos. Report Inappropriate. Everyone's Tags: View All 3. Posted by petergdownload Esteemed Contributor 21st Sep , pm. Member since 10th Apr with 7, Posts Message 2 of 6 1, Views. The issue would seem likely related to the modem wifi?

Setting up email on an Apple Mac using Mail

Try turning off wifi and plugging the mac into a wired connection to the modem. Member since 21st Sep with 3 Posts Message 3 of 6 1, Views. Thanks Peter. I tried that, but the computer freezes up if it is anywhere near the modem or NBN box. I think there are two separate issues; - new modem conflict with older operating system, and - some kind of interference magnetic? Posted by petergdownload Esteemed Contributor 22nd Sep , am. Member since 10th Apr with 7, Posts Message 4 of 6 1, Views.

Don't suppose you can Upgrade os. Possibly do complete clean reinstall? Member since 21st Sep with 3 Posts Message 5 of 6 1, Views. Upgrade not an option as I want to keep running older software. Credit for this solution needs to go to Tammy in the apple forum thread above. No more crashes. WiFi on old Mac OS now works fine with new modem. Reply 2 Kudos.

Setting Up Mail on Mac for OS X 10.6.x – 10.9.x for IMAP

Posted by Blast Occasional Contributor 8th Apr , am. Member since 5th Apr with 11 Posts Message 6 of 6 Views. For my signature, I used a two-column table. I have my logo on the left and the text on the right. I placed each element inside its own SPAN division to have the text float left without it breaking off to its own line and so that I could use inline CSS to format each element.

Once you have created the HTML for your e-mail signature, the next step is to get the signature into Mail. Feel free to contact me if you run into any problems creating your very own Apple Mail signature. UPDATE Due to the high number of recent requests to create custom email signatures, I created a service section for signature design and development.

If you would like me to create a signature for you, please visit www.

Who Can Update

My signatures appear as they should in the library and are correct in the signatures panel of Mail preferences. However when I use the signature the links and formatting are gone. They work perfectly fine in one email account but not the other. What have I done wrong? Thank you!!! Every time I re-open Mail, it overwrites the. Nevermind, I found your page for Works like a charm now, thanks! Thanks for the useful information.

I was also having problems linking an image in In the end I opened the html in Safari, selected all and copied. I then created a new mail signature and pasted. It maintained all the links including that to my image.

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Thanks again Tim for making this information available. I did a mail signature for our account but I seem to have a problem when attaching stuff. It goes into the mail signature table and breaks the whole signature apart.

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I can mail you a pic to show you what I mean. Tyler, what you need is to write up the html codes. Hello — thanks so much for this! Everything worked great…except that the image I put in my signature is hosted by a free site imageshack and when I send an email it becomes clickable and brings the receiver to that website. Is there a way to keep the image but disable the link?

Re: NBN Mac OS 10.6.8 conflict

Hopefully that makes sense the way I worded it. HI Thanks for the tutorial. However, I cannot make it work. The images in my signature appear as a blue square with a question mark. What can I be doing wrong???

Apple Footer

Hi i am trying to get rid of the issue of apple mail taking the image out of my signature and turning it in to an attachment and html signature is supposed to make that happen from what i am reading, and I doing something wrong in code or is that just a myth that this could be possible in the apple mail program. Kevin, yes, html signature would fix that problem with mac mail.

Thanks very much! Are you able to help at all? Emily, for the email signature to work, it have to be created using proper HTML coding or else the design and layout will not stick. Everything works great , thank you.

Mac Mail IMAP Setup - Knowledgebase - gofeqysyjiva.tk

My problem is when answering or forwarding messages the signature appears on the middle of the former text and I have to tab the text down every time…. Missing from the instructions is how to generate proper basic html code for your signature.

how to play Minecraft on Older Macbooks 2017

When you are done, open this file with a text editor like note pad or text wrangler and delete the line or 2 of meta and header text at the top. The file should start with this:. Happy sigs.

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