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NVIDIA Launches Pricey, Mid-Range Quadro 4000 Graphics Card For Mac Pro

Risk Board Game. Pick up Only, Description From Amazon: Take over the world in this game of strategy conquest, now with updated figures and improved mission cards. If I'm billing a client and there is an issue while they are sitting in the room I'd rather be sitting on two Quadro Mac editions than two hacked GTX's if trouble stirs its ugly head. Of course, that's a strategy of best of available evils, not an ideal strategy.

Or is this true only in their specific driver tailored applications such as Maya, CAD etc.

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I think there's a lot of marketing babble around them. I have a red rocket, black magic 3d and e-sata card Yeah, I'm also really interested in this.

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If using just a Quadro , with no second graphics card, drops things below real-time performance generally, that wouldn't be worth it. But if it's just a matter of dropping from real-time with 10 or 11 nodes down to real-time with 7 or 8 nodes, that would absolutely be worth it for us to free up a slot for a RAID controller. Could mean the difference between RT and non-RT. That would only be true in apps with specific driver tailoring. There are gaming cards with much, much more raw power than a that would outperform it in any application.

NVIDIA brings the Fermi-packing Quadro 4000 to the Mac Pro

Will report here once we have it up and running. Does Da Vinci works with only one quadro and no other cards? You must have TWO graphics cards in the system for real time performance. The configuration manual implies it won't work at all without two cards One card is used for the "GUI. The other card card is used by Resolve as "GPU. The Resolve configuration guide recommends not connecting monitors to the GPU card. The Resolve configuration guide says that you should put the GPU card into the two slot wide "graphics slot" of a Mac Pro.

Most fast video cards require the extra space for cooling gear. There are Windows versions of various high end gaming cards that are made to use a single PCIe slot. So getting back to the Quadro It has approximately the performance of a GTX I expected a lot more before its release, but it will do. Leaving just one slot for other PCIe hardware.

Presently my plan is to use a fast drive for the system boot drive for Resolve. On the second drive I'll have another barebones system boot, day to day storage and data backup for the boot drive. I reserve two internal drive bays for my current project. These can be configured RAID-0 in software for speed and capacity. If those limitations are acceptable, I can install a Rocket.

For many workflows finishing in ProRes that is in fact acceptable. If I need faster disk access which is rare given my current workload I can deinstall the Rocket and install some type of host bus adapter. Fibre Channel or whatever If I do a lot of properly paid work in Resolve, there is a strong chance that I'll end up moving to Resolve Linux, which obviates these issues.

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Would you buy one of these? It's a generic, unlabeled, slightly overclocked card that has been re-flashed wth the Apple EFI. Price is a bit high, IMO. No problem, Philipe. I bit the bullet and ordered Resolve finally and will get it up and running this week.

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  7. Probably won't have much in benchmarks right away -- hopefully next weekend. Have some family coming in from out of town and other things that will take up time. I wish I could say I'm working, but it's pretty slow around here right now Oh well. Hey all have been messing with the Quadro on new Mac Pro