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  • Counter Strike Online Play for MacOSX - Mac Club Indonesia : Macintosh - Ipad - Iphone.

This video has been removed. It would be helpful if you could add a couple of points to make mac port work on cider otherwise this dead link makes this answer useless.

An Updated Version of the Classic Online Shooter Game

Assuming your system can handle it, you can install it off of steam. Sorean Sorean Ash Max Z. Otherwise you can enjoy CS : 1.

macos - How can I install Counter-Strike on a MacBook Pro? - Arqade

This means, you will have a lot more action , and you can explore more maps. But aside from this, the game also added more weapons that you can try. Players can get lucky enough to get a Molotov Cocktail and incendiary which are very vicious and spread puddles of flame that can block choke points completely. The game also added decoy grenades which are handy in case you need to confuse aggressors.


It is still the hardcore game that players have come to love. The addition of new game modes and maps means there is something new for experienced players to enjoy. I just love it. I think it is the most interesting game ever and its not only a game I think it teaches you strategy.

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  2. Counter-Strike: Condition Zero.
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  8. Pros: I like eve rything about it. Cons: nothing More.

    CS : Condition Zero for Mac (Only 10.6.* and 1.07.*)

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    Counter-Strike: Condition Zero

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    • Classic tactical shooter!
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    • Buy Counter-Strike: Condition Zero.
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    • counter strike condition zero for mac free download;

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    The best Counter-Strike yet

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