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The game kept the action up by giving players control of characters that not only built towers, but also collected cash and fought on the frontlines. With strong multiplayer and plenty of crude, foul-mouthed humor, it was the first to prove that Stan, Kyle, Cartman, and Kenny could find a real home in gaming.

10 Best iPad Tower Defense Games in 12222 That Are Absolutely Amazing

View on Amazon. Sometimes, gamers are like children. We go to the store and see a shiny new toy or weapon upgrade on the shelf and just have to have it. Why should we wait until the end of the game for that upgrade when we can see it there, taunting us with its super-cool, minion-demolishing awesomeness? It's just not fair!

Revenge of the Titans is merciful in this regard, allowing players to purchase tower and resource upgrades at any point through its charming 50 level campaign. Whether you choose to research powerful superweapons, carefully specialized towers, or more resource-collecting refineries than you know what to do with, open-ended strategy is the name of the game. Actually, it's "Revenge of the Titans," but you know what we mean.

Best "Tower Defense" Style Game for Mac OS X?

The best hybrid is more than the sum of its parts. While it's easy to take two different genres and mash them together into a single product, what's really important is to isolate and understand the strengths of the styles being combined. More than a unique weapon or some witty, quotable banter, these fundamentals are what will keep an audience entertained hour after hour, round after round. Don't believe us? Then take a good hard look at Sanctum 2 in action. The game stands above its competitors by marrying the excitement and adrenaline of an FPS with the strategically-satisfying mental gymnastics of a maze defender.

The end result is a kind of left-brain right-brain, chocolate and vanilla-type synergy that's often attempted, but rarely pulled off quite so well. Dungeon Defenders is another example of a successful hybrid--albeit one that aims quite a bit higher than Sanctum 2. Instead of limiting itself to two genres, it grabs hold of as many features as possible and Frankensteins them into one hulking, improbably enjoyable monster of a game.

Tower defense, third-person action, level-ups, skill sets, loot drops, pets, and four person co-op: it's all here, and somehow it's never too overwhelming. While novel at first, these inclusions serve the more important role of introducing longevity into the game. Fighting wave after wave of enemies becomes infinitely less tiresome when there are skills to improve, weapons to find, and bosses to conquer.

It's still technically a grind, but it's one that we're happy to share with some pals late into the night. More than once, we've felt a tinge of regret as we mowed down yet another legion of mindless minions.

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Most don't stand a chance, merely existing as cannon fodder thrown into a devastatingly one-sided massacre beyond their control. If the tables were turned and we were the ones running the gauntlet, would our foes spare a shred of sympathy? Absolutely not, but that doesn't mean that we can't put up a good fight.

Branded as a "tower offense," the Anomaly series stands as a refreshing twist on the genre, giving you a course and pitting you against the pre-built defenses of the enemy.

The sequel builds on the first with the important addition of an asymmetrical multiplayer mode, a fantastic cat and mouse experience that, frankly, we're surprised hasn't been around for years. Much like zombies, robots, Nazis, and aliens, the video game orc exists merely to be slaughtered at the hands of some rugged hero.

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Barring few exceptions, they're nameless, faceless foes with no ambition in life aside from looking evil and charging into an untimely death. In fact, we here at GamesRadar would be against the prejudiced representation of such a proud, mistreated race Orcs Must Die! The game's inventive traps, diverse third-person combat, and cooperative gameplay maximize our orc-killitude, while the frequent last stands that mark the end of a successful round often trick us into believing that someday these twisted, ugly creatures may actually pose a threat. With the staggeringly large number of tower defense flash games out there, it's not surprising that one managed to rise above the rest.

Kingdom Rush doesn't dramatically remake the genre--you still place buildings to kill the enemies running by--but it does execute the standard formula with plenty of finesse. In fact, it does so in a way that's so deceptively simple that just about anyone can pick it up and find themselves on the path to the more advanced tactics later levels require. There are only four initial types of towers, yet with upgrades the abilities of each splinter until they become entirely unique.

Barracks buildings will always create units to slow down and damage oncoming enemies, but their exact placement can make or break a defense.

24 Best Tower Defense Games for Mac OS – Games Like

It may be casual at first, but even the early rounds will have the strategic part of your brain running at full speed. You saw this one coming, didn't you? PopCap's relentlessly quirky defense game is nothing short of addictive, and is as fun as they come. Games Games. Software Software.

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