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Only use this installer if you see this alert message from iTunes Download Aug 1, File Size: Download bit Sep 16, File Size: Download Sep 16, File Size: Download Requirements: OS X Download Requirements: Mac OS Download Requirements: Windows Vista 64 bit. Download Requirements: Vista. Download Requirements: bit Windows Vista require the iTunes 8 bit installer.

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Download iTunes 10.5 Final for Windows & Mac OS X (Direct Download Links)

The latest software will not work with my machine but I can't locate a software archive for a older suitable version. Could you please help and give me a link for the software that will work with Thanks in advance to all the great community contributors. Share Tweet Share Share.

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This topic has been closed for further comments. You can use the search bar to find a similar topic, or create a new one by clicking Create Topic at the top of the page. Sonos normally won't supply older firmware. Are you not able to update your mac to required Josh D. All Macs that supported Snow Leopard support Yosemite and with little performance problems too.

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I recommend backing up your Mac and then upgrade to Yosemite for free. Chris Thx josh. Thank you so very much for your very kind replys. Unfortunately as Im a 1. Was all OK untill this week but now has stopped. Do SONOS not hold a software archieve to enable me to download earlier controllers that work with On your ipad controller add music library. You may find an old version of the MAC software I found version 5. Use you ipad for all setup. Use this just for control via Mac when required. I think it's more than a little harsh to have to upgrade your operating system just so Sonos will work.

It's outrageous that Sonos will not allow me to access the four speakers I paid for and the music I pay to listen to on my iMac. My computer runs as well as it did the day I took it out of the box, except for the Sonos app which it has decided not to "support.

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Complete and utter rot. I'm not a Mac user and never plan to be but it strikes me as somewhat ironic that a complaint is levelled at Sonos for no longer supporting a version of OS X which is 5 major releases out of date, when Apple is more than happy to force the obsolescence of hardware platforms.

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One can only assume that there was a technical reason for being unable to continue with OS X It worked a week ago. Apple may no longer "support" my operating system but that doesn't change the way it works. And it still works very well, and I shouldn't have to change it for some lousy "updates" that Sonos is pushing. I wouldn't assume there was a technical problem. I would assume the company made a calculated decision to deactivate the Sonos controllers on the older Macs.

The new firmware on the players won't work properly with limitations of your old os.

Re: Steps to install iTunes 11.1 on Mac OS X 10.6.8

You can complain you don't want to update your os but unless you do your out of luck using it as a controller as there will not be any current or future version that will work with the old Mac OS. I'm sure you could still use the Mac to store music to play. But you would need to use another device in your home to do the controlling. There is no calculated decision. Sonos supported it as long as it was possible to support the old os.

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I'm sure about a billion people in great Brittain would disagree with holding back Sonos development so you can use your old computer added hls compatibility. I don't care what a billion people think. Sonos is a business. Their revenue depends on happy customers continuing to buy their hardware devices. Ask yourself this: why on earth would Sonos make a gratuitous decision to abandon support for an OS platform unless there was a valid reason to do so? As an aside, I've been on this board and its forebears for getting on for 8 years and it never ceases to amaze me how often the blame for the consequences of Apple's business strategies are laid at Sonos' door.

Can Apple do no wrong, ever? But any business which doesn't care quite quickly ceases to be a business.

Apple Releases iTunes 11.1.4 for Mac and Windows