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Last 2 weeks where mainly about sorting out administrative issues and sitting down with Denis who explained me his FRep API. Finally, figured out a way to run hcustom from within QtCreator. One way is to echo the commands run by the command via hcustom -e which gives something like this:.

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This can then be forwarded to QtCreator as a custom build step. Alternatively, the call to hcustom itself can be defined as a build step, as shown below. We finally got it running and I can now start connecting it with my previous Houdini code. Also, Make files were adjusted to be able to use them inside QtCreator. The workflow is now down to 2 steps, compiling the dylib in QtCreator and launching Houdini via the terminal to get console messages. Mid-term crit today, talked with Ian and Jon about some architectural issues.

Had a problem with Houdini not being able to load the library dyld: Library not loaded: libQtRep.


This could be resolved by setting the path variable before running Houdini via terminal:. Some very good progress over the last couple days and nights.

Running hcustom from within QtCreator

The workflow is now set up, so a simple compile plus re- opening Houdini does the trick. Create three nodes so far:. At the moment, this is at the same time used for polygonization and to output the mesh. Setup bzr repository. Checked in the the QtFrep project to compile the FRep lib with gcc as well as the current basic houdini-lib.

Added dropdown list to CSG node. Again, very good progress over the last 2 days.

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Thank you so much! But could you inbox me the series, I'm using mac so I couldn't generate series key. But could you inbox me the seyries, I'm using mac so I couldn't generate series key.

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Thanks a lot!! The only problem is that chess king doesn't allow to use other uci chess engines.

But I have renamed a different engine to houdini 6, and that seems to work.. Guest Guest. Thanks, I'll take a look..


I was reading Chess King is not intended to use other engines - as of , advanced users may try to change the default engine, by editing some file. I was reading. But I did not find such files.. Then we can talk about performance. I only have so much hair left on my head. By default this seems to be on and causes Houdini H14 to crash when you enable Materials with textures in the viewport. Crazy times - the HD doesn't crash with Anisotropic Filtering turned on. There's some issues with rendering in El Cap. The Render View might not work and tries to launch an MPlay window, that will not render then.

Edit: Rebooting with 'csrutil disable' seems to have fixed it. I have not had any problems with rendering using H The loss of two legacy apps that I rarely use is not a show stopper for me. Good catch! Anisotropic filtering with the HD and Intel's own drivers on Windows work correctly, so it looks like this in another OSX driver bug. Very strange though, anisotropic filtering is a pretty old and standard technique.

The only issue i have is that when my laptop is not connected to a second screen, the icons on either side of the viewport and the shelves have become tiny.

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So small in fact that its almost unusable, so i wrote to Sidefx and they replied mentioning that you can reduce or increase the size of the interface directly from the houdini. Sidefx know about this and they working to fix it but this works well for now. This is what my env file looks like. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Sign up for a new account in our community. It's easy! Already have an account? Sign in here.

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Existing user? Sign in anonymously. By lazza79 , October 1, in General Houdini Questions osx houdini compatibility.