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In particular, if you are a PowerMac G5 owner, trying switching devices from the front to back ports or vice versa. Adding an external hub In some cases, it appears that FireWire devices are not drawing enough power from the computer. This can cause a sundry of strange issues, including apparent conflicts between devices and unexpected power-offs during device operation. In these instances, adding an externally powered FireWire hub can clear things up. One of the reasons an "under-powered" situation can occur is that different Mac models have varying power capacities available through their FireWire ports.

PowerBooks and iBooks have the least, generating around 7 watts. The iMac G5 also generates a relatively low amount of FireWire power, sharing 8 watts between its two FireWire ports. Power cycling the system Simply cycling the power on your system may be enough to temporarily eliminate a few FireWire conflict issues. Shut down your Mac, and disconnect all FireWire devices as well as the computer's power cord. Leave the system off for about 10 minutes, then plug it back in.

First turn your Mac back on, then re-attach the FireWire devices one at a time and check for the conflict to resurface. Disconnect specific FireWire devices especially iSight to check for conflicts As noted above, the most common cause of interference is Apple's own iSight.

In case after case, simply disconnecting this single device has eliminated problems with other FireWire devices.

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Other devices often implicated in FireWire conflicts include video-related devices; cameras, the EyeTV, video decks, etc. Disconnecting the iSight has proved particularly successful for an issue where the iPod disappears from the Desktop and from the iTunes playlist, while the iPod status screen cycles from the Apple logo to a "Do not Disconnect" message over and over.

The exact reasons why the iSight causes more than its fair share conflicts with other FireWire devices are many, and sometimes unclear. Sidebar Sidebar. Laptops MacBooks. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Previous Next. Jan 5, 0 1.

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Post thread. Laptop Tech Support. Laptop General Discussion. Started by Misha Jul 24, Replies: 4. Android Tablets. Apps General Discussion. Moderators online. I can't say anything about their Firewire cables, and I have a lot of their products, but I can easily believe that Monoprice could have issues with certain cable requirements. In what way?

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Could you be more specific? How did you make the measurements? Pin configuration. I didn't do the test, I saw a situation where this cable model consistently failed to work with a video card and display but both devices worked fine with other cables and that was the answer I was given. I don't have the report handy to identify which pin it was.

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Grafux wrote:. Alternatively, you could also just unplug and replug the FireWire connector. Voix des Airs. Ars Tribunus Militum et Subscriptor.

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Senior Technology Editor et Subscriptor. KD5MDK wrote:. I have seen Monoprice DisplayPort cables which don't meet the relevant specs.

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