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The back-up is inexpensive, private, and, once set-up, need not be thought about again. Time Machine is designed to work on a Mac computer that is being powered on and off, going to sleep and waking. Interruptions and changes to the Mac's environment are expected and Time Machine will pause and resume its tasks as needed. By default, Power Manager will not postpone inactivity triggered sleep when Time Machine is running.

However, there are environments where giving Time Machine priority over sleep is desirable. Let's look at how to give Time Machine priority over inactivity triggered sleep.

Keyboard shortcuts for Terminal on Mac

Power Manager supports conditions. Conditions are parts of an event that are evaluated when the event it triggered but before the event's actions are performed. As an aside, individual conditions can be inverted within Power Manager. Thus you could add a condition to check if Time Machine is running, then invert the result for the evaluation.

Thus if you find it easier to check for the postive nature of a condition but want the negative outcome, do this by inverting the condition:.

Work with Terminal windows and tabs

So how do you know if Time Machine is running on macOS? As a user, the Time Machine menu bar icon is the obvious location to check. As a process running on macOS, visually checking a menu is not possible. Thankfully macOS includes a command line tool called tmutil ; tmutil stands for Time Machine Utility. New Post.

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