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VideoGIF for Mac

Try these macOS color picker apps to identify, save, format, and copy colors easily. Browse for your video and then make your adjustments. Then change the output size, frame rate, speed, and loops. But when you need to create a GIF in a hurry and want a simple tool to do it, this one gets the job done for free on Mac. But where do you find the perfect GIF?

How do you make one yourself?

1. GIF Brewery 3

With the few perfect sites and tools, you'll be set. Read More , Gifrocket 2 is a decent one to check out. Set your start and end times, adjust the width of the GIF in pixels, and lessen or strengthen the quality of the finished product. Then just drag your file onto the Gifrocket 2 interface. Wait a minute or so and your GIF will be ready and waiting for you in the same folder from where you grabbed your video. This one works like Giphy Capture and is just as easy to use.

Open it up and adjust the frames per second and dimensions of the recording window. Then hit the Record button.

Output GIF:

Before the recording starts, a popup window will appear for you to name the file, add tags, change the title frame time, elapsed time, and display mouse button presses. You can also add a title, repeat counts, and have the recording automatically stop after a certain amount of time. Click Save and your recording will begin. Hit Stop when you finish. While creating neat animated GIFs for social media and sharing is fun, sometimes you need a screen recording as a GIF file for business.

Each of these intuitive tools offers something a bit different than the others. Depending on whether you want to use existing images and videos or screen captures for your GIFs, these should have you covered. Here's how.

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Check out our animated videos page for more information and video examples. This quick, painless, and sometimes free process is easy when you use a video to GIF conversion tool. These short bursts of looping content can add life and energy to otherwise static blog posts, emails, web pages, infographics, and more. Exciting, right? While GIFs might look similar to videos, these two kinds of media are actually very different, and the differences all start when the file types are initially collected.

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GIFs are essentially soundless collections of images that are manipulated to look like a video. Videos, on the other hand, are collected as a rich media complete with motion and sound. More importantly, the viewing experience for these two file types is pretty different.

‎GIPHY Capture. The GIF Maker on the Mac App Store

First check out this video. Notice the seamless motion and sound that clearly classify it as a video. Next take a look at that same video turned into a GIF. Notice how the smooth video is transformed into a choppier collection of images that quickly and endlessly rotate. But why would someone convert a video to a GIF in the first place?


There are plenty of reasons. Giphy is the king of GIF sites. Not only can you upload a video, but if your video is already hosted on a third-party platform like YouTube or Vimeo, you can simply paste the video link into GIF Maker to export a GIF. Once finalised, your GIF is hosted on Giphy for you and the rest of the world to use. Add tags to make your GIF searchable on the site, or copy-and-paste a provided link to embed your custom GIF into a social media post, web page, or other form of digital content; the tool automatically gives you multiple links depending on the file size you need.

As an added bonus, you can also use this tool create a GIF out of a collection of static photos, a feature perfect for turning a slideshow into a moving visual for a post-conference blog post. Filmora is made by software guru Wondershare and features a ton of video editing capabilities. While you can turn a video into a GIF, you can also use this tool to edit videos, add music, and more.

Movavi is a long-time leader in video editing software, which makes it no surprise that their video conversion software is highly reviewed by both Mac and PC users. This tool is known for being super fast, easy to use, and reliable. One of our favourite features on this tool is the ability to batch export files, making creating dozens of GIFs easier than ever. However when it comes to features, Giphy has a few distinct advantages.

And while Giphy gives you multiple links to GIFs optimised for different uses like social posts or web pages, Imgur gives you one single link to an MP4, meaning you might need to download and resize your GIF to make the file size small enough for social media posts.

Video to GIF by Imgur is available for use on desktop and mobile platforms. Freemore Video to GIF Converter is software that lets you convert videos into animated GIFs, allowing you to select the exact frames included in the GIF while also changing the width and height of the frame in case you have a special use case. GIF Brewery allows you to start by importing a video, making a screen recording, or making a video directly from your webcam.

You can then edit your GIF, resizing the video, customising the frame rate, and applying a range of filters and overlays to create a custom look. The app has stellar ratings in the app store, and is available for free. On this easy-to-use website, you can upload a video, record a video, past a link to a video, or even upload a collection of photos to make your own GIF.