How to fix no sound on skype on mac

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When Skype Isn't Working: 7 Key Settings You Must Check

Active 2 months ago. Viewed times. Any ideas how to resolve this? I am running Skype for Business version Ronnie Jespersen. Ronnie Jespersen Ronnie Jespersen 5 5 bronze badges. I dont seem to having Network issues. The problem have been for days and from home and on work.

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Hot Network Questions. Question feed. Ask Different works best with JavaScript enabled. Before you do any troubleshooting , you should check if Skype itself is having issues. The latest update was full of bugs again. Microsoft released a fix. Still many issues remain. What's the beef you have with Skype? Read More at the bottom as a reference.

Skype For Dummies

If your Skype microphone is not working, you can test your microphone and speakers from the Audio Settings panel. To test your microphone, speak into it. You should see the green volume bar under Microphone move as you speak. Keep trying different devices until you see the volume slider move when you talk. What if your computer doesn't have one? Simply hook up your smartphone as a mic. Here's how. Read More.

Ways to fix sound problem on Skype

Windows 10 users may have blocked apps from using their microphone altogether. No sound in Skype? Test your speakers in the same way by clicking the Play button to the right of the Speakers box.

How To Adjust Skype Audio and Video Settings - Full Tutorial

You should hear the Skype call sound. Some microphones and headsets have volume sliders or mute switches on their cords. Thus, you could have accidentally moved the slider or flipped the switch.

How To Fix Skype No Sound Problem

Also, check to make sure that your microphone and speakers are plugged into the correct ports. The microphone jack is usually the pink one, although different audio hardware may sometimes use different colors. Try these sound input troubleshooting tips for Windows. Read More if nothing works.

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Use this checklist to solve the common problems with Skype's video stream. Read More for more information.

The call testing service will ask you to speak into your microphone after a beep. It records what you say and, after a few seconds, plays your message back to you. This ensures that everything is working properly—your microphone, speakers, and the network connection. If the call worked properly, you should be good to go.