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The marker in the waveform will be deleted as well. Mixxx supports up to 36 hotcues per deck. By default, only some of them are visible in the user interface. You can customize your keyboard or controller mappings to use all of them. Just as with the loops see above , if the quantize mode is enabled, the hotcues will automatically snap to the nearest beat.

The mixer section of the Mixxx user interface allows you to control how the different decks and samplers are mixed together.

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The two large faders on either side of the level meters are the deck volume faders, also known as Channel- or Line-faders. Adjusting these controls the volume of each deck. Try it, you may like it. You can also use the specific Application shortcuts. Allows you to control how much of the master output you hear in the Headphones output. It works like a crossfader between the stereo Master and stereo PFL signal.

If the knob is set to the left, you only hear the PFL signal, which is the usual position for prelistening tracks. This can be used to practice DJing with only one stereo output and a set of either speakers or headphones. Additionally, this can be used to mix in headphones when you cannot hear the speakers connected to the Master output and there are no booth monitor speakers.

Some DJs prefer to use this knob to mix in headphones all the time, but many find it to be a difficult way to play.

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If there is only one set of speakers and no booth monitors, you can avoid the need to mix in headphones by setting up the speakers behind you so both you and your audience can hear them. The Master Gain Knob controls the gain applied to the Master output signal that Mixxx sends to your sound card, Internet broadcasting servers, and recorded mixes. Generally, this knob should not be adjusted.

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To change the output volume, a gain control should be adjusted as close to the speakers as possible for the best signal-to-noise ratio throughout your signal chain. Ideally, the volume would only be adjusted by adjusting the gain on the power amplifier. As a DJ, you may not have access to the power amplifier. In that case, adjust the volume by adjusting the gain on the equipment closest to the power amplifier that you have access to. Typically, this is a DJ mixer. If you are not going through a mixer, adjust the gain of your sound card.

If your sound card does not have any controls on it for example, for sound cards built into computers , adjust the sound card settings with your OS mixer program. The Master Gain Knob in Mixxx should be a last resort for adjusting volume. For an explanation of why you should set your gains this way, see Setting your levels properly gain staging. The headphone buttons of both decks in the mixer.

The headphone button is also known as the pre-fader listen or PFL button and allows you to use headphone cueing. That is, it allows you to hear the track you will play next in your headphones before your audience hears it. This helps you plan when to start the next track and manipulate it to make it blend better with the currently playing track for example, by synchronizing the beats, setting a loop, or using EQs.

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If you use an external hardware mixer, plug your headphones into that rather than your sound card. Use the headphone buttons on the mixer rather than the buttons in Mixxx. The gain knob allows you to adjust the gain applied to the deck. Use this to compensate for the differences in recording levels between tracks. At this point the track is clipping, which sounds bad and could damage equipment. By default, Mixxx automatically applies an additional ReplayGain so tracks have approximately equal loudness at unity gain. Your tracks must be analyzed to take advantage of this feature.

When an unanalyzed track is loaded, Mixxx calculates its ReplayGain value, but will not apply a newly calculated ReplayGain value to a track after it has already started playing to avoid a sudden change in the gain of a playing track. The low, mid, and high EQ knobs allow you to change the filters of the audio. This allows you to selectively reduce or boost certain frequency ranges of the audio. Be careful not to raise the EQs so much that the signal clips, indicated by a level meter being in the red region.

See Setting your levels properly gain staging for a more detailed explanation. The crossfader determines the actual volume of each deck when moving the slider from left to right. If both decks are playing and the crossfader is in its default center position, then you will hear both decks. Right-clicking on the crossfader will reset the slider to its default position. You can reverse the configuration of the crossfader, so that the right deck is on the left end of the crossfader and vice versa.

This is also known as Hamster Style. Using the AutoDJ feature in Mixxx, you can automate the crossfade between the decks. Samplers are miniature decks. They allow you to play short samples and jingles but also additional tracks in your mix. They come with a small overview waveform and a limited number of controls.

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All controls work just like on the regular decks, see Les sections platine. The Sampler section can be hidden in the Mixxx user interface.

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The buttons grid next to the waveform overview allow you to configure the sampler deck. Starting from the top-left and moving counterclockwise the buttons are as follows:. Mixxx comes with some built in sound effects that can be chained together in effect units. Effect units can be freely assigned to different decks as well as other inputs.

The buttons for routing decks to effect units are in the Les sections platine. The Effects chapter has a more detailed explanation of the effects system. The microphone section is hidden in the default Mixxx user interface. Click the MIC button in the mixer section, or use the specific Application shortcuts to show or hide the section. The Using Microphones chapter has detailed instructions for setting up microphones with various hardware.

The Preview Deck is a special deck that allows you to pre-listen to tracks in the headphones before using them in your mix. For more information, go to the chapter Previewing Tracks.

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The Mixxx interface - Latenight skin. Indication You can use a keyboard shortcut and tap with the beat to set the BPM to the speed you are tapping, go to Utiliser un clavier for more information. Voir aussi The actual behavior of the Cue button depends on the selected Cue mode. The Cue point is moved according to the selected Cue mode, as explained below. Mixxx mode default While paused at Cue point Cue button lit : Holding down the Cue button plays the track from the Cue point , as long as the button is pressed.

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After releasing the Cue button, the track jumps back to Cue point and pauses again. While paused not at Cue point Cue button flashing : Tapping the Cue button stores the current position as new Cue point. While playing: Tapping the Cue button causes the track to instantly jump to the location of the Cue point where it pauses the playback. Mixxx mode no blinking Is the same as the default Mixxx mode, but with no blinking indicators. Indication Use the Hotcue Controls to place more reference points on a track.

Voir aussi You can also use keyboard shortcuts for Cueing. Indication If you are playing inside a loop and want to move the end point beyond its current position in the track, click on the Loop button first and when the play position reaches the desired position, click on the Loop-Out button. Comment changer de vue? Vous avez ainsi l'impression d'utiliser un PC Windows. Ouvrir une application Windows. EOuvrir une application Windows est aussi simple qu'ouvrir une application Mac.

Installer les programmes Windows. Le Windows Store comprend des applications gratuites et payantes. Que puis-je faire avec Parallels Desktop? Partager facilement des fichiers, appareils et autres ressources entre Windows et Mac. Et bien plus encore Comment puis-je obtenir Windows?