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Last year I and 11 other tenants moved into a new apartment building. Just after moving in our apartment numbers were changed by the building owners. The tenant who had my apartment number had already contacted Rogers before we all moved in and had her Rogers services connected under my apartment number. When I tried to have my Rogers services connected Rogers records showed that my apartment number was already hooked up under the other tenant's name but Rogers straightened it all out for us. The other tenant had had her Rogers services all disconnected a couple of months ago. She told me on Nov.

A third tenant on our floor was contacted by Rogers, instead of her, due to the changes in our apartment numbers. Of course, our apartment number changes have caused confusion for Rogers. Yet, Rogers has straightened it all out again for us. So my internet usage not showing was not due to anything technical on the part of Rogers or myself.

Unbelievable Unexplained Usage *Rogers Internet*

I want to add that over the past year that every Rogers call centre employee that I have contacted recently and over the last year has provided me with exemplary customer service. They have been professional and courteous and resolved all of my issues for me in a timely manner! My thanks to all Rogers employees!!!

Sort of. They're missing my usage between nov2-nov I only see usages for nov1 and nov Oh well, bonus bandwidth for this month.

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Due to the confusion caused by the owner of my building having switched my apartment number with another tenant 's number when she called Rogers this month, Nov. I was informed, by Rogers on Nov. That's what we're here for! The goal of the Rogers Community is to help you find answers on everything Rogers.

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How do I monitor bandwidth usage on network?

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Did you mean:. I've Been Around. Posts: 1. I hae noticed other people on here having a similar issue this month, so is this a Rogers issue? A modem issue? Can anybody help me out with this one? Go to Solution. Do you have any torrents running? Depending on the program you may be using if you don't actively stop the torrent it will continue to upload for different users in the background. Everything is off. Both on my phone and my laptop. Taking my laptop into the Apple store tomorrow to see if there is something I'm missing, just to be on the safe side. Similar problem; I appear to be downloading 5GB a day.

My computer is off, and I've turned off WiFi on my iPhone. I just checked MyRogers data usage and see another 5GB of download despite the fact that both devices are off and the wireless password has been changed by Rogers. Just like the Mod said, if you download "torrents" typically once the download is complete, it moves the torrent into another location to share back to the community from which you just downloaded. I know Rogers Reps will usually ask if you use Peer-to-peer programs to download, and users either don't know what this means, or wants to hide what they're downloading, and will say no to the rep..

Start your computer in safe-mode with networking and use it for a day or so..

Your browser is out of date.

There is no other devices at all on the network other than the PC and iphone normal? If you show usage for that day.. It still could be something flakey with that gateway. Could take it in and swap it if its rented. I am on a SMC, and its pretty accurate. On sunday for example, i only had mb usage.. I have the same problem every month, where my upload regularly exceeeds my download even though I'm not actively uploading anything.

I don't back up my MAC to remote servers and don't send anything other than text emails. When I was with Cogeco I never had this problem and my usage habits have not changed since swithing to Rogers. Rogers was absolutely no help to me in finding a resolution. They put me on an unlimited package at a discounted price after I asked to cancel my service. I'm still concerned why my upload is so high compared to my download. I've run multiple virus scans with no problems found. Is this a joke? Apparently I am using incredible amounts of data on an internet connection that is basically non-existent.

Didn't make sense but I could see how that could happen. All throughout yesterday the cable modem was directly connected to my computer, I did a bit of intermittent youtubing, surfing, work, and light online gaming. There were unconfirmed reports of this happening to another customer. The Rogers modem may be counting LAN traffic. Might sound strange, but try changing your IP. Simple way would be to unplug your device for 30min or so and re-plug it back in. If your IP doesn't update, give Rogers a call and see if they can either manually force it on their end, or ask them how long the device needs to be unplugged to fetch a new IP.

What router do you have? I would go into my router settings and see what connected devices are attached to my network. Make sure you can account for every device that they are your laptops, media players, phones, tablets, etc. If you notice a device connected that you cant account for, it's probably someone else connecting to your network and using your internet.

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Then change the wifi password. My Heatware.

How to see your Network Bandwidth usage on Mac without any third pary application