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For those thinking a high-end color separation program is only helpful with complex art, think again! UltraSeps is the ultimate separation tool with basic art as pictured here. Why struggle with CorelDraw or Illustrator on images containing gradients, many spot colors, images requiring underbases, highlight whites, etc. Just open your vector style artwork with Photoshop and let UltraSeps make easy work of it!

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When you buy a copy of UltraSeps v2, you're not just getting the finest software of its kind, you're also gaining a "stable partner" that is always there for you. You can always trust that our products are fresh, new, exciting, innovative and not something outdated, rebranded, an overpriced "one trick pony" or just simply doesn't work. If any questions arise or advice is needed, we're just an email or call away. In fact, we have the reputation of providing the fastest and most knowledgeable support in the business!

Don't believe it, just ask around. Even if you've tried the original UltraSeps and it has expired, you can still try UltraSeps v2!

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See for yourself that nothing compares to UltraSeps v2 and why it needs to be included within your art department. UltraSeps v2 not only enhances productivity, but is an incredible asset to your business. Your competition may be using it against you! Don't go another day without it! We receive countless email and calls on how pleased our UltraSeps v2 users are with the software and how its helped their shops immensely. Click here to see just a small sampling of what's being said!

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  • Index Color This is probably the most confusing of the separation methods. Index Color separations are done in Adobe Photoshop and use random square dots that are all the same size. These random dot patterns are also often called diffusion dither or stochastic. Figure 4. CMYK requires good separations, great screen making and printing technique.

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    The best process prints have additional Spot Colors. S imulated Process Color This is great for dark shirts that need a photorealistic image but will work on light shirts too. Requires good separations, screen making and printing technique. Can print very smooth gradations and hold excellent detail.

    This is the most popular method used by award winning printers. Prints are bright because all purpose inks are used. Index Color Index works on light and dark shirts, but typically requires more colors than S imulated or Process Color especially if going on black shirts.

    It is very easy to print because all the dots are the same size and you are printing square dots next to square dots rather than halftone dots on top of halftone dots. Separations are easy to do in Adobe Photoshop and screen making and the printing can be forgiving. Index is very production friendly. Computer and Software Requirements The good news is there is software to handle your seps. The problem is the software is designed for paper printing where the separations are easier and are normally CMYK.

    What Software Do I Need For Screen Printing?

    That means you need to know how to use the software for screen print seps. If you are an artist or student the Mac might be a better choice — because all of your friends own them. If you plan to hired artists then you might go MAC. For a newbie any of the following programs can be overwhelming. You just need to take a deep breath, read industry articles, watch online videos and jump in. And, you can put the programs on two computers. It is a great deal!

    Each claims their program is better but at the end of the day they both do the same thing and to be honest there are things that Corel can do much easier and there are things Illustrator can do much easier. Thank you for responding so quickly. You guys have the best support web site and staff in the business.

    Works like a champ. Thanks for the help.

    AccuRIP Separation Studio (MAC and PC)

    I really appreciate it. Back to work. Great product. Great support and service. I wish we would have started out with AccuRIP instead of two dongle failures and various output issues with our original RIP software purchase. Click to View PDF. Refillable systems and pre-filled solutions for use with Freehand's custom formulated Dmax black dye for high density films. Stop using valuable ink to clean your print head and nozzles. A must-have maintenance solution for inkjet and bubble jet users.

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    Engineered to maximize desktop inkjet film output. Insert and print up to 8 sheets of films unattended. True productivity enhancer. The right plan for progressive computer operators that look to benefit from current technologies.