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I was surprised to find this amazing tool, pre-loaded with ALL the Marklin and Rokuhan track sections available.

For my needs, it is just about as perfect as I could imagine. Very easy to use, if you are even remotely familiar with other types of diagramming software. This is a great app for designing slot car layouts! Just fantastic! I had been doing layouts in Adobe Illustrator, creating my own library of track components. But this app is SO much better.

Providing parts lists, track lengths, overall layout dimensions, etc. Easy and intuitive interface. That means that timing is available without creating track layouts or inputting other information first.

  • the ultimate in Carrera track planning;
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Features SlotMan is more than just a track editor, but the following will only talk about this aspect of the program. Up to three track systems or brands can be used simultanously to e. Rotating and mirroring the layout Overlay of grid lines Automatic calculation for balancing lane lengths using changeover sections Automatic calculation of additional power terminal placement Optimizing space available Automatic suggestion of track border section placement The construction of 8 lane layouts is supported.

The sections containing lanes 3 - 8 are added automatically. Access lanes, pit lanes, branches All the graphic elements can be inserted, selected, deleted, rotated, and dragged with the simple use of the mouse. All these elements have "magnetic" connectors for doing easy the union operations.

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TrackPower has diverse auxiliary functions to calculate lane lengths, control the stock, calculate dimensions, control the view, delimit the workspace and boundaries, etc. Updatable database. Edition of track sections, borders and barriers. Permanent information about total and partial occupied areas. Lane lengths.

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British and International length units. Stock control, which indicates total, used and free sections, barriers and accesories. Stock control floater window. Tools for drawing text, lines, arrows and frames in order to delimit areas, rooms, boards, etc.

Race management system and track design software for slot racers

Customizables grid and background. Three zoom tools.. Printing of section lists and circuit images. I have the file and it is only 1.

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I'll update it to link to another mirror I just found. I did the first layouts with it and then changed the corners when I transfered the design to the layout. Posted 03 April - PM Does anyone know of an track editor that'll work with a mac?

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Bark Auslotters 6, posts Gender: Male. Don't you love it when someone preempts your question? Race Manager Let's Race Ultimate Racer's race manager handles all kinds of races, from simple one-off races and test runs, to full tournaments, race events and extended championships, with up to 60 drivers. Pit Lane Manage Cars and Drivers Ultimate Racer provides comprehensive tools for managing your slot car collection however large or small.

Track Layout Editor Design your Track Ultimate Racer's track layout editor is a powerful and accurate track designer, suitable for all types of slot track. Its user friendly interface makes it intuitive to use; you handle track section like real ones. Download Download Ultimate Racer now, it's completely free to try. Help Ultimate Racer's Help section is a comprehensive guide to using all the features of the software.