How to highlight text on kindle for mac

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Ask Different is a question and answer site for power users of Apple hardware and software. It only takes a minute to sign up. Click on any word or click and drag over a passage to create a highlight or add a note within a book. Once you've selected text, a pop-up box gives you the option to Highlight, Add Note, Copy, or the More dropdown menu. You have to download the latest version 1.

I have just downloaded the latest version, so it can't be that reason Even though I was viewing text, it was in a graphic. Text in the book worked just fine.


It was the graphic that didn't let me annotate. I downloaded it and bought a couple of Kindle-edition books to view on this client. Astonishingly, two features I consider to be more or less essential to any ebook reader are missing in the Kindle client, either that, or I can't find them:. First, does anyone know how to access the search feature?

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I'm aware of the "Go To" button at the top middle of the reader window--the options in that menu when you click the button are: "Cover", "Table of Contents", "Beginning" and "Location. Second, there's a button on the upper right-hand corner of the window "Show Notes and Marks". Yet I can't find any way to highlight text. The only kind of "note" or "mark" I have been able to record is to "bookmark" a page by clicking the "bookmark" button also at the top of the window. You can search on Kindle for Mac!

I know this is an old question and I might have a more recent version of Kindle for Mac.

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  6. To search for text within your book, in the menu bar, select the full screen option looks like an "X". You should then see several icons. Select the search magnifying glass. And you can search text! From Amazon help :. Search for any term or phrase as you read by clicking on any word or clicking and dragging over a passage. Select Search to find all locations within the text where this word or phrase appears.

    How can I make a note in a Kindle book in Kindle for Mac? - Ask Different

    Click on the location to turn to that location with the text. Click on "You were here" to return to the last page read. You can also search by typing in the search field with the magnifying glass on the top right of the application window. And since it cannot do that at any time e.

    And I hope that this could lead to a permanent modification that would finally enable the copy feature for everyone. Disclaimer: I am not asking for a way to circumvent DRM, I am only asking for the location of a line of code that controls a certain feature in a computer application, something that is undeniably there.

    See all highlights and notes in a book

    Originally Posted by johnnyb. Originally Posted by HarryT. Here's some text copied from Kindle for PC:.

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    No idea, I'm afraid. On Kindle for PC, when I highlight text an options bar appears under the highlighted text, with the options "Highlight", "Add Note", "Copy", and "More", where "More" is a drop-down menu with more options Dictionary, Google, Wikipedia, etc. Here a screen-shot, for the sceptics. Attached Thumbnails. Wonderful, now how do I get my Kindle for Mac to do the same..? I just tried this on two PCs and one had the copy item when you highlight, the other had 'search' in its place.

    Initially they were different versions so I upgraded the one that was further behind. No difference.

    Went through the user settings, went through the registry settings and made them the same - no difference. I suppose they could be somehow detecting that but I think that if that were the case they'd do more than disable copy. IMHO there's either some hidden setting that's different, or it's a bug that causes the copy button to disappear, or some secondary effect of being on Wine.

    Highlight passages and add notes in Books on Mac

    Since it also happens on Mac apparently I veer toward one of the first two. For me personally this is not an issue as the reason I have it running on Wine is so I can import into Calibre via Alf's tools and so I can always copy from there if need be. To be fair though I'm reading fiction for pleasure, so whilst I highlight, I rarely copy. How very curious indeed! Thanks for reporting this. Are both registered to the same Amazon account?