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The G5 motherboard is a Dual channel memory design, so dimms must be added in like pairs. The difference in price was almost enough to pay for the Dual G5. With 8GB installed, running literally every app I had installed didn't show any pageouts. See test results below, including multitasking tests with encoding video in the background.

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First a few pictures: Note: these are 16 chip dimms, not 32 chip. Apple System Profiler Report from Some didn't believe that this setting was functional in OS X - but it is.

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This is also true of Photoshop CS according to a contact at Adobe. In fact, due I suspect to the OS using larger caches, etc.

Original PowerMac G5/Mac Pro cases turned into stylish benches - 9to5Mac

This makes it easier to run less work involved , although timing has to be done by stopwatch. I revised the script in 2 areas: Filesize Unlike most PSbench benchmark testing, I didn't set History to 1 but did reduce it from the default 20 to 4. The Scratch Disk was set to a separate volume non-journaled , not the Photoshop 7.

The graph shows the results of tests with a MB and MB image. As you can see in the graph, Photoshop performance takes a real nosedive when it hits the swapfile runs out of real RAM. This was not a fluke - I repeated the tests 3 times.

Apple Power Macintosh Dual G5 2.3 GHz (Dual Core) 2005-10

I even tried running PS7 first starting the action and then launching Final Cut Express - same result. There was a constant thrashing of the hard drive in those situations heavy swapfile activity. Photoshop CS vs Photoshop 7. I know CS adds some new features that many welcome, but after the comments at Apple's website page in on Photoshop CS from , page no longer online : "Optimized for the Power Mac G5 The Power Mac G5's high bandwidth architecture and bit processor provide a huge boost to the new Adobe Creative Suite.

I later also ran the As before, no other apps running. As time allows, I want to run the PSBench script which allows recording the times for each filter to see more than just a total time comparison. Photoshop CS vs 7. As you can see in the table below, Photoshop CS's slower total time is primarily due to much poorer performance on a very few filters - notice the huge delta on the Color Halftone and Pointillize tests for instance.

Other than those standouts, CS is a bit faster than PS7 on some functions, a bit slower at others and some are a draw. If the speed shown is PC then you have one of the original "1st Generation" models, listed down further.


Please carefully select your specific model in order to choose the correct memory modules. Whenever applicable, Mac RAM Direct will supply upgraded modules capable of faster speeds than the factory originally supplied. Faster RAM is not unlike Premium gasoline for your vehicle, where even if your auto can use 87 octane Regular, she'll purr like a kitten with the higher octane products. Similar qualities hold true for RAM.

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