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Z-Depth can be used to estimate the distance of every pixel in an image from the camera frame, producing a grey-scale depth map image encoding z-depth, and a triangular mesh in 3D space. Texture UV maps can be created and edited for any object, and both static and animated textures can be mapped onto geometry for export.

PFTrack 5.0

Stereoscopic Tracking When tracking a stereoscopic camera in PFTrack , auto and user features are tracked simultaneously on both the left and right eye images. When solving the camera, artists have full access to the data defining the rig including interocular distance, convergence, etc.

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Image Processing Already benefiting from the Enhance, Shutter Fix and rotoscoping capabilities of PFMatchit, PFTrack adds a new Optical Flow tools to calculate dense optical flow fields describing the apparent motion of objects relative in the camera plane. It will also retime clip and motion data to increase or decrease the apparent frame-rate of the camera.

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Mocap Solver The Mocap Solver node can be used to calibrate the motion of individual tracking points viewed from two or more camera positions. This is often used to track the motion of an actor's body or face, where tracking points have been identified using physical markers. In contrast to standard object tracking, the Mocap Solver node does not assume that the object is moving in a rigid fashion. The motion if each tracking point is completely independent and can therefore represent movement of non-rigid objects.

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This app is probably features among your startup items — apps that start together with your Mac when you turn it on. If your Mac freezes or the app prevents other app from launching, try removing it from login items. High Sierra has employed the new file system, named unimaginatively Apple File System. In case the apps that crash are stored elsewhere on your Mac, like on your Desktop instead of the Applications folder and are installed there, they have been transformed into the new file system. If you have the latest version and your app is compatible, there are a few things you can still do to try and fix the crashing.

Use CleanMyMac to clean up your system and caches, which is another way of removing possible hindrances for software.

PFTrack for Mac free Download

Send a crash report, describe your situation and maybe there are some app-specific recommendations they can share with you. Look for an alternative. And, instead of buying new apps one by one, try Setapp subscription. Apple has pulled down its Sierra installer, so the only system you can downgrade to is El Capitan.

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Thanks and take care. What if I really need the incompatible apps? An app crashes or doesn't open, what can I do? If the app prevents your Mac from launching This app is probably features among your startup items — apps that start together with your Mac when you turn it on. Get Setapp. More reads you might like.