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Greed, envy, pride, sloth, lust, wrath Bottom line is that The Cave is very clearly making a social comment.

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I won't speak for the developers themselves—I asked Ron Gilbert about it and he sort of just gave a wink of an answer to my seven sins theory—but the game certainly feels like it's telling me something I already knew: that lots of people can be selfish. Lots of people are so driven for their goals that they lose sight of others. Or maybe it's a more insidery-related comment, about how video game heroes often cause so much destruction on their way to the finish line.

Everyone is looking for something in this game. There's no altruism. No heroes. Not even really any villains. Just greed and, at best, misguided attempts at the pursuit of happiness. But that story—that lesson to learn—is a small part of what makes up this adventure game. It's a playful thought for you to chew on while otherwise occupied with the intricacies of shovels and dynamite.

The Cave requires that you stop thinking like a gamer and start thinking in context of the characters you play as, and even the developers that made them. Puzzles aren't about character placement necessarily, timing, or precision. And while the puzzles are often simple in nature, they may not be as easy to spot. You'll have to get a hang of the patterns and the mentality behind certain items and how they fit within the context of each level.

‘The Cave’ Review – Not ‘Maniac Mansion’… But It’ll Do

The Cave is all about items, their behaviors, and their potential combinations. I'd argue that the second playthrough is the best. Not just to see the other characters you have yet to play in their environments and to solve more puzzles, but also because you have a better grasp of the game. It's more enjoyable the second time around when it's a lot easier to overcome getting stumped on a particular clue. I got into a rhythm by my second pass, and I felt less like I was being played and more like I was doing the playing.

I wasn't dumb anymore, I knew what sort of tricks this game had up its sleeve this time around. It's cute, too. The narrator is sort of a goon who gets pleasure out of watching the cave spelunkers do their evil deeds. He's a little sadistic, as comforting and as jolly as his voice might deceive you to believe otherwise. In fact, The Cave himself might be the most villainous, greedy character of the entire game. Sure, I just tampered with a nuclear bomb and killed an adventurer just to cross a path, but The Cave watches and laughs.

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He creates the commentary. He's keeping the score. The feeling I'm left with after having played the game several times over is that I'm reminded by how much I love adventure games with clever puzzles. Because it reminds me that gamers can be smart problem-solvers. We can be resourceful and thoughtful. We can make the best of a situation.

We can look at our set of tools and piece seemingly uncooperative items together to create something to our advantage. Even if all the while we're being taught a lesson about the narrow-viewed goal seeking we often take up when we pick up a controller. The A. Share This Story. The Root. The Root The Grapevine. While this is a relatively small issue—and one that I hope the developers will address in a future release—it makes the game much harder to play than it should be, greatly affecting its enjoyment.

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Still, as far as games go, The Cave is as good as any old-school adventure game that I can think of, with wit, tough challenges, and great jokes to spare. Once you get past the challenging controls, it's a fun game that will give your brain a workout while keeping you entertained for hours on end.

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Marco Tabini is based in Toronto, Canada, where he focuses on software development for mobile devices and for the Web. Get the Apple Watch Series 3 at Walmart for the lowest prices ever. At a Glance. When you start The Cave , you need to pick up a crowbar from one side of the start screen and then use it to pry boards off of the cave entrance.

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Perhaps I just have sausage fingers, or I somehow drag a bit when I mean to double tap. All I know is the supposedly easy process of moving characters down a ledge and then up to another ledge turned into a few minutes of the knight clinging desperately to a wall in rebellion. The Cave on iOS is beautiful and just as clever as the other versions, but is very cumbersome to play correctly.