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The best thing you can do for Tiger is run it on a dual-processor Power Mac G4 or G5 β€” or the truly awesomely powerful 2. Regardless of how many processors your Mac has or what speed it runs at, more memory will always help OS X run better. The next best thing you can do, after installing all the memory you can, is to use a fast hard drive or SSD. Note that Tiger does not support drives over 2 TB.

Sure, there are theoretical insecurities in Tiger and Leopard and Snow Leopard that are never going to be fixed, and there is only one close-to-up-to-date browser for Tiger, but even the latest operating systems β€” including macOS Sierra, Windows 10, Chrome OS , and every flavor of Linux β€” has some undiscovered security issues. But overall, I could be happily working with Tiger today. Low End Mac is funded primarily through donations. All of our advertising is handled by BackBeat Media.

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It is like new and unused, so no issue there. But upon booting from the optical drive and going through Apple's EULA or Terms of Service or whatever fancy thing it's called, it tells me that it can't install because I have to have Os X My mind started trying to come up with solutions, and I think I have one but I need someone to verify it for me so I can be sure it would work. I had an idea. And, in theory, bangety boom, I've got myself an OS on the Mac after putting the HDD back into it, of course However, things work much better in theory And that's about as far as I got before having to consult the internet on how the durn thing comes apart.

An hourish later I was done, and ready to get at the hard drive a good mins of this was just me trying to figure out how to put the key back on the keyboard The hard drive If the thing worked So here is my final question that I'd like you to answer. I have a way to get ahold of an IDE using PC to hook this drive up to, but would my aforementioned Windows to Os X to Mac laptop plan actually work or is it a waste of time?

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