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It would be nice if someone could provide a definition of what those red lights are reporting. DavidH wrote: My G5 Quad worked fine for nine years. First, you should not continue to use the computer since you believe the cooling system has failed. Whether the computer currently turns on isn't a good indicator as to whether or not the power supply has been damaged and I wouldn't leave the computer unattended and connected to power. Pretty much this. It's going to be quicker to junk the G5 and get going with a secondhand computer. And probably safer. At this point, it is more about imposing your will on fate, I presume Good luck!

It's a little secret that Apple has been replacing these machines for free. I'm not sure if they're still doing this though. My friend had one that leaked and died. He took it into an Apple store and then wanted several hundred dollars to fix it, to which he said no. I did a little sleuthing and found several threads of people who had the same issue and got free replacements. He called up the number and they hooked him up with a brand new single processor Mac Pro 4. This was years ago though Arty50 wrote: It's a little secret that Apple has been replacing these machines for free.

This program has long since ended and Apple won't touch G5s anymore. Even the Mac Pros are out of support by Apple. But then we won't get the followup thread where he's gotten the machine running again and his coolant-damaged power supply's burnt his house down. Seriously, though Instead of risking trashing the hard drives and all the data on them by continuing to use them on a known faulty system, pull the drives, copy the data over to a newer machine, and send the G5 over to your local computer recycler or use it as a nice humongous cheese-grater-esque paperweight.

Don't worry, I can't use the G5, and--since I live alone--no one is going to turn it on--other than for brief experiments--except my evil twin. The first thing I did after I moved the G5 was to boot it with the side panel--but not the clear plastic air deflector--open, in order to see exactly which red diagnostic LEDs are on when the machine freezes.

I was hoping from the scribd. Tomorrow I will have to follow the disassembly procedures in the ifixit. However before doing them I need to first pull the Macintosh HD drive from the G5, and put it into the HD toaster that arrived today a day early. By the way, I have actually inherited a Mac Pro from my deceased guitar-teacher friend. It's only a single-processor version, though, and I'm told it's not possible to upgrade it.

So it looks as if I may have to settle for using the MacBook Pro as my primary computer. On the other hand, repairing the G5 cooling system--assuming I and my doorman can do it--requires only a long-handled hex driver and O-rings which I have already ordered and coolant and thermal grease and possibly tubing. That's likely to be cheaper than a used early Mac Pro. No Mac Pro is less than quad core. If you've inherited the Mac Pro then why are you paying for it? A Mac Pro is much more useful than a broken G5.

DavidH wrote: By the way, I have actually inherited a Mac Pro from my deceased guitar-teacher friend. So it looks as if I may have to settle for using the MacBook Pro as my primary computer A single processor Mac Pro is a far, far superior computer to any G5.

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It will be at least a quad-core, if not six, and will be significantly faster and more reliable than the G5, and slightly more power efficient. Your disk from the G5 can be installed in the Mac Pro without issue, and you can then copy anything you want to the boot drive in the Mac Pro if you wish.

It will of course be impossible to boot the Mac Pro from the G5's disk, but that isn't a big problem. I'm completely confused why you would want to use the G5 rather than a much newer Mac Pro. Also, you were poorly informed about not being able to upgrade the There's tons of info on the internet about upgrading the old cheese grater Mac Pros including your single processor machine.

A good place to start is the Macrumors Mac Pro forum. You can also swap out for a dual processor tray if you like, but it's a bit spendy. People who are pimping out their old Pros are getting benchmarks close to the new machines. Everyone is no doubt right in saying that fixing the Quad G5 doesn't make sense, in terms of time, money, and performance. So, you know, if you want to listen to all those logical, cold-hearted monsters, go ahead ;- But I'd love to see the G5 fixed, with pictures of the refurbed cooling system.

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Get to it! DavidH wrote: Does this seem too crazy? Your data is what is important not the hardware. Second'ing what been said, any intel based mac released after the G5 will be much better and serve you longer. Add in I don't understand the love the G5 series ever got, they were junk. Seeing your various threads and issues, it sounds like you have some antiquated systems going on and you are hitting some walls which might be better served with some updating.

Apologies if you know this already, but I figured I'd clarify just in case. Don't get hung up on the term 'processor' or the clock speed. Your Power Mac G5 has two processors with two cores each for a total of four cores at 2. Assuming your Mac Pro is the 2. So the Mac Pro has both a clock speed advantage and does far more with it.

Don't even bother with serious upgrades, IMO. IIRC, it'll also be fine to run Yosemite if you desire. Mhorydyn wrote: Apologies if you know this already, but I figured I'd clarify just in case. Yup, good advice. Yosemite is AOK too. Yesterday I spent over two hours pulling both hard disks the TekServe salesman had originally talked me into installing a second drive--for backup in case the Retrospect client didn't work--on the G5 and put OS X Pulling the top drive out of the G5 was a little tricky, but putting both drives into the Mac Pro was a real bitch; I couldn't get sliding drawer 3 to close properly with a drive in it, and eventually had to switch sliding drawers 3 and 4.

After that I couldn't execute Mail on the first drive from the G4, because of permissions problems. I had wanted to do that in order to export the POP mail from my personal account. The second guy I talked to at Apple Tech Support said to install Yosemite on that drive my account would be automatically preserved , and boot from it using the HD toaster when cabled to my MacBook Pro. I cloned the first G4 drive to the second G4 drive using SuperDuper, as my most-computer-savvy doorman reminded me. If you think I'm going install Yosemite on the second G4 drive after this , you're even crazier than I am.

Which are the last Macs capable of running MacOS 9/Classic applications?: gofeqysyjiva.tk

It's off to the Apple Store on 14th St. Apparently "it's not possible" from an Apple Authorized Service Provider means "we can't do it". DavidH wrote: putting both drives into the Mac Pro was a real bitch; I couldn't get sliding drawer 3 to close properly with a drive in it, and eventually had to switch sliding drawers 3 and 4. Apparently "it's not possible" from an Apple Authorized Service Provider means "we can't do it" All the drive sleds in a given Mac Pro are identical aside from the number printed on the end.

If a sled didn't go in, you're either using the wrong screws or don't have the screws tight enough. There is a rubber gasket that needs to be pushed through the mounting hole, and if it's on either side, the sled won't fit properly. I don't think you can get a shrink-wrapped copy of If ever. My attempt to disassemble the G5 Quad tower to examine and remove the Liquid Cooling System has hit a snag.

More specifically the "rather fragile plastic pin that inserts through the top divider shield and clips into a tab on the hidden ledge of this CPU shield" discussed in Step 8 of this article, which in my G5 seems to be made of adamantium nylon. Article commenter Steve said he "took a tiny drill bit and spun it into the center of the pin just enough so that I could insert a small sharp screw I used a cup hook into the pin". I borrowed an electric drill and tiny drill bit from my building super, but all I could produce--given having to drill at an angle and the shakiness of the drill bit--was a tiny dent in the top of the pin.

I still have it and it has been a terrific machine. The only thing I have done to it has been to max out the memory to 4 gigs, and keep the operating system current. My work-around was to add another computer. I knew I could run two computers from one keyboard and mouse by using software like Teleport , which would also allow me to cut and paste, and drag files between the computers seamlessly.

Adding to this is the extra bonus of having the power of the extra computer. Problem solved, now all I had to do was figure out what I was going to use for my second computer. I wanted to stay with Apple, but because of my limited budget for this project, a new or nearly new refurbished Apple computer would be out of the question. The only thing left was used equipment. The Power Mac was released in June of and ended its run in August of , when Apple switched to Intel processors.

PowerMac G5 - Is it Obsolete?

The processors were made by IBM and during the production run they created single processors at 1. In , there was a shift from dual processors to dual core processors, and a quad core 2. Some of the dual processor 2. Later models were equipped with cooling systems made by Panasonic which were more reliable. Here are the specifications for a 1. AGP 3. The case housing all the hardware was a marvel too.

Made out of aluminum, and fully loaded, it weighs slightly over 30 pounds. The front and rear of the case have stamped aluminum grilles designed for air transfer.

Apple PowerMac G4

There are no less than 6 thermostatically controlled fans located inside the case to keep air moving for cooling. The left side as you face the front of the case is non-opening Figure 1. The right side does open, by means of lifting a lever on the back of the computer. Immediately inside you see that the case is divided into 4 areas, and a clear acrylic cover is installed covering the lower two quadrants; this piece is molded to further promote air flow to warm or hot hardware Figure 2.

Fans are located in each quadrant. Access to parts was clearly a consideration. The acrylic shield lifts out. All but the main rear fans slide out, giving access to mother board essentials like memory, and card slots. There is space for two SATA hard drives, both drives can slide in and out. No screws to fiddle with, — just quick access. These were industrial machines and down time is lost revenue, so you can work inside pretty quickly. The rear of the machine, shows a very simplified connection layout Figure 3. Every port is well marked an easy to get to as well.

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A little over two years ago, I purchased the Power Mac seen in these pictures. I bought it on Ebay, from a used technology vendor, in Chicago. My machine was one of number of identical computers in their inventory. I paid a little less than two hundred dollars for it. The machine came to me well packaged. Already with me when I opened the shipping container was my can of compressed air and cleaning supplies. I felt that the PC after being in a commercial setting for 6 years would likely be dirty on the outside and inside as well.

To my surprise, the Apple looked just like it appears in the pictures on this page, that is except for a few small scratches, brand new. I dropped the access panel, ready to clean up the inside, and that area too was spotless. The vendor had done a great job in preparing this machine for sale.

Within minutes, it was sitting on my desk. I then grabbed an extra keyboard and mouse and installed them. An extra ethernet cable was discovered and installed.

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  8. A push of the power button on the front of the case sent the cooling fans into rapid motion, and within seconds, they slowed back down and were barely audible. Then, the Power Mac booted to life. The G5 immediately found my network. I checked the remaining hardware, and everything worked.

    I had a copy of Leopard, and quickly installed it. Then I installed the patches taking it to Because I keep all my data, photos, movies, and music on a server, Gigs of hard drive space is fine on the Power Mac. Software really has not been that hard to find. Gimp , an open source graphic editor similar to Photoshop is available. Teleport still makes software for the Power PC that allows me to control the Power Mac with my keyboard and track pad from my iMac. In short, there is plenty of software available.

    So after all is said and done, how does it run? For its age, 8 years old, it is surprisingly fast. Playing movies from its DVD player, or streaming video is handled with ease. Spreadsheets, databases, documents, etc. Where it shows its age is when heavy graphics are involved, partly due to 64 megs of ram on the video card, and the MHz buss speed.

    The Power Mac is used daily, along with my iMac and Server. I further edit the music in Audacity , convert and save the file to a mp3 on the server, all from the Power Mac. I have also used the G5 for editing and rendering graphics, editing movies, and so on. If you are going to school, you are on a budget, or you just want another Apple, the Power Macs are hard to beat. Things can go wrong and wear out. The advantage here is that you are not into it for a lot of money.

    They were the state of the art for their time, and they still look like it. Yep it is a very powerful machine still. The guy practically had all the software and manuals that came with the computer and the monitor in a box. Even had the antana for wifi. Tiger install and Leopard upgrade. You got a great machine and a terrific deal. Though it will run P, I have it set at P because on some movies I was dropping too many frames. Your machine, which is much more powerful than mine, should handle full HD with no problem.

    It will take 4 tb drives. I have not tried 8 or 6 but I think those will work too. I think it has a 64 bit design so I suppose it will take a tb drive. But the 4 tb drive is definite yes. I used to buy and repair and sell g5s. I had a whole bunch tested with 4tb. My 4tb segate drive was my data drive with all the goodies to copy on the machine for sale.

    You just plug in and copy over faster then on a fire cable.