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Hi, We're currently looking into this issue. I'll keep you posted as soon as I have news. Not a problem Acknowledged In progress Solved. How does this make you feel? Add Image. I'm e. I yesterday got the answer from numark that I should get a new card or repair it. Do you know if that will solve the problem or has djay had compatibility problems with numark dj io in general?

Dan Steel December 21, Warren December 22, In this case, I recommend that you all contact Numark support also. In the meantime, we'll also keep on investigating this issue and keep you posted. Dan Steel December 22, Lewis Comoy December 31, Im using the Maya44usb sound card and an external mixer with Djay. It worked fine before the update to 4. Kelvin Okada January 09, This is more than frustrating. I'm getting my first gig and I can't even use the software I am most comfortable with. Fix this please. Fix this please How does this make you feel?

Edwin Metselaar January 13, Hi, I have used this setup quite some times for a community children party we organize every 3 months. Yesterday I booted up everything about 30 minutes before the start and - it didn't work anymore I had to fall back on not mixing and using iTunes No mixing, no effects, no nothing.

The kids had a great evening anyway, so that was no problem. When I came home I checked the forums etc and saw there were new drivers for the Numark DJ iO - which did not solve the issue. I tried to work around it with Soundflower to no avail sound gets choppy after about 5 minutes.

So, I guess we have an issue here. I had to fall back on not mixing and using iTunes… No mixing, no effects, no nothing. Jesco January 13, I tried out 2 different drivers 2. Jesco How does this make you feel? Jesco January 16, Jesco January 17, Is there anyone working at Algoriddim???

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Warren January 18, Sorry guys, have no news for you yet. Has anyone contacted Numark support about this? Stephen Brown June 14, For me Djay worked great before the update from Algoriddm and now it doesn't work!!! You need to figure this out a. I have to buy Traktor just to dj my gigs this weekend!!! Very frustrated! Spontaneously, I believe this fix is up to algoriddim since the sound card shows in OSX but not in djay. Please get working on this ASAP since it's been a while already.

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Also, I have a gig on saturday and need things working well until then. Edwin Metselaar January 20, Jesco January 18, For your information, DJio works fine with virtual DJ! I'm having the same problem as everyone else. I have a gig next weekend, so any progress would be great. If you're Algoriddim having trouble recreating the issue, I'd be happy to send along my DJIO so you can see the issue first hand.

Jay Faires January 30, Just got my DJ Io in the mail today, and I'm having the same exact problem as everybody else.

Mac recognizes it, Djay has no clue any device is plugged in. I really would like to see a fix for this. Is there anyway to downgrade djay? Version 4. Anyone know how to do that? Hey guys, I just wanted to chime in and say that I'm having the exact same problem. Definitely seems to be an issue with the djay app. I reverted back to djay version 4. So, djay version 4. J Sandeen February 05, Numark is currently looking into possibilities for this issue.

Unfortunately it seems that users are having luck outside of Djay, which doesn't exactly point to the hardware driver. Luckily Algoriddim and Numark are good friends, and will work together to resolve if needed. Thank you for your patience, -Numark Support. Warren February 08, Thank you very much for your help J! We appreciate it.

Anders Official Rep February 13, The issue has to do with djay being sandboxed, which is required for updated apps on the Mac App Store. It seems that the Numark drivers are not compatible with sandboxing and need to be updated for compatibility. J Sandeen April 11, Hi Anders, we are still looking into the Numark drivers but we do not have a time frame on a solution to offer users. Is it not possible for users to get re-authorized on a download version by contacting you guys Im not assuming anything :-?

That seems to be the quickest solution. Thanks for your help on this one! Thank you for your patience, -Numark Support How does this make you feel?

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By the way, only the sandboxed version from the Mac App Store is affected by this issue. The download version from our website works fine with all Numark audio devices. Carlos Luis Lopes April 14, Good to know. I purchased my copy on the Mac App Store. How do i get the download version from your website wihtout having to pay again?

Douglas Orellana May 16, Any response on how we can activate this version if we have bought from the mac app store?

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Anders Official Rep May 21, Please contact our support via email about getting the download version. Edwin Metselaar February 09, Yeah - that's right. Strange bug.

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There is probably no way except buying again to go from demo to registered mode when already bought in App store? I saw that both versions were labelled 4. Lesme Duerto February 13, How I can activate the new version djay 4. I have to pay for the new version? Stefan Lehrner February 24, When I plug in NS6 the "Numark" Logo will be shown, but I am not able to select it in the settings because it is not there. I have a family license for 3. Brian Dilcher March 01, Is there anyway to download the other version of djay that is not from the app store?

Carlos Luis Lopes March 07, Hi there! It features on your site has being one of the supported controls. Omni Control is able to "manage the mix" perfectly and i can easily assign controls. But on the devices it does not show up, therefore i am no able to pre-cue! Nothing shows up there!! The Touch Bar adds a new layer of performance tools to djay Pro using multi-touch and dynamic controls.

You can scratch and slice a track, simultaneously apply filters and effects in real-time, create loops, precisely set cue points and trigger audio samples, all with the touch of a finger. Its unique modern interface is built around a sophisticated integration with iTunes and Spotify, giving you instant access to millions of tracks.

Pristine sound quality and a powerful set of features including high-definition waveforms, four decks, audio effects, and hardware integration, give you endless creative flexibility to take your sets to new heights. This update introduces native support for the all-new Pioneer DDJ-WeGO3 — the next generation compact DJ controller designed to perfectly integrate with djay for Mac, iPad, and iPhone — as well as the following improvements:.

We are looking forward to your continued feedback via the djay Facebook page or Algoriddim on Twitter. Thank you for the overwhelming feedback since we launched djay 4.

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Note: In addition we have enhanced compatibility and added functionality for the all-new djay Remote 2. Learn more about using MIDI controllers with djay. For the latest updates and to connect with the djay community follow algoriddim on Twitter or become a fan of djay on Facebook.