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First off, which VMware? They make a bunch of different products. If you're thinking ESXi, you really don't want to go there unless it's recent hardware.

All he said was 1. I'm not saying I want to run VMware on it, I'm asking if any type of VMware software will run on it or if it can play a part in virtualization in any way?

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OR - can it be an asset to me in anyway in the Server room, back room or is it just going to end up in the "junk room", lol! Would it make a good workstation? Two xeon processors - that can't be that bad, could it? You could probably purchase a copy of VMware Fusion for it if you really wanted to, but this is not the same experience as if you want to learn ESXi. Also, it's an 8-year-old computer. Macs tend to have longer usable life than Windows machines, but the thing is still starting to get a bit long in the tooth. Unless you already have a specific purpose in mind, it's likely to just end up sitting on a shelf somewhere.

Can better understand what is available to advise accordingly. It is a BIG box. Wouldn't want to the foot the power bill at home, but prospectively capable for work. But this is a power machine, you can go crazy with linux on it. You can do video editing on it with Final Cut Pro or other similar things.

FCP 5 would be best.

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Adobe CS5. Actually they offered 3 of them but I only took one because I wasn't sure what to do with it!! Can't take it home though - it's for work only! They are reasonable for all sorts of things in a reliable way, proxy server, software firewall. You could use it as a fancy calculator or a nice picture frame in the office. Maybe even a virtual aquarium depending on how lonely it is in the office. These old machines actually make fantastic home lab machines.

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Mine has a dual Xeon 2. I just ordered some newer video cards so I could get several old Mac Pro 1,1s updated to Yosemite.

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I anticipate getting several more years use out of them as workstations. I hadn't considered putting ESXi on and will probably set one aside to do just that. Thanks for mentioning it Crimson.

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