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As you all know, photo slideshow software gives you one way to show off your fave snapshots.

Combine your favorite pictures to create amazing wall art

However, photo collages that display a collection of photographs within a single image file are a good alternative to slideshows. Photo collage software enables you to set up picture collages with a variety of images that include additional embellishments stickers and clip art , shapes, text, music and maybe even video.

The top free and paid-for collage makers from around the web.

The best programs will give you lots of templates and customizable backgrounds for collages along with image-editing tools and options. This is some of the best photo collage software for various Windows platforms. The software is also available for Android, iOS and Mac devices.

TurboCollage - Photo Collage Maker for Mac & PC

Fotor for Windows enables users to set up collages with up to 80 templates that support up to nine photographs. Alternatively, you can set up collages with its Freestyle mode to arrange the photos with a more unique layout. The software gives you options to adjust border shadows, corners and width and add patterns to borders. In the Freestyle mode, you can rotate photos and adjust their transparency; and Fotor includes 22 unique backgrounds for collages.

It also includes export options for social media and photo sites such as Twitter and Flickr.

As Fotor is multi-purpose photography software, it also has plenty of image-editing options and more than 60 filter effects to enhance collage pictures with. This Windows Report post tells you a little more about the app. The My Memories Suite gives you 86 premade templates to set up collages with, which is more than most alternative software.

My Memories Suite includes 1, embellishments to decorate your collages with, more than shapes, customizable backgrounds and extensive text options. You can also set up calendars, greeting cards, photo books, scrapbooks and comics with the software. This program has had some rave reviews, and you can add it to Windows and Mac platforms. The best thing about Picture Collage Maker is probably its speed and ease of use.

It comes with a picture collage creator that enables you to set up collages in a jiffy. It also has a pretty good set of editing tools, albeit without a black-and-white option.

CollageIt is collage maker software that has a streamlined UI design so that you can quickly set up collages. You can add the software to Windows and Mac platforms from this home page. The software even automatically generates collages for you from up to images. Users can select to set up a collage from predefined templates or a blank sheet, and the software includes plenty of customization options for them.

Although CollageIt is a little short on photo-editing options, its cropping tool ensures you can fit photos within collage spaces. Plus it has options to share collages via email, Facebook or Flickr. MemoryMixer is photo collage software that includes a diverse range of editing options. Furthermore, MemoryMixer has plenty of text and shape options. MemoryMixer also enables users to add multimedia elements to the collages. Another good thing about this program is that it has an auto collage feature that automatically fills templates with selected photos.

It also comes with image-editing options for cropping, red eye removal, drop shadow and converting pictures to black and white or sepia. Super Simple. Considerable Quality. Use the Media section of the open dialog box to browse your iPhoto and Aperture albums. Alternatively, you can drag and drop images from your favorite photo applications into Diptic frames. Share your finished Diptics via Share Sheet Layouts and Borders Choose from 75 Layouts and combine up to nine photos in a layout.

Customize your layout to better fit your pictures by sliding interior frame lines.

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Create rectangular Diptics ideal for printing! Round the inner and outer borders, as well as modify thickness and color, and apply interesting background textures.

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Image Adjustments Apply filters to your photos. Personalize your Diptics with text captions. Adjust the text size, color, font, curvature, placement and more! Other Sweet Features Save your Diptic projects.