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We have scoured forums, marathoned YouTube videos, and sampled more Minecraft maps than we can count in order to bring you the definitive list. No, no need to thank us, we just like seeing you smile. Whether you fancy a Minecraft dropper map to plunge through, or a Minecraft city map in which to live out your dream — if blocky — cosmopolitan life, we have everything you need.

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Minecraft adventure maps are self-contained experiences that are less about building and more about exploring and, very often, fighting. Expect traps, puzzles, and all sorts of secrets. Also, while you can play many of them quite happily by yourself, some are better in multiplayer. Best of all, because the Minecraft community is so industrious, there are thousands of great Minecraft adventure maps out there. But, before you pack your blocky bag bear in mind that almost all of them will have particular rules or settings that you will need to follow to ensure they work properly.

Are there any problems in the world that cannot be solved with parkour? The creator of BiomeBox do not seem to think so. There are ten visually distinct levels for players to platform their way through, each one based on a different biome — leap from Nether to cake, then hop straight into a twilight dreamscape. Dreams and nightmares have, for centuries, been the fascination of psychologists and people whose job it is to think loads. In recent times, Minecraft map makers have stepped up to tackle the question of what happens when we go to sleep. In the case of Asleep , that makes for a ridiculously fun romp through space, the Nether, and a few burning buildings.

It map is packed with things to find, including custom enemies, half a dozen bosses, special items, and unique potions. Widely regarded as one of the best adventure maps, it is designed to be played with friends, but it can be enjoyed on your tod, too. What time is it…? This Adventure Time-inspired map utilises a specially made texture pack to transport players to the fantastical Land of Ooo.

The Tourist is one of the longest adventure maps out there, clocking in at around four hours from start to completion, depending on how long you want to spend just staring. Kingdom of the Sky adds the rather novel concept of narration, provided by a series of YouTube videos to which the player is given at key points. It is a little bit like listening to the audio logs in System Shock or BioShock, as you can carry on playing while the narration chats away to you.

Even if you ignore them you still have an imaginative and expansive high fantasy map to explore. This sci-fi Minecraft map took its creators three months to build and saw them transform the blocky, pastoral world of Minecraft into something remarkably different. Deep Space Turtle Chase has players searching for wanted criminal Dr. Earl S. Testudine, who is hiding somewhere on a mining station beyond Tarsus 3.

Catching him will require all your wits and ingenuity. This map is pretty much a total conversion for Minecraft, so ensure you back up your original copy before following the installation instructions. Another work from the excellent Hypixel, this hack-and-slash adventure map is full of beautiful structures, custom weapons, potions, items, boss fights, challenges, secret sections, and easter eggs. It is recommended for two players, but you should be able to solo your way through if you grit your teeth. Your aim is to hatch the ultimate escape plan, using any resources you can find, and gaining notoriety among your fellow cellmates to earn their assistance.

As Minecraft maps go, The Escapists 2 is a classic. Do not concern yourself with context, cohesive visual design, or gameplay variation when loading up Last Jump Hero. This parkour map asks only a couple of things of prospective Minecrafters: a willingness to jump and a pre-acceptance of failure. Do you want a diamond lightsaber? Of course you do. Also by Hypixel, and for use with the Mine Wars texture pack , this epic adventure of stormtroopers and Star Destroyers has you fighting your way through snowy wastelands and deep space.

Imperial walkers look pretty damn good in Minecraft. We cannot promise it is a practical method of propulsion, though: once you start a sequence of explosions you will not be able to pause and catch your breath. The fireworks that pour out of each blast make for a neat visual touch. Those Minecraft blocky visuals that make it feel like a GameBoy game, too. Somewhat indebted to Left 4 Dead, when this Minecraft map lays on the undead, it lays them on thick and fast. Ambushes inflict panic, and panic means bad things. Bring a friend to thin the horde quicker and solve its co-op puzzles.

The RPG tropes are carried through with a fun selection of side-quests, and there are great scripted moments that add a welcome level of cinematic sparkle. Without a focused core quest, Teramia leaves you free to wander, explore its various districts, and help the NPCs you encounter along the way. Split into four regions and populated by a vast variety of mobs and friendly villagers, the areas are home to nine dungeons and a series of fortresses to claim as your own. The best Minecraft maps push your survival instincts to their limits, forcing you to make the most intelligent choices when mining limited resources, putting impossible voids between you and vital items, and testing your endurance with vicious monsters.

Others just ask you to survive long enough to hold a hot tub party. Below you will find some of the best Minecraft survival maps around. In World in a Jar you must survive on a series of tiny worlds encased in jars. Each floating glass prison contains a unique biome, containing a mix of pure survival and adventure map gameplay.

There is an ethereal stillness to these captured environments that makes World in a Jar a must-play Minecraft map. Ever wondered what it would be like to find yourself trapped in an ant farm? Ant Farm Survival provides a flawed template for what you would encounter — perhaps conduct more scientific research elsewhere. Divided into increasingly challenging sections, this unique survival map boasts a heap of challenges and some deviously claustrophobic level design.

Roleplayers that fancy themselves a pixelated Sandra Bullock or George Clooney need look no further than Deadly Orbit , a space-themed survival map set aboard the International Space Station. It takes its Gravity inspiration literally: there is lots of gravity as opposed to none at all. But even though there is no floating in the abyss here, the hollowness of space can certainly be felt. However, if you do need any further persuading, Planet Impossible is a Mad Max wasteland and the final destination of your crashed spaceship. Tasked with surviving ten days, you need to explore the world and discover evidence of erstwhile human settlers.

Washed up in the Arctic tundra with nothing but your own body to rely on, Arctic demands that you set up digs in the desolate ice fields and gradually build a thriving settlement for you and your survivor pals Jozsef and Mr. By cultivating crops and maintaining a farm you can eventually throw the ultimate hot tub party. The premise is as silly as they come, but Arctic is beautiful and calming in its isolation.

A clever twist on Portal, Containment Survival 2 has you progress through a selection of containment cells, each containing a unique biome. Ushered through by a mad AI, you are to complete survival challenges on a tight time limit. Using a superb collection of voiceovers, the AI will hassle and demean you as you attempt to escape. A well-designed sequence of environments and challenges cements Containment Survival 2 as one of the best Minecraft maps. The glowy sunset, vast canyons, and the street purposefully set up for epic duelling make this Minecraft map the perfect arena for fulfilling your stetson-wearing fantasies.

Capturing monsters using cactus-based traps less so, but we are quite happy to give that a go as well. Survival Island is the classic original, the Coca-Cola of custom built survival maps. Its legacy is built on its high difficulty but, that sweetens its rewards. A house of twigs is a true achievement, and when you are the king of your own castle you know you worked to earn it. Just take the scavenging suffering of Survival Island and suspend it thousands of feet in the sky. Your little L-shaped dirt pile is the only resource you have, and, thus, plenty of ingenuity and a mind for conservation is required.

With the right smarts, you will be amazed what you can harvest from a tree and several blocks of dirt. How scary can animated blocks be? Phenomenally so, apparently. If you are looking to ruin some underwear then you need a chilling Minecraft horror map. Down the lights, affix your headphones, and prepare your nerves for a fright with angles you have never seen before. Black Light. Channelling the frights of Outlast, Black Light is a chilling expedition to a Russian psychiatric hospital in the wake of a nuclear explosion.

A specialised texture pack makes the place unnervingly filthy, complete with ominous graffiti and colour palette. Like the best Minecraft horror maps, it is the skilled use of lighting makes Black Light creepy. Abandoned asylums are always a great place for spooks and thrills. This is stripped-back Minecraft horror at its finest. Ah, the creepy mansion on the hill. How could such a horror trope not be the centre of a Minecraft map? Created by the ever-excellent Hypixel, Survival Horror asks you to survive 25 waves of increasingly tough ghouls and beasts using only the limited resources found lying around the mansion.

A failing electric generator escalates the panic to deliver pure fright throughout. Ancient underground temple? Wave after wave of flesh-eating zombies? Hidden chests of armour, weapons, and loot? Ruins of the Dead is an excellent zombie survival map thanks to its progressive loot game and increasing difficulty. There is even a deviously challenging final undead foe for anyone who can get through the 16 waves of increasingly challenging undead. Rife with jump-scares and haunting from the first few steps, Wandering is an unforgettable Minecraft map. You play as Jack, a year-old man returning home after a tiring day at work… only someone — or something — has followed you [crack of lightning, haunting organ music]….

Minecraft tourism has certainly rescued our wanderlust-riven wallets. Saving us money on transport, hotels, and food, Minecraft city maps allow us to explore bustling urban landscapes, both real and fantastical, without any jabs or travel insurance. From loyal recreations of sunny Sao Paulo to the cities of the future, here are the Minecraft city maps in which you should have a wander and an espresso. The ghostly region of Pripyat has been embedded in our minds ever since Call of Duty sent us running around the abandoned city of Chernobyl, avoiding pockets of radiation and sniping hapless ultranationalist soldiers.

Now it has been painstakingly recreated in this Minecraft city map in which we can tentatively explore. War of the Worlds is catapulted into the future as several planets have been attacked by a menacing enemy alliance. Future City is at the heart of these intergalactic troubles.

World of Worlds is a Minecraft city map for the player crippled by the unfortunate combination of wanderlust and a lack of funds. Unless you are unusually well-travelled, there is certain to be new places for you to check out. Atropos is an astonishing Minecraft city built atop a tortoise. You can also go on and click on any GI s or Dutchy s file and you can simply go ahead and load them.

If you guys have any other questions we know in the comments section below. Download Minecraft Pocket Edition Mods ….. Minecraft PE when I say that name what you think of a game you love and play every day again. I mean think about it. Well fame. Just hear me out and listen to my reasons and then you can tell me if you agree because this is what we think. It also changed YouTube hours. Are you thinking about it? How many can you name? We can name some right now.

People like Pudi pie. We always get so surprised when we see what old Minecraft PE you tubers are doing today. That would be pretty sad to be honest fam. That would be too sad. You want to know another reason that Minecraft PE is the best game ever made. There is no other game but have created lifelong friends as well as Minecraft PE has. Your boy has even met people that are in real life relationships which all started from Minecraft PE.

There is no game that has created so many friendships and relationships then Minecraft PE. What about you guys? Have you met friends that you still talk to today through Minecraft? Did you make any lifelong buddies through servers? That would be pretty MLG. Let me know down in the comments section. You know back when Minecraft PE first became popular everyone played it. Everyone played it even smelly mice. Whether you were 10 years old or you were Minecraft PE was a game that everyone played and it still is. Even me fam being years old plays Minecraft and is pretty old fam.

Time flies. It really is. Since I bought the Doritos and was nice enough to bring it down to your house for you. Well anyway fam I think we should celebrate and enjoy Minecraft for what it is. I think I want to relax and play my favorite game in Minecraft PE. Build Battle. Here we go with some more Minecraft build battle. I know that I can do it right. I think while doing this building I should sing a song. I think I can probably build an angel. Here we go. Minecraft PE is so good. Minecraft is so great. Not as good as me but still pretty good mate. I love Minecraft PE.

I love it so much. Do you guys think this angel looks good? I think the whole thing is going to be so legit. Hopefully people vote my thing as legendary. But today should be a day about love since we are celebrating how good Minecraft PE is soil good people who deserve it really good scores because why not.

You know what guys. Some people love sky wars while others like bed wars.

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There are also survival games and jail servers and just regular survival. It does alright just tell me honestly fam. Well anyway the voting is over. But I think that person probably deserved to win. So good job my dude. I hope you take that bill to the nearest museum so they can put it on display. I just wanted to sit down with you guys and talk about Minecraft PE and how important it is to each and every one of us.

Did I mention that? Well it is. Fam your boy could play it for hours and hours. If he had to, I love survival and I love different game modes and I love playing with friends. I just love all of it. If you guys agree make sure to tell me in the comments below. And also get installed by clicking on the link mentioned bellow and start building your word.

Click here to Download Minecraft PE. Hello Game lovers! You are welcome to the Minecraft. We present all the information and many others thing which you desired for your journey in the Minecraft. We are also focused on all the aspects and things which the user of Minecraft desired to have. There are many things like Seeds, Skins, Mods and Maps as well which makes the word in the Minecraft more and more adventurous and trilling which has been built by the player. The Mods also includes the survival mod as well as the creative mod.

The maps help the user in the building of his word. While building many things the user also wish to have different skins of the player. The user many also wish to have many different modes of the Minecraft. This latest version is very helpful in the mod of survival as well for the mod of creation.

The user can explore, survive and create the masterpieces alone and as well as with their friends. Millions of users come close to each other through internet to play Minecraft. You can get download directly by following the link given bellow…. Minecraft offers a variety of maps to download and choose. Adventure maps are one of the most exciting ones. In these maps you can set yourself on exploratory missions. We have mentioned a few guidelines to set up an Minecraft Adventure Maps. The adventure maps in Minecraft are not so similar to others. Therefore these maps are also full of risks, fights and as the name say adventure.

A game can reached its peak of fame whenever the developers of the game make up gradation in the features of the game. The up and down in the fame of any game depends upon the attraction of the people towards the game. The attraction of the new users can be developed by introducing the new features including levels, graphics; sound etc. For this reason there are many best versions of the introduced by Minecraft till yet. Like many best games the Minecraft is also a popular portable game.

In this version of Minecraft PE the user can not able to save their sessions. Due to this the user will have to start new word at the beginning of new word. Moreover in this version of the Minecraft Pocket Edition Apk there are just 16 blocks instead of 38 blocks. The user can built thousand of different words from them with word popular 3D sandbox. User use different weapons to destroy enemy and create the word according to his amazing imagination through different resources which has been collected his journey.

The user can play the Minecraft Pocket Edition alone and also with friends through its multiplayer feature including survival and creation mods. Those who have already installed and played the Minecraft PE on their PC, and Xbox versions we build virtual reality for the users to build various form of buildings in a free and open environment. The user can access the items which are located in a line at the bottom of the screen. In addition there is many other objects like stairs, torches, plants and many other objects located with beam of items. Moreover the Minecraft PE is an amazing game full of trill, adventure and also entertaining.

The new features of the Minecraft PE allow you to build anything according to your imaginations alone and also with your colleagues and friends. The uniqueness in its features is the virtual reality environment of the Minecraft PE in the survival mode, the mode of creation and also in the randomly generated words of the user as well.

There are many versions introduced till now but the installation of the latest version has reached 50,, You can download the latest Minecraft PE version by following the given link…. Minecraft Pocket Edition Apk latest version.. Minecraft Pocket Edition latest android version…. Most of the times different games reach height of fame and popularity because of the change and upheaval they bring into the market. Some of these games are known for their fashionableness and become a trend and lead way for similar products in the market.

Minecraft has all of above all mentioned traits and it can be called a trend setter. Similarly many games have created trying to copy similar traits. Minecraft Pocket Edition is one of the gems of this great journey. It is the main mobile version of the game. It was launched in October , almost two years after the launch of the original game. This game has improved a lot since then and great improvements can be observed in the game.

The current version offers Minecraft Skins and mods that have created by the playing community of the game.

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This game has also the privilege of having a customized personal accessories store. The current version of the game offers most accessories. If you do not have accesses to it try updating your game from the Google Play Store. It offers many things free of cost and some by paying as well. You can unlock the maps by logging in with your Microsoft account. It is sort of under construction but we also have an equally good alternative for you. MCPE Maestro can help you automatically implement many add-ons.

It offers a massive catalog upgraded on routine basis. Most of it is totally free of cost with exception of a few that require subscription. This also can help you gain a lot of shortcuts making your progress less time consuming.

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Get start and begin browsing. Get Installed…. As Minecraft PE is the best game ever the lovers of Minecraft also wants even more improvements in the game, due to this the developer introduced the Minecraft story mode. This story mod is released under the banner of Telltale Games. There are five characters in the Minecraft story mode the first and main character of the story mod is known as Jesse. It is the main character and appears as a legendary boy.

The Jesse has to defeat the dragon and somewhere the storm has come so the Jesse and his friends have to discover something in order to save their word and also friends from that dragon and from the storm. You will be really impressed from the graphics and from the sound of the game. This story mode brings a big adventure and trill for the Minecraft lovers. It consists of the word most popular sandbox Minecraft PE with many episodes. All the episodes are released additionally there are more armor items as like Gauntlets have been added in the story.

These special type of gloves named as Gauntlets. Because these gloves give the special power to the wearer.

You can wear the gloves simply by equipping it in the main hand. We all know that the biggest ratio of the game users is the teenagers. We also understood that the teenagers use their android phones. In the present word the android has lots of importance this is why because it is quite easy to use. The teenager and other people wish to get anything easily and use it with a great comfort just like using Minecraft Apk Android Version. Due to the mentioned reason the teenagers wish to get their favorite game in their hands and use any time anywhere.

There are thousands of games which are very famous and have a great user. But one of game which is most popular named as Minecraft Pocket Edition. Many people play it just for adventure and trill but there is a big number of the user which play it to sharp there mind and increase their creativity. Many people purchase the game by paying.

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Here we are going to provide you the Minecraft Apk Android version for free. The lovers of the Minecraft can play alone and as well as with their friends and colleagues. This version is a great source of joy. There are many versions released and they all versions had their own tools and functionality but the specialty in this version is that in this version a lot of new tool are added for the users of Minecraft Apk Android.

Now we can enjoy the best and exclusive features of the Minecraft PE on our smartphone and also on a big screen everywhere and every time depending on our choice. Click on Android Apk Android version Download to get install and join our millions of fans all around the word. There are lots of games which gains much popularity in the gaming word this is all because of their innovation and game style. In that word there is another game exist which named as Minecraft Pocket Edition.

Most of the people are familiar with this game and they have great experience. These are made from the collection of blocks and using different tools. This game is developed by a game developer, and then the Microsoft decided to purchase that game from their developer. The Microsoft made many developments and improvements in Minecraft PE and launched that game for the use of game lovers.

Minecraft PE has creation mod as well as survival. Minecraft PE has many different versions which are suitable for the android, ios and also for windows phones. The sound and vision of the game makes the buildings even more actual and real, as like the sound of different things in the environment. Minecraft Pocket Edition can be played single and with friends as well to enjoy the time of trill and adventure with your friends and colleagues.

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There are millions of copies are sold out which were includes mobile versions of the game. This game has own accessories in the store. Their accessories includes the mod, skins, seeds and maps which helping out you to build your desired place. In simple words seed is the combination of letters and numbers. These numbers are entered in the seed bar to generate new and gorgeous places.

The seed allows the users to share their word with their friends. There is a collection of seeds in which every seed have their own functionality and work. The Minecraft Pocket Edition seeds include the village seeds, survival seeds and so many other type of seeds.