My mac is running slow after installing mountain lion

There are lots of ways to mess things up by choosing options incorrectly or simply failing to adhere to the recommend or most appropriate settings. Of course, really old Macs are not able to run Mountain Lion in the first place, but there are lots of Core 2 Duo-based machines out there with the minimum memory and not much hard disk space. Older Macs can definitely run Mountain Lion, but you might as well give your computer the best chance it can have and carry out those all-important upgrades.

The best way to check your applications is of course to run them and check to see if any unusual behaviour occurs. OS X performance inevitably degrades when you have too many windows and applications open. The first time indexing runs can be painfully slow, and the CPU usage will be hammered throughput. During this time, you will probably notice that things are running quite slowly. The solution to this issue is just to wait until the indexing process has finished — you can click on the Spotlight icon in the main menu bar at anytime to check on progress….

Mountain Lion can easily become quite unresponsive if you have too many login items set to open automatically. It can be quite useful to have your most common apps such as Skype or Mail load automatically, but it does place quite a burden on your Mac as everything tries to load at once. If at all possible, try to keep your login items to an absolute minimum. Many people complain their computer is slow, but what they really mean is that their Internet connection is slow.

You can also check the various network options in Safari , clear the caches of downloaded files and images, or even reset everything completely choose Reset from the main Safari menu as shown below. Another option to speed up Safari is to disable any extensions that have been installed. It might not seem immediately obvious, but having a desktop full of app and document icons is a surefire way to slow down your Mac.

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Make sure that all your files and folders are organised in a series of hierarchical subfolders. You may have seen inexperienced users organise files that way, but it can definitely make your computer feel more sluggish. I've been passionate about Apple ever since I bought my first iPod followed by a white polycarbonate MacBook in Roland's Google Profile. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

How to Update Your MacBook Air Laptop

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  5. Awesome machines other than the lack of upgrade and battery replacement options though. Same goes for unused preference files imho. My main culprit was GeekTool. A calendar geeklet I was using was set to refresh every 0 seconds! As soon as I changed it to every seconds, the machine was suddenly snappy again. On my iMac, you can hear the hard disk running constantly. When the machine lags, look at Activity Monitor. Hi Phil, my black macbook late but running snow leopard has gotten very slow recently.

    It is usually when im in a browser, firefox or chrome even switching tabs will make the spinning wheel pop up, actions i make are always delayed eg logging into facebook,gmail etc. Also when streaming video eg youtube etc the sound and visuals stagger and make clicking noises even when fully buffered and sometimes the machine even shuts down the grey restart warning message comes up on screen its so frustrating seen as it has been working perfectly up until recently. Ive tried deleting memory, clearing caches, history, downloads everything but still have the same problem.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated, Thank you , Stephen. Even little utilities can sometimes mess up your system. Then restart and test. If the problem is solved, you know its time to replace the internal HD.

    What to Do if Your Mac Can’t Run Mountain Lion

    Hello Phil Thanks for your reply. But worried that if I do uninstal it, what can I substitute it with? How would I then clear out caches, uninstal cleanly, run virus scans and checks etc? Thank you.

    Slow WiFi problem

    The slowdown in yours but not another account is not actually strange; it happens because there is something being run when you log into your account that is causing the slowdown. Caches You do not want to be cleaning out caches at all; caches are designed to make your system run faster, not slower. At most, you might consider removing caches once a year, but it is not really necessary. Viruses You do not need to do any virus scans.

    Apple normally issues software updates for such threats. Uninstalling The majority of apps will uninstall properly when thrown in the trash. They may leave a few BOM or cache files around. These can be safely ignored. A few programs MacKeeper used to be one of them, Little Snitch is another, and so are most Anti-Virus scanners do need to be uninstalled according to the specific instructions given by the developer. Adobe products are another in this category. Thank you Phil. I do notice that I keep getting irritiating prompts to update some Adobe reader program. What gives with that?

    How To: Get Your Mac Out of a White/Gray Apple Logo Screen

    Hi, my mac get too slow suddenly. Hi, thanks for your very helpful article. I noticed you recommend uninstalling MacKeeper and I was wondering why you did so. I thought running the periodic scans and clean ups using MacKeeper would actually help my computer stay in good shape.

    A lot of people suffer from problems when using MacKeeper, particularly slow-running. If you think your machine is running slow, backup your current configuration and uninstall MacKeeper. You may be surprised. But if not, simply restore your system to the way it was from your backup. Other webpages are fine….

    This started about the 14th, same day as Kristina posted… maybe a few days earlier… I have a brand new iMac….

    why is my mac running so slow? |

    I am having problems with Facebook, up until about 3 days ago it was perfectly fine, now all of a sudden Facebook runs VERY slow and its hard to do anything on it. All other websites seem to be ok, and Facebook runs perfectly fine on out iPad, so its just the desktop. I emptied the Cache, deleted a lot of file folders that were saved on the computer. Ran a computer scan with Sophos, and closed out any applications that were running in the background. Any ideas????? I have a brand new MacBook Pro 13 inch. Everything seems normal until I try to copy and paste in excel, and that spinning beach ball pops up for several minutes.

    Sounds like a possible failing disk drive. You might be able to solve this by repairing the disk, but you should consider that the HD will need replacing sooner rather than later. After the repair finishes, shutdown the computer and remove the DVD. Restart normally and boot into your normal account.

    Test to see if things have improved. Hi Phil, I Have a white MacBook about 4 yrs old running snow leopard, starts up fine, and with one application open runs fine, open a second app and have more than one window open it starts to really slow down, with the spinning wheel almost popping up after every action, if I am typing in word, with the browser open for cut and paste etc. I am not able to type more than a few words before the spinning wheel and a massive lag…. Have verified disc, got plenty of ram, any thoughts…. Does this always happen with the same programs e.

    In other words, can you isolate to particular program or combinations? First, open Activity Monitor and recreate the problem. Secondly, open Console. Recreate the problem and let me know what messages you see particularly any repeated ones. Phil: I have a problem with Outlook It keeps hanging up for long periods of time, especially when I switch from email to calendar. I am using an exchange server offsite. I do not have similar problems with my Mac Book Air. The problem is only with my Mac Mini.

    Also, the issue is sporadic. Sometimes there is very little delay, and sometimes it takes ten minutes to send a simple email or to check a calendar entry. Any thoughts? Thank you for your time and help.

    About philastokes

    Perhaps it was the Log out of your normal account and into the new user account. Test VLC and other video apps and see if you see the same slowdown issues occur. I did what you asked and the problem still occur. The purpose of trying it in another account was to see if it was a problem localized to your user account. To help me further, I need you to run another diagnostic test. This time I want you to start the mac up in Safe mode. Login to your normal account and test the video while in Safe mode. Is it just as bad or not? Try to test it long enough to get a clear feel.

    Also please test only videos that are on your local drive, not streaming over the internet. I need just a little bit more info, please. Can you have a look in these three folders and post a list of the contents of each please. Everything else, please post. Please use the Contact tab at the top of the page in that case. There are a number of suspects in there, but rather than taking a shotgun approach lets deal with the dodgiest ones first! To do so, click on the link at the end of this message.

    It is a direct download link to a small. Open the. If there are any problems running that, let me know you will need to provide an administrator password, but otherwise, it should go OK. Copy all the files you listed above into the respective Temp folder you just created. Now delete the original LaunchDaemon and LaunchAgents files. Restart your computer and test. Note down exactly the error messages, if any, that pop up. With the video playing, take a screenshot of Activity Monitor. Let go of the keys, move the cursor over Activity Monitor window and hit the spacebar.

    The window should go yellow and the cursor change to a little camera icon. Click the trackpad or mouse. Start the video playing until its laggy. If its laggy straight away then just 5 or 10 seconds will be enough. Stop the video. Go back to console. Open TextEdit. The address is in Contacts tab. With the vlc theres a bit of lag also, but much less…. Clearing the login items worked great! Thanks Phil. Thank you thank you thank you! Hi Phil, You are so generous to be helping us all with these useful tips thanks!

    My iMac 2. Though it has been crashing out of Final Cut Pro a little lately as well. Never upgraded. What do you recommend? Check the list is now empty. If that solves it, add one app at a time back into the list, restarting and testing for the problem after each one. When you do, obviously remove that app and stop using it. Do we even need any of them? My Mac leopard is dreadfully slow in Loading photoshop cs3, not too bad on other programs. It used to be fast when new. Hello, and bravo for the advice on removing Mackeeper. Alas, it did not solve my problem: When I turn on my iMac 3.

    This happened out of the blue one day last week, and has continued with each startup. I have unplugged external drives, to no avail. Any further ideas would be much appreciated. My Imac has also been running extremely slowly, especially since I installed Snow Leopard, as a first step to get to Lion which supposedly we need to access ICloud. I have a GB hard drive with 46 GB free, 2.

    I realize I probably need to move some photos and free up some space, but my main concern is previously reported issues when moving to Lion. I was told yesterday that my Office for Mac for will probably not work with Lion and I need to upgrade that to first. Everything I run takes forever to load, especially Entourage, and I feel like I am constantly staring at the color wheel. Also, could this all be possibly fixed by adding more memory?

    Thanks for your help…. My advice is sort the problems out in Snow Leopard before upgrading to Lion. Office should run fine on Lion and Mountain Lion. I run it on both with no problems. Make sure you do all the Microsoft updates after upgrading the OS. Thanks for the tips on removing MacKeeper…a lengthy process but well worth it. Was wondering if you could help me with another task. She is only using half of the GB memory space that she has. When you turn the computer on it takes forever for the desktop to load up and before it does, the computer stays on the blue screen for a long time.

    Any suggestions? I play a game and in the area where my charger plugs after close to 10 minutes it gets really hot and the game starts lagging and to the point that you simply cannot play anymore. Does anyone know what this might mean? My mac is 1 year old and I never had that problem before. Have you tried starting up in Safe mode? Safe mode will also do some basic repairs. So the order of play is:. Note that in Safe Mode none of your start up apps will be running and some of your preferences will be set to default. Restart and log in as your normal user.

    The real point of doing the Safe mode is diagnostic, to see whether the problem is related to your start up sequence. Hi Phil, can we talk hidden files? Outlook has never performed smoothly, but the real problem began with slow response times and hanging beach balls — all programs, apps, etc…. More of the same. No difference there. My hard drive is barely half full. I called Apple support. Another user on an Apple forum talked about hidden files.

    Is this wishful thinking or something I should pursue? Many thanks,. BTW, OmniDiskSweeper is a great little free utility that can help you find and free up useless stuff on your hard disks. Be sure to back up first though, in case you make any mistakes! You can find OmniDiskSweeper on my free downloads page. I started to experience slow downs and spinning beach balls myself, suddenly after installing a similar maleware antivirus program. I got the sw uninstalled but my Mac still seemed slow.

    So I looked into and installed a solid state drive. This was like buying a new computer! You can also upgrade the new mini to 16gb RAM! Thats my next move.

    Safari and Firefox seem to open relatively quickly as does Mail. Did this problem only start when you upgraded to Lion? Make a note of whether the problem was resolved in Safe Mode or not, then restart in normal mode. Sometimes this will cure the problem safe mode does some repairs , but more often than not it tells you that the problem pertains to something in your login items, or some program you always have running when the problem occurs.

    Another possibility concerns using fast user switching. Just slow all the time — kind of pages and I get the whirly colored wheel all the time. The check box is just to hide the program from being seen as running, not to stop it running on boot up. Create a free website or blog at WordPress. Skip to navigation Skip to main content Skip to primary sidebar Skip to secondary sidebar Skip to footer. Like this: Like Loading Explaining the unexplainable with images, video and text. Shutdown the mac and restart normally.

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