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When your Mac can hear you, the input meter inside the microphone rises and falls as you speak. Connect your device to Wi-Fi to download and install one of these voices. The Mac defaults to using one of six American voices, but you can access many more by clicking on Customize. This service is free and you are allowed to use the speech files for any purpose, including commercial uses. Use this tool to create synthesized voices for videos, games, and audio productions. The Generate Speech tool enables you to paste or type text, and generate a realistic voice-over or narration track.

Free web app for typing with your voice. Since I'm not a native English speaker I'm very happy about all the additional languages added since Lion came out. Online voice to text speech recognition. Can produce speech output as a WAV file. Sandro Cuccia shows you how crude, robotic speech synthesis has evolved to the enhanced-quality, human-like System Voice in OS X and Lyrebird can be used to narrate your books, with celebrity voices, author voices or the voice of one of your relatives. Ava from Nuance seems to be the best American English voice out there at the moment.

The Mac has a text to speech feature, where the Mac reads selected text. There are client, server, and mobile versions of Microsoft text-to-speech voices. If it doesn't understand you, learn what to do. Choose one of the voices in the System Voice pop-up menu to set the voice your Mac uses when it reads to you. I've written about this in my "Setting the Mac text to speech default system voice tutorial.

It is specially tailored for musical needs — simply type in your lyrics, and then play on your MIDI keyboard. Is this possible in any way? I don't have access to a mac computer and really want that voice. Download the zip file, unzip the contents to a folder, and run the file Set-up.

Apple's recent partnership with text-to-speech startup Nuance allowed them to greatly expand the text-to-speech technologies of their desktop and laptop operating system, OS X Lion. Convert your text to speech MP3 file. NaturalReader Software Read many formats, all in one place. TextSpeech Pro is a professional text-to-speech software product, featuring high-quality voices.

Using Dictation to turn recorded audio to text

This applies to all Mac Voices. For example, you might use speech recognition to recognize verbal commands or handle text dictation in other parts of your app. This is a list of our current voices for Windows: however, iOS and Web Apps may have slightly different lists, and other voices are available for site licences and other special arrangements. However, I do use English as well as my native language German.

If you do not have Adobe Audition, you can make use of the Speech utility on Mac to convert text to audio files. There is no need to configure anything for this service.


Now select the voice you want to use. Be warned, some of the Speech Tags. GhostReader is an easy to use, fully customizable Text to Speech app that allows you to listen to written text on your Mac. So you want your Mac to read something to you? Read more to find out how. Stay Hand and Eyes Free. Acapela Group Virtual Speaker.

Record speech audio on Mac. The voices were actually found to be identical to voices from a With Text-to-Speech using several voices is as easy as using only one voice. It was a Discrete Speech recognition product. Download and test drive Cepstral voices for free. We have proudly integrated their latest cutting-edge text-to-speech technology into our software product TextSpeech Pro. TypeIt ReadIt can convert text to a spoken sound file by using text-to-speech technology.

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You can make your Mac talk to you in various different ways, at different speeds, and even speaking with different voices, all by using the powerful built-in Text-to-Speech abilities of Mac OS X. More voices chip speech Vintage speech synthesizer. The problem with Cepstral is, that they do not support Apple's Speech Commands! It not only reads the text aloud to you, but you can also change voices using Microsoft Voices, turns web pages, emails, PDF and MS word documents into phonic words, and also tweak the reading rate.

The Best Dictation Software for 12222

This free program is a product of Natural Voices Readers. It is an incredibly realistic voice but there are other options for text to speech voices in Mac. They use it to introduce their Vocalizer Studio product as of March Vocalizer Demo Does the Office dictation use the speech recognition of the OS X or is it a separate microsoft speech recognition? I want to know if I should "train" the speech recognition by only using my voice over time, or can multiple voices use it? On Siri on the iPhone example, multiple voices will confuse the learning process, apparently.

Web Reader reads using your device's built-in Text to Speech voice.

How to Record a Phone Call on Your Computer

Simply tick the voices you want to have available and 'untick' the ones you don't want. Ask Question Asked 9 years, 10 months ago. We have collected most of high-quality free or commercial voices from the Internet for you.

Setting Up Dictation

Just enter your text, select one of the voices and download or listen to the resulting mp3 file. Select from HD speech synthetis voices, add background music, create Anonymous messages, generate MP3 files in few seconds and download it when you are satisfied with generated speech. For commercial use of CereProc voices, please see our Commercial Voices page. You can adjust the voice and speech rate in the Dictation and Speech options in System Preferences.

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VLC is free as is sound flower. This is all I had to do to get text from a video. All other settings stay the same. Thank you. I tried it and it started working, but after about one page of text it stopped. I appreciate your help.

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  • Are you running Yosemite as well? Thanks very much for your kind consideration. The problem is not the SoundFlower. In Yosemite, Whenever we try to use the dictation feature in OSX it mutes other sounds and active only the build-in microfone. You need to set some hidden preferences to make this work.

    Open Terminal and enter the two commands below:. After doing this turn off dictation in Systems Preferences, wait a few seconds and then re-enable it. You should now be able to dictate while audio is playing. WavTap is an application that permit to record all audio playing to an. Install WavTap, than config the dictation to get audio from WavTap virtual device, than start the WavTap app, and than start to dictate.

    Is note necessary to record the audio, only start WavTap app. First off, thanks for this great tutorial! With luck, your procedure will help us get them into text.

    Just a quick note to let everyone know that I have re-tested this technique under macOS However, there are some new developments to account for as follows: 1 Soundflower is now back in the hands of the original developer who has released version 2. This may not be strictly necessary with the keyword in place.

    It is now a tab in the Keyboard pane. I should also emphasize the importance of selecting Enhanced Dictation and producing an audio file that is clean with clear enunciation by the speaker. Since this post originally used Mac OS X But what about the large and growing number of us who cannot afford the latest couple of versions of Mac OS and are currently confined to running older versions? If I could have later OS, I would have already figured out years ago how to get large files an hour or more of recorded audio into text.

    I need a software that is broader in application than just a few versions of Mac OS…. Is there a place that has these sequential steps for using Audio Hijack from a QuickTime application and sending text to Sunflower? Thanks so much for the help. Please ignore my earlier post on not being able to do it. News Ticker. Frank Lowney The pressure is on to to make screencasts and other online video more accessible. Thus, I set that app as the audio source as follows: This will capture the audio from anything that this app plays. Finally, we set the Dictation input to be Soundflower as follows: At this point, any audio played by QuickTime Player X will be routed to Soundflower and will thus become available to any application that accepts text input and has a Start Dictation menu item.

    Previous Wirecast 5 Workflow Tutorial. Raja Srinivansan 2. Correcting Spelling Automatically on a MacBook. How to Center Text on a Mac. Share on Facebook. Step 1 Launch System Preferences from the Apple menu in the upper left corner of the desktop. Step 2 Click the "On" toggle beside "Dictation. Step 3 Click the "Shortcut" menu if you want to change the keyboard shortcut you will use to enable dictation.

    Step 4 Click the "Language" menu if you want to change the default language from English United States to another version of English or another language like Spanish, Chinese or German. Step 1 Launch an application like TextEdit, Notes, Mail or any other application that gives you an option to enter text. Step 2 Place the cursor where you want the text to appear. Step 3 Speak into the microphone on your Mac. Tip Don't forget to proofread the spelling and punctuation after using Dictation before saving your work.

    Say the name of a punctuation mark to have Dictation use that punctuation mark.