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If you enjoyed chapter support for your movies, then tough. Now, onto the good part. This is easy. Just navigate to the show you want to watch, either by searching, or by browsing the various lists and sources in the app. The shows will now download, ready to be watched later. To watch your downloaded shows, tap the Library tab , and then tap the Downloaded entry in the sidebar.

macOS 's standalone Music, Podcasts & TV app details & icons revealed

This will show you all your downloaded movies and TV shows. This is also where you find any of the videos you added yourself, from your own iTunes library. Once you start watching a show, a countdown begins. As you can see, I started watching an episode of a show available in my region, and now I only have 47 hours left to watch it.

But if you mostly watch videos downloaded from elsewhere, or you have a huge media library of your own, then there are better options. Try using an app like CleanMyMac X , which scans your Mac with a single click to search for issues with your hard disk, malware, and unnecessary apps. It could be a problem with your WiFi. For this, WiFi Explorer is a useful app that acts as a one-stop shop for monitoring, analyzing, and troubleshooting your WiFi network.

Just a glance at the real-time scan of networks in the area should quickly and easily reveal if something like signal strength or overcrowded WiFi channels might be to blame for the issues. Unless you have a soundbar, most flat screen TVs put out quiet and tinny audio. Unfortunately, by default, the sound put out by Macs can also be a bit lacking due to volume limitations or incorrect equalizer setup.

In addition to enabling virtual 3D surround sound on built-in speakers or headphones, which is a pretty cool piece of patent-pending tech in and of itself, it comes with a palette of equalizer presets that can be manually tweaked for different genres. Streaming devices like Apple TV and Google Chromecast on Mac have enabled an entire generation to move away from cable TV in favor of individual streaming apps that they can pick and choose from.


As innovative and modern as that idea is, the whole thing can be derailed by audio or video problems. These, however, can be easily resolved with a couple of additional apps.


What do both of these have in common? With that in mind, it makes sense to improve the performance of both as much as you possibly can.

Fortunately, CleanMyMac X, Boom 3D, and WiFi Explorer mentioned above are available for a free trial on Setapp , a platform of more than Mac apps and utilities designed to optimize every aspect of your digital life. So what are you watching tonight?

How to Download Movies From Netflix on to Your Mac or iPad

Assuming that you already have your Chromecast plugged into an HDMI port on the back of your TV and powered up using a USB port or the power cube included in the box, proceed to the following steps you need to take: Open Chrome on your Mac and visit www. Optimizing Chromecast playback on Mac For most Mac users, a trickier issue than how to use Chromecast on Mac is making sure that their laptop or desktop is functioning in such a way that allows for smooth and seamless playback.

How To Install Terrarium TV on Mac?

Most problems like these boil down to one or more of three causes: Lack of RAM or processing power on your Mac Weak or underperforming internet connection Hardware limitations or configurations Using Chromecast from Mac places additional demands on your machine that can be challenging for laptops or desktops that are older and full of clutter.

Disney Plus will appear What do both of these have in common?

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